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Beijing launches Tiananmen cleanup project for 70th anniversary of republic founding

Chinese workers clean an ornamental column, also known as Huabiao, in front of the Tiananmen Rostrum in Beijing, China, 24 June 2019. Beijing has launched a massive maintenance project to clean up the two ornamental pillars, also known as Huabiao, in front of the Tiananmen Rostrum, 253 street lamps and more than 6000 lights along the Chang'an Avenue in preparation for the upcoming 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.



Flat karma

Flat Karma... Flexible festival goers took to flat-karma seas today for Britain's first ever beach yoga festival. Under cloudless blue skies and bright sunshine, 'yogis' on stand up paddle boards took 30 minute classes on the crystal clear sea as Britain finally experienced a break in the wet weather. The inaugral three day Beach Yoga Fest is taking place on Bournemouth beach in Dorset involving classes on land and sea over the weekend. ***Exclusive***

Pop up Shakespeare theatre

***EXCLUSIVE*** SHAKESPEARE’S POP-UP ROSE THEATRE TAKING SHAPE AT BLENHEIM PALACE A team of builders has begun work on constructing a replica of Shakespeare’s famous Rose Theatre at Blenheim Palace. The full-scale pop-up version of the Elizabethan playhouse is being recreated in the Oxfordshire UNESCO World Heritage Site’s historic grounds for a nine-week season, showcasing four of the bard’s greatest plays Inspired by the original, which opened on London’s Bankside in 1587, it will house a total of 900 people, with 560 seated in three covered tiers around an open-roofed courtyard and standing room for 340 ‘groundlings’. ***Exclusive***.

Classic Morgan crash


This is the moment a classic Morgan driver had a lucky escape after he survived crashing into the back of stationary traffic when he "came out of nowhere at 70mph". See SWNS story SWOCcrash. Two doctors were sat in traffic on the A5 when the 2018 Morgan Plus 4 smashed into them from behind. The dashcam footage shows the classic-style car crumple into their 2019 Audi SUV, before it spins off the road. Driver Dr Syd Hassan, 31, said the collision took place on Friday. Remarkably the dash cam footage shows Dr Hassan's car barely moved, despite the impact, which caused the bonnet to fly off the Morgan car.

Smouldering talblet

A fire service is urging everyone to be mindful when charging tablets and mobile phones following an incident on Thursday, June 20. See SWNS story SWMDtablet. An 11-year-old boy escaped injury when his tablet burned through his bedding and mattress after it had been charging on his bed overnight. Firefighters were alerted to the incident when his father called into Lichfield Community Fire Station that morning to report what had happened. Fortunately the bedding smouldered rather than setting well alight. The family bought the tablet brand new four years ago and it was connected to the genuine charger, but had become hot whilst plugged in from 9pm the night before, burning through bedding and the mattress down to the springs. Fortunately for the family, it did not develop into a full fire but had smouldered throughout the night. When the boy awoke the next morning, he discovered the hole in his bed, and his room was covered in a layer of black soot.

Diaper boy

Boy pictured wearing a nappy and dummy. THIS HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER endured abuse as a child that left him so emotionally scarred that he now lives part of his life as a THREE-YEAR-OLD to escape his turbulent past. Assistant biology high school teacher and university student, Dillian Blake (21) from Ohio, USA, was just five years old when he first experienced physical and emotional abuse at the hands of a family member’s partner. The abuse continued until he was 13 years old when they moved across the country, leaving him behind. The torment he went through made him feel like he had lost his childhood. He began to regress like a child in his behaviour, which caused him to shy away in public. He didn’t feel comfortable to reveal his struggles until he discovered a website called Experience Projects in 2009. The website helped him build up a large following and he began to connect to other people who have experienced similar ordeals. This became a source of comfort for him. The shutting down of this website lead to him stumbling upon the adult baby diaper lovers (ABDL) community in October 2014. It became his hobby to dress up as children between the ages of three and seven; it became like a safe space that made him feel secure. Despite graduating from high school and now studying at a university whilst also working as a teaching assistant at a high school, he will still dress up as a child in his spare time, sometimes even in public; wearing nappies and a pacifier. He says he has spent over £1,590 ($2,000) on his ABDL outfits and accessories.


No Savings Travelling Family

***EXCLUSIVE***The Biran family in Manchester City Centre. Full time mum, Natasha Biran (33) was born in Manchester, UK and moved to Israel in August 2008. She met her husband, Yair (33) in 2009 and they got married in September 2012. They have two children together Maoz (5) and Geshem (2). Natasha has always loved travel and even went to the University of Birmingham to do a degree in American Studies, because it included a sandwich year away in Arizona, USA. In May 2018, Natasha’s father passed away and the family took a sudden and expensive trip to England for his funeral. This trip sparked their choice from then on to work and travel with their two children in tow, the couple were both already working and making money online as translators, editors and writers and so were in the perfect position to become digital nomads. A digital nomad is someone who can make their living online and so is free to move where they wish, thus being location independent, but internet dependent.

Blind and Paralysed On Holiday

 ***Exclusive***Mary Catherine in May 2017, in hospital after developing GBS. THIS TERRIFIED woman experienced the HOLIDAY FROM HELL when during a five-day break in Mexico she became completely PARALYSED and totally BLIND within days of each other after developing Guillain Barré Syndrome and suffering a build-up of pressure on the brain – at the exact same time. Non-profit business owner, Mary Catherine Derin (46) from Maryland, USA, was born with hydrocephalus and required a shunt to be placed in her brain when she was a month old due to fluid on her brain. By the time she was five years old, doctors said that Mary Catherine had outgrown her condition and no longer needed the shunt, although it wasn’t removed. In May 2017, Mary Catherine and her husband, Tony (48) took a trip to Mexico for five days, but on the morning after arriving, Mary Catherine began noticing weakness in her legs and arms and she would lose feeling in them. By the evening, she could no longer walk unassisted. Mary Catherine also developed blurred vision, so she thought she might have been coming down with the flu and that was why her body became so weak, so she was put on an IV drip. By the time she returned home, Mary Catherine was completely paralysed from the waist down. She and Tony went straight to hospital where doctors performed a lumbar puncture to extract a sample of spinal fluid before being diagnosed with Guillain Barré Syndrome, an auto immune syndrome which attacks the nervous system. Mary Catherine’s blurred vision developed into intermittently losing her vision for a few moments before it returned. Doctors couldn’t understand what was causing the sight loss, so after a couple of weeks, Mary Catherine transferred to another hospital because in spite of her GBS diagnosis, she still needed answers about her sight, as she was now totally blind. The neurosurgeon deemed that Mary Catherine did still need her shunt, but it had been malfunctioning which allowed pressure to build up on Mary Ca