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Shopping mall sets up spiral slide to amuse shoppers in Chongqing

A young Chinese girl tries out the three-storey-high spiral slide at a shopping mall in Chongqing, China, 24 June 2019. A shopping mall in the southwestern Chinese municipality of Chongqing set up a tall slide to amuse its shoppers. The spiral slide is three storey high and it takes about eight seconds for a person to slide down from the third floor to the ground.



Pencil benches add colors to selfies on the street in Guangzhou

***Exclusive***A Chinese man sits on a colored pencil bench next to others at a square amongst office buildings in Guangzhou city, south China's Guangdong province, 23 June 2019. A square amongst a cluster of high-rise office buildings in China's Guangzhou city was turned into a colored pencil-themed public space attractive to pendestrians. All the benches at the square next to Teemall, a popular shopping mall near the Guangzhou CBD, are made up of nine pencil-shaped beams in five different colors each. There is also a four-meter-tall installation comprising of 13 colored short big pencils, making the bright-coloured place to passers-by a perfect area for selfies.

China unveils world's first 'intelligent' mega oil tanker

***EXCLUSIVE*** The VLCC-type oil tanker 'New Journey' sails off the Port of Dalian as it is delivered in Dalian city, northwest China's Liaoning province, 23 June 2019. An oil carrier the size of nearly three football fields has been delivered to its new owner in northeast China. It is the first "smart" carrier in the world, and has a loading capacity of 308,000 tons. The main feature of the vessel 'New Journey,' which belongs to the very large crude carrier (VLCC) type, is an installed "intelligent" system, according to Chinese media. The 300-meter-long tanker boasts assisted autopilot navigation, intelligent liquid cargo management, and integrated energy efficiency management, among other functions.

My Hardening Skin Does not Stop Me Being Beautiful


Farah Khaleck poses for a photograph as she looks into a mirror at home. pictured at home. AN INSPIRATIONAL vlogger with an incurable disease hopes to spread love and positivity by sharing her story online. For 14 years Farah Khaleck, from Nairobi, Kenya, has been severely affected by scleroderma ? a rare autoimmune disorder which causes hardening of soft tissue throughout the body. As Farah?s condition began to worsen, the 32-year-old would shy away from posting pictures of herself online. Her life changed forever after a ?spiritual experience? left her feeling empowered and ready to love herself again. While she struggles to find employment in Nairobi because of her limited movement ? her positive outlook on life and love of social media mean her story is spreading worldwide and inspiring countless people. PHOTOGRAPH BY: Juozas Cernius/ Barcroft Media

WW2 US Marines Training


USA: A Marine lieutenant by the power plane which tows the training gliders. These propoganda shots were taken by the US Office of War Information. STUNNING colour photos from the Second World War capture US Marines training to fly in lightweight gliders designed to help them gain the upper hand in the brutal Pacific War – but which were never actually used in combat. Remarkable photos, taken in May 1942 using Kodachrome film, show recruits at Parris Island, South Carolina, prepping themselves for airborne action. The striking shots include a group of US Marines glider pilots listening intently to a briefing, an anxious looking recruit watching a fellow trainee take off, and gliders soaring whilst visibly being towed along by ropes. Following the Pearl Harbour attack in 1941 which brought the USA into the Second World War, the United States realised its air force was under equipped to compete in a global war. It began urgently constructing planes – over 275,000 aircraft during the second World War – but also investigated other methods of airborne travel. Mediadrumimages/PublicDomain


Gamora Bodypainting

June 25, 2019 - Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany - GEEK ART - Bodypainting meets SciFi, Fantasy and more: Guardians of the Galaxy' photoshooting with Janina Stein as Gamora at the Expo area in Laatzen on June 25, 2019 - A project by the photographer Tschiponnique Skupin and the body-painter Enrico Lein.

Black Sabbath is my life

Stephen Knowles aged 53, from Dudley, West Midlands in his front room with some of his Black Sabbath collection. June 25, 2019. See SWNS story SWMDsabbath. A Black Sabbath superfan has had his living room rebuilt at a museum as part of an exhibition celebrating 50 years of the band. Stephen Knowles said his room was his own mini museum to Sabbath. Black Sabbath was founded by Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne and Bill Ward in Aston, Birmingham, in 1968. They are credited with inventing the distinctive riffs that characterised the Heavy Metal sound. ***EXCLUSIVE**

Brother Lego Penguin

 ***Exclusive***Rockhopper penguins at Edinburgh Zoo meet a 3,200 Lego brick counterpart as part of the Zoo‚Äôs upcoming world-exclusive BRICKLIVE Ocean display which will run from July 6 until September 17. See SWNS story SWSCpenguins. These penguins were bemused when they met a larger-than-life bird in a zoo enclosure - made of LEGO bricks. Edinburgh Zoo‚Äôs rockhopper penguins were introduced to one of their BRICKLIVE Ocean counterparts this week, each made from 3,200 LEGO bricks. The penguin was one of the first models to arrive for the Zoo‚Äôs upcoming world-exclusive BRICKLIVE Ocean display which will run from July 6 until September 17. Over 30 life-sized models made from more than one million LEGO bricks will form an interactive trail around the Zoo. ***EXCLUSIVE***