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Home with railway for sale

The £1.15million home near Bristol which is for sale - with a minature railway in the back garden. Current owner Peter Pearson is seen here with one of his trains. See SWNS story SWBRrailway. House-hunters will want to get on-board with this impressive country property that is on the market for £1.15million - and comes with a miniature RAILWAY in the back garden. From the front, Binhams is a grand-looking five-bedroom home with a large driveway and two double garages, with just a glimpse into an acre of neat back garden. But venture through into that garden and young and old alike will delight at 140 metres of train track, as well as an 11-metre long railway bridge and purpose-built engine shed to house locomotives. The fully-functioning railway track is offered as part of the sale of the country home in the Chew Valley, Somerset, which is on the market through Savills Clifton for a guide price of £1,150,000. ***EXCLUSIVE***



Eyecandy poppies

***EXCLUSIVE***Stunning pictures show a poppy field which has sprung into life for the first time in years - but will only remain for a few weeks. See SWNS story SWMDpoppies. Landscape photographer Verity Milligan got up at 2.45am on June 22, the day after the summer solstice, to get the perfect snap of a misty field of red just before dawn. The awe-inspiring red poppies are set among the rolling hills of the Worcestershire countryside, and trees and farm buildings can be seen in the background. The poppy field is on farmland near Bewdley, Worcs., and has returned after a few years of no flowers according to Verity. Verity, 36, from Birmingham, was taking photos from 4am before the sun came up at around 4.45am. ***EXCLUSIVE*

Polar bears go swimming

***EXCLUSIVE*** 25 June 2019, North Rhine-Westphalia, Gelsenkirchen: The polar bear girl Nanook jumps into the water at over 30 degrees outside temperature in the Zoom experience world. Today could be the hottest day of the year in North Rhine-Westphalia. Photo: Roland Weihrauch/dpa

Deer help


A young deer tries to help another after twine becomes tangled in its antlers. The buck struggles in vain to remove the large bundle that has become wrapped around his herd mate's head. The animal can be seen trying to unravel the orange coloured twine by using its small antlers. However, despite the deer's help, it is so tightly-wound neither of the animals could remove it. Ray Whitfield, 58, who captured these photographs at the New Forest's Stoney Cross, an old World War Two airbase which is now home to wildlife, said the buck was 'determined' to help.

Life Saving FaceTime Transplant


Kyla was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia and spent months in treatment before unfortunately relapsing. IOWA, USA: THIS ACTIVE woman was diagnosed with LEUKAEMIA and relapsed after six months of chemotherapy, making BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT her only option, but she was running out of time and it was arranged for her brother to be her donor over FACETIME. Kyla Ubbelohde (27) from Iowa, USA, had started to feel unwell in August 2017, but when she was leaving for a three-day trip with her friends she decided to stop by the urgent care clinic to get some medication to keep her symptoms at bay. The phlebotomist at the urgent care clinic took readings of Kyla’s blood and was perplexed by the strange numbers which were coming up. Despite repeating the test, the numbers still came back showing the readings of a sick person. Kyla was sent to the hospital, and when nurses took her blood tests there, she was admitted immediately. Kyla was diagnosed with an aggressive form of acute myeloid leukaemia, much to her surprise as she was a healthy 26-year-old woman who worked out regularly and didn’t smoke. She didn’t understand how it could happen to her. Due to the aggressive nature of Kyla’s cancer, she started chemotherapy straight away and completed five rounds over five months. Kyla tried to remain optimistic throughout treatment, and she was told that her cancer was responding well to chemotherapy which encouraged her to keep going. Once the six months were over, nurses gave Kyla the green light to resume her normal life. A routine appointment six weeks after finishing chemotherapy showed odd readings and Kyla was later informed that she had unfortunately relapsed, which was a devastating blow. The mutation was different the second time and it didn’t respond to the chemotherapy. Kyla’s only option was a bone marrow transplant and her brother, Kyle (22), was the closest match. There wasn’t time to identify a closer match and as Kyle wasn’t local, organising

Pineapple bike

Farmers master the art of balancing more than 100 pineapples on bicycles as they transport them to a market. The convoy of workers form long queues as they each push a bicycle stacked with the fruit. A basket filled with pineapples is placed on either side of the bikes and they are strapped in with rope to prevent any of them falling out. As many as 120 pineapples can be transported like this, however the farmers are unable to ride the bicycles because their load is so large and instead push them while walking.

Flu Paralysis Miracle

 ***Exclusive***ohn pictured at a park. MEET THE BRAVE little boy who was PARALYSED FROM THE NECK DOWN after a FLU VIRUS attacked his spinal cord resulting in him being put on a LIFE SUPPORT MACHINE for TWENTY DAYS. In March 2013, Disney World’s merchandise guest experience worker, Megan Crawford (45), from Florida, USA, and her husband John (51), originally from Glasgow, Scotland, noticed that their son, also called John (7), was being extra fussy and was weak, so they rushed him to the hospital. Following many hours of blood tests, CT and MRI scans and a spinal tap, their son was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called transverse myelitis, an inflammation of both sides of the spinal cord. Doctors informed Megan and John that this was caused by the flu virus which had attacked his spinal cord and left him paralysed from the neck down. The virus was also shutting down his respiratory system which meant that John was placed on life support for 20 days. Five weeks later, despite still being weak they began to see some movements in his hands, arms and toes. He recovered well but the damage to his neurological system was so severe, that he cannot walk and uses a wheelchair to get around. Megan and John now want to help raise awareness of his condition to prove that even with physical disabilities, their son is still capable of great things. mediadrumworld.com / Megan Crawford ***EXCLUSIVE***