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Van Gogh exhibition held in Beijing featuring projection of digitized artworks

Visitors view or take pictures of a projection of art by Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh during the exhibition "Van Gogh Immersive Experience: Fantasy of The Inner World" at the National Museum of China in Beijing, China, 22 June 2019. The artworks of painter Vincent van Gogh are vividly brought to life at an immersive digital exhibition in Beijing. A sound and light show is the focus for Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience, an ongoing exhibition at the National Museum of China that runs through September 22. Technicians have used cutting-edge technology to bring to life the work of the gifted artist through an all-encompassing projection display of images taken from more than 200 paintings and drawings from the artist's oeuvre.


***EXCLUSIVE***Four-week-old Snowy Owl chick named Swipe helps out on the till at the Scottish Owl Centre where it is learning to be around people. June 24 2019 . See SWNS story SWSCowl. These adorable pictures show a four-week-old snowy owl studiously reading a BOOK - about owls. The fluffy white bird, which does not yet have a name and has not been sexed, lives at the Scottish Owl Centre in Whitburn, West Lothian. Born on May 27, the tiny bird is not yet a month old but helps out senior keeper Tristan Williams on the front desk at the centre, even getting the hang of the card machine. It is the only baby snowy owl at the centre, which opened seven years ago.


***EXCLUSIVE***One of England's oldest houses is being sold by the actor who plays Hermione Granger‚Äôs dad in Harry Potter movies - and it looks like it's straight from Hogsmeade. See SWNS story SWOCharry. Actor Ian Kelly, who starred in the West End and is writing a TV series with Julian Fellowes of Downton Abbey fame, is asking for ¬£1.25m for the ancient property. The Old Vicarage in Eye, Suffolk is a Grade II listed house built in the 1450s which used to be a medieval presbytery with priests room and medieval firestack. Over the centuries, the East Anglia vicarage was extended with a 1720s favßade, and became the site of Alexander Pope's translation of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey.


***EXCLUSIVE*** Bowza the Labrador,Rottwiler and Husky cross with Bondi the baby Jackdaw. See SWCA Cambridge copy SWCAjackdoor:A jackdaw which was rescued from the roadside by a hero hound has become best friends with the four-legged pooch - and rides around on its head. Bowza, the 52 kilo Rottweiler, Labrador and Husky cross, made a new close pal called Bondi after he helped rescue the fledgling jackdaw he found lying at the side of a busy main road.He pulled his owner Don Cox, 72, closer to the jackdaw which was "young and vulnerable and would've died" if it had been left to look after itself.

Mensa kid Anushka scored 162

***EXCLUSIVE*** Anushka Dixit 11, who scored a maximum on 162 on the Mensa IQ test and memorised the entire periodic table in 40 minutes. See SWNS story SWTPmensa. An 11-year-old schoolgirl who memorised the entire periodic table in 40 minutes has scored the highest possible mark in the Mensa IQ test.Anushka Dixit scored 162 points, meaning she is well above the 'genius' score of 140 and two points higher than Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein

Pleistocene giant bird from Eastern Europe

***EXCLUSIVE***  Artist's impression of a giant early Pleistocene bird from Eastern Europe. See National News story NNbird. A bird three times bigger than an ostrich and the same weight as a fully grown polar bear once lived in Europe, according to a new study. A chance discovery in a cave in Crimea suggests that early Europeans around 1.5 million years ago lived alongside some of the largest birds ever to live on Earth. Experts previously believed that such gigantic birds only ever existed on the islands of Madagascar and New Zealand as well as in Australia. But the newly-discovered specimen, discovered in Taurida Cave on the northern coast of the Black Sea, suggests a bird as big as the Madagascan elephant bird or New Zealand moa once lived in Europe.

Bounty Hunting With My Boyfriend

***EXCLUSIVE***Jon Dalman (left) and Alex Haynes (right) pictured wearing their bounty hunter uniform. MILLENNIAL Alex Haynes turned her back on a budding photography career to team up with an army veteran and form the ultimate bounty hunting couple. The 27-year-old and boyfriend Jon Dalman, 52, now make a living as ?bail recovery agents? tracking fugitives across America, including dangerous members of the Mexican cartel. They have been attacked by dogs and even shot at but that hasn?t stopped them posting videos of their takedowns online - where they are fast becoming social media stars. The couple met at a martial arts class and quickly realised Alex?s social media savvy would perfectly pair with Jon?s combat experience.

Unique looking Bookstore opens in tech hub

Books are placed on the shelves of the Zhongshuge bookstore in Zhongguancun, Beijing's tech innovation center, in Beijing, China, 26 June 2019. The Zhongshuge bookstore was opened in Zhongguancun, Beijing's tech innovation center, in Beijing, China. The 660-square-meter, two-story store is home to around 60,000 books on topics including literature, art, and education.