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Long Hair Virgin

SIXTEEN YEARS ago to save money and despite the JOB CENTRE demanding he cut it has kept his long locks that he says women love – even though he has yet to bag a girlfriend and admits to being a VIRGIN. Oxfam volunteer, Carl Draper (37), from Lincolnshire, UK, struggled to afford regular cuts at the hairdressers which motivated him to leave it to grow and has been growing it since 2003. His hair, which is now one-foot-long, has attracted some negative attention from strangers who demand that he should cut his hair short and many call him Jesus because of his hair. Despite the negative ramifications of his decision, he insists that it was the right one and he feels more confident in his appearance. He also says that women love his long hair and some of his female friends are even jealous of it. His worst reaction was when he was forced to cut his hair short when he went to the job centre, but he defiantly convinced them that if women can have long hair, then so can he. His dating life has picked up since growing his hair and while he has never had a girlfriend, he has had some luck on Tinder in the last year.

The Granny Makeover

***EXCLUSIVE***Becky pictured in a summery bikini. MEET THE GLAM GRAN who after having a ‘granny makeover’ says she feels YOUNGER in her FORTIES than she did in her TWENTIES after dropping THREE DRESS SIZES thanks to liposuction and a tummy tuck - and admits she is always getting mistaken for her grandchildren’s mum and loves flaunting her figure in CROP TOPS. Ward clerk, Becky Stone (41), who lives in Devon, UK, lived a ‘lazy’ life of no exercise and indulging in processed food while growing up. In 2010, her tummy was left saggy at a peak weight of 14st 8Ib and UK size 18 after three pregnancies and a hysterectomy which made her feel insecure. So, she began yo-yo dieting; losing and gaining 3st, unable to stick to a routine. It wasn’t until August 2017 that she booked an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon who recommended a mini tummy tuck and liposuction, which she had in November 2017. Once the sag in her tummy was gone, she was motivated to stick to a healthy routine, so she changed her diet and began doing 30-minute home workouts four times a week. Her new lifestyle helped her shrink to 11st 2Ib and UK size 12 and she began to love the person that looked back at her in the mirror. While before she would cover her body with baggy clothes, she now takes every opportunity to wear stylish clothes including crop tops and feels younger now than she did when she was in her 20s. Being a mother of three and a grandmother to four; Lexie (6), Noah (3), Lilah (2) and Isabella (four months), she has been constantly mistaken for her grandchildren’s mother and she says that while her and her husband, Darren (42), have always had an active sex life, their relationship is better now that she’s more confident.

Zebra the 21 st century concept bike

***EXCLUSIVE***The Zebra O.T.B 21st century mountain penny-farthing concept bike. This extraordinary new version of the penny farthing is designed to be ridden like a modern mountain bike. The 19th century bicycle has been re-imagined with a state of the art carbon frame, gears and off-road tyres by inventor and keen mountain biker Guillaume Bout, 37. The Zebra OTB (Oddly Tall Bike) features 150mm of rear suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, an adjustable seat post and a custom saddle which is curved to stop the rider falling from the bike as it goes up hills. It has an enormous 50 inch diameter front wheel and a tiny 20 inch rear wheel

Laughing pony

This New Forest pony could be as hungry as a horse as it appears to take a bite out of a 'Food Served All Day' sign. The pony was spotted outside a pub near New Milton in the New Forest, Hampshire.

Cinnabun the clone cat

***EXCLUSIVE***Ashley and Bryan Bullerdick as newlyweds with the orginal Cinnabun. Couple Bryan and Ashley Bullerdick, 43 and 41 respectively, paid $25,000 to clone their cat Cinnabun - who they’d had since they were newlyweds. See SWNS story SWNYcat. A couple paid a cool $25,000 to clone their beloved cat which had been with them since they were newlyweds. Bryan and Ashley Bullerdick decided to duplicate rescue cat Cinnabun when the feline was nearing its 19th birthday.The couple had hoped that the original puss would meet the genetic twin but sadly it passed away before its clone, also named Cinnabun, arrived. Incredibly, the new Cinnabun sleeps in exactly the same spot that the original Cinnabun used to slumber, on top of Ashley’s pillow. ***EXCLUSIVE***

Racist attack

***EXCLUSIVE***  Mabel Khan and son Arthur Fellars.Arthur Fellars was subject to a racist attack by a 14-year-old girl and her friends - which was filmed on a mobile phone. See SWNS story SWBRracist. A horrified mum says her teenage son had hair ripped out in an alleged racist attack by a 14-year-old girl and her friends - filmed on a mobile phone. Arthur Fellars was walking home when a female jumped out from behind bushes and repeatedly shoved him over - yanking a large chunk of his hair out in the process. Two other boys then allegedly called Arthur a ‚Äen*****‚Äô and told him to ‚Äego back to his own country‚Äô during the terrifying ordeal captured on camera.The incident at around 8.30pm on June 21 in Bristol has been reported to the police who confirmed they were investigating. ***EXCLUSIVE***

Give a dog an other clone

***EXCLUSIVE***Richard Remde, 46, now runs a dog cloning company and plans to clone his recently deceased cocker spaniel Max, pictured with boxer dog Chance at home near Bradford, West Yorks., June 26 2019. See SWNS story SWLE ***EXCLUSIVE***

The Loovre toilet

The Loovre toilet created by Water Aid at Glastonbury Festival, at Worthy Farm in Somerset. The art gallery is in a toilet cubicle displaying famous works with a twist..