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Meet Mr. Gentleman Zack

Zack Pinsent, 25, from Hove, East Sussex who wears regency style clothing everyday, shunning modern clothes. See SWNS copy SWCAdandy: Meet Zack Pinsent, the modern day dandy who has shunned modern fashion and only wears Regency-style clothing. The 25-year-old has dressed in flamboyant Regency and historical clothing for the past decade and and says it is the only way he feels comfortable in the 21st century. Zack, from Hove, East Sussex, has gained a huge online following with close to 40,000 adoring fans keeping up to date with his period tailoring.***EXCLUSIVE***

Bulldog Wedding

***EXCLUSIVE***Collect of Bear (left) and Lola (right) on their big day. Two bulldogs, Bear and Lola, have exchanged ‚ÄeBow Vows‚Äô in their very own wedding ceremony, instigated by proud owner Andrea Crawford, 48. See SWNS story SWTPbulldog.This is the moment two love-up bulldogs walked down the aisle and exchanged 'Bow Vows' at their wedding. Puppies Lola and Bear made their relationship official earlier this month after nine months of doggy dating. Proud owner Andrea Crawford, 48, spent six weeks organising the big day - complete with a wedding cake and a doggy stag do. The independent travel agent even ordered a bespoke wedding dress for 15-month-old Lola for the 20 minute ceremony - which needed SIX fittings.

Plus Size Living Art_Dol

***EXCLUSIVE***'Living Art Doll' Skye McLaughlin stands next to some shelves in her bedroom showing off one of her 'looks' on May 24, 2019 in Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania. A GIRL who refers to herself as a ?living art doll? has opened up about how developing an expressive personal style helped her overcome severe hardship. Skye McLaughline, of Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania, endured years of bullying before she combined her love of art, makeup, and fashion to create her unique look. Inspired by drag, clowns, dolls, and Japanese Harajuku fashion, Skye worked on creating her ?living art doll? style, using elaborate makeup to ?caricature emotions?, despite being told she was ?too fat? to be a doll. Photograph by Scott Hoon

Crazy Mud Rodeo

These intrepid rodeo riders are hurled through the air by bucking bulls and horses before landing in thick mud. Dramatic photos capture the moments 'tough as nails' riders are propelled into the air at an annual rodeo event in Montana, US. Heavy rain did not deter 75 participants, who tried in vain to stay astride the untamed animals

Seal Beach relaxation

***EXCLUSIVE***Hundreds of elephant seals huddle closely together as they lie on a beach. The large animals leave no room for others as they bask in the sunshine. One of the elephant seals can be seen popping its head above the sea of brown and grey to peer around the crowded beach. Nature photographer Samuel Morris, 33, took these shots of the seals sunbathing at a beach in Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery, near San Simeon on the Californian coast,

£20,000 in scrap safe

***EXCLUSIVE***  The safe that had the £20,000 in cash. See SWNS copy SWCAcash: A scrap metal dealer hit the jackpot after he discovered £20,000 in CASH in a safe he was cutting up for recycling. Four locked safes were delivered to Sackers - a scrap metal and waste recycling management company - to be chopped up and recycled. The safes got snipped open with a mobile shear and staff discovered one of them was filled with notes and coin bags.

Creative graffiti brightens up old alley

***EXCLUSIVE***Pedestrians walk on the old Shikumen alley decorated with several creative wall paintings in Shanghai, China, 26 June 2019. Several creative wall paintings have become a colorful addition to the old Shikumen alley at Nanjing West Road in Jing'an district of Shanghai, drawing people to visit.

Kiltsmen Of World War One

UK: During the Battle of the Somme, a piper of the 7th Seaforth Highlanders pipes men back from the front after the attack on Longueval, 14 July 1916. REMARKABLE photos show the brutal reality of life in the trenches of World War One for Highland soldiers, renowned as some of the most ferocious fighters in the Great War, and the perils of wearing a kilt in battle. “I know of no inspiration to be got from trousers.” So said Lt/Col Norman MacLeod, Scottish soldier during the Great War and defender of the kilt. Of all the nations involved in the gruesome drawn out battle of World War One, few could claim to be as badly hit as Scotland. Over 132,000 men and women – although that figure can fluctuate - made the ultimate sacrifice over 100 years ago, crippling Scottish communities, particularly in the small rural villages of the far north. But despite the devastating loss of life, the Scottish or kilt-wearing regiments are often considered to be fiercer, more brutal yet often merrier than their fellow soldiers on the frontline. But does the stereotype stand up to scrutiny? Mediadrumimages/ThomasGreenshields/IWM ***EXCLUSIVE***