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Living Off Air

udra survives off of energy and juices. THIS WOMAN rarely has an appetite for SOLID FOOD after discovering the pranic lifestyle and now gets her energy from BREATHING and fasts for up to NINETY-SEVEN DAYS at a time – saying that food ‘GETS IN THE WAY’ of her ‘ENJOYMENT OF LIFE’. Audra Bear (25) from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, has had a lifelong interest in health and healing and has tried various diets over the years in an attempt to achieve optimum health and was vegan and raw vegan for four years before she discovered pranic living and breatharianism eight months ago. Having read stories about people following a pranic and breatharian lifestyle, Audra was intrigued but never thought she would be able to do it herself as she used to love eating food. But eight months ago, things started to change for her when she discovered the power of fasting and breathing to receive energy and nourishment as part of a pranic lifestyle. Audra started by practicing breathwork for 40 minutes a day and after five days she no longer had a hunger for dense foods and her first fast lasted 97 days where she consumed only teas, juices and smoothies. Now Audra practices breathwork anywhere between one and three hours a day and she has realised that she no longer needs food to survive despite initially never intending to give it up. She now only usually eats solid foods on occasion, usually when she is with her family and friends. Since adopting the pranic lifestyle, Audra has lost 1st 1lb and says she has more energy than ever before and she feels more relaxed about life. mediadrumworld.com / Audra Bear ***EXCLUSIVE***



Two-Time Sepsis Survivor

***EXCLUSIVE***Jessica pictured in a hospital bed. MEET THE inspiring woman whose experience of surviving SEPSIS TWICE within ONE YEAR spurred her on to raise over L5K in THREE MONTHS for charity. In March 2016, Honda sales executive, Jessica Tuffield (23), from Kent, UK, began to feel lethargic as her energy levels had dropped considerably. She initially brushed off how she was feeling because at the time she had been suffering with a simple chest infection. However, within the space of two weeks she began having uncontrollable nose bleeds; roughly 10 a day and at random times, which wasn’t a normal occurrence for her. She was driving herself to work one day when she felt very exhausted and her vision began to blur so she immediately pulled over in the nearest parking space. Half an hour into her job, her head was in so much pain she couldn’t function. Her co-worker dropped her off at her boyfriend’s mum’s house where she slept for the entire day. The next morning, she was feeling much worse and rang her GP, begging for an appointment as soon as possible. When Jessica was seen by her GP, she instantly noticed something was wrong with her, so after taking her temperature and blood pressure, she referred her to the nearest hospital where she remained for eight hours. They told her they suspected it to be sepsis causing her symptoms, which was her high temperature and low blood pressure, causing her heart to race, but after inserting a thin tube into the veins of both of her arms (cannulas), she was sent home later that evening, where her health began to deteriorate. She could not keep her head up due to her low energy levels and was constantly vomiting. Her mum called 111 and within 10 minutes, two paramedics arrived at their home. They were shocked that she was sent home from the hospital with sepsis, so they rushed her back to the hospital where she was treated on an intravenous line. Feeling terrified for her life, she miraculously survived the treatments. Jessica fell

I Outlived My Lungs

***EXCLUSIVE***Elizabeth hopes more people will sign up to be an organ donor after seeing how it can save lives. KANSAS, USA: DOCTORS told this woman’s parents that she wouldn’t live past TEN-YEARS-OLD due to CYSTIC FIBROSIS but in a twist of fate she survived and managed to delay a lung transplant until she was TWENTY-EIGHT. Elizabeth Dolan (28) from Kansas, USA, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) at just four months old when she stopped gaining weight due to the life-threatening chronic illness. At the time, doctors told Elizabeth’s parents to enjoy the time they had with her because they didn’t think she’d live past 10 years old. Elizabeth’s parents tried to give her a normal upbringing, despite the constant hospital stays and IV antibiotics. When she was 18, tests revealed that Elizabeth had developed Burkholderia Cepacia, a bacterium found in damp soil and onion skin which is very dangerous for someone with CF who has compromised lung strength. The bacteria can cause the lungs to decline dramatically. Elizabeth was excited to live a normal university life, but unfortunately, her health began to deteriorate, leading her to withdraw from university in Missouri and later move to Palo Alto, California. In 2016, she received specialist help to delay the need for a lung transplant by strengthening her body through pulmonary rehabilitation, which included breathing treatments and chest exercises. Unfortunately, by 2018, Elizabeth’s health had deteriorated too much, and she needed constant supplemented oxygen. After stabilising her health and delaying a transplant for three years, Elizabeth was put on the transplant list in December 2018, before receiving the call that she had a match. Elizabeth underwent a bilateral double lung transplant on February 1, 2019 and received her second chance at life. Due to the many years that Elizabeth spent trying to build up her strength, her recovery was faster than anticipated, needing just nine days in hospital after receiving

The Pacific War In Colour

***EXCLUSIVE*** PACIFIC: American soldiers along with rescued Japanese child in Saipan, July 1944. In the photo - the baby, allegedly found by soldiers of the 27th division in the arms of its dead mother, is fussed over by a tank crew. THE HORROR of the conflict in the Pacific Theatre during the Second World War has been brought to life in a series of colourised pictures. The dramatic photos, mainly taken 75 years ago as the war was reaching its climax, were originally captured in black and white but have been painstakingly colourised to realise the true heroism and horrendous conditions where Japanese and American forces clashed. Captivating shots include US Marines injured in the line of duty reaching urgent medical attention, a Japanese soldier surrendering after spending days evading capture, and a troop of soldiers caring for a child orphaned by the brutal fighting. Mediadrumimages/RoystonLeonard ***EXCLUSIVE***

We Were Boyfriends, Now We are Girlfriends

***EXCLUSIVE***YORK: Male to female transgender couple Corey Kemspter (right) and Jari Jones (left) pictured at home a few months before Corey underwent top and bottom surgery to complete her transition. A TRANSGENDER ?power couple? are conquering the fashion industry. Brooklyn-based Jari Jones and Corey Kempster were both born male but now identify as women. The couple met during college and quickly became best friends but it wasn?t until they started dating two years ago that they fully identified as female and began to socially transition. Since coming out they have featured on the cover of New York Times Magazine, modelled in campaigns for fashion brands like Chromat and walked down the runway at New York Fashion Week. After three years on Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT), Corey recently took the life-changing decision to have gender confirmation surgery in Thailand

Collest ride in London

***EXCLUSIVE***  Cab Driver Tony Hones. Is this the coolest ride in London? The ‘Cool Cab’ is a freezer on wheels – a refrigerated Hackney Carriage, which has been in operation through the recent heatwave to help sweltering commuters escape the heat. See SWNS story SWBRcab. It has a number of features designed to keep passengers cool, including an interior cooled by dry ice, a freezer stocked with ice lollies and a state-of-the-art air conditioning system. The latest heatwave has seen temperatures in London rise to 25 degrees, with predictions of 30 degrees over the weekend.

Pills make your fatrs smell like roses and chocolate

***EXCLUSIVE***Christian Poincheval, 69, with the fart pills he created under the alias of inventor Lutin Malin - meaning Cunning Goblin in English. See SWNS copy SWCAfarts: These are the pills that can make your farts smell like roses and chocolate - and you can even get them for your dog too. French company PilulePet (translated as Fart Pill) are now offering the chance for you to pass wind fragrantly. It is providing pills that can make your farts smell like chocolate, ginger, Violet, Lily of the Valley or Roses. **EXCLUSIVE**

Sibling illness

 Jessica Greenwood, 9, who has cerebal palsy, with mum Claire Greenwood, at James McFarlane School, Adrossan, North Ayrshire, Scotland. Claire, 34, and Martin Greenwood, 35, have been left distraught to learn their son Liam, 11, has been diagnosed with Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia (PCH) - the same deadly disease his sister Jessica, 9, has. See SWNS story SWSCillness. A couple has been left devastated after their son was diagnosed with the same killer disease as his little sister. Claire, 34, and Martin Greenwood, 35, were "absolutely distraught" when medics told them that both their children share the same brain attacking illness. Jessica, nine and Liam, 11, have both been diagnosed with Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia (PCH) ‚Äd a condition caused by mutations in certain genes passed on from parents. The illness has left Jessica unable to walk, talk, swallow or communicate and receiving palliative care at Robin House Children's Hospice in Balloch, Dunbartonshire. **EXCLUSIVE**