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Cancer survivor who hiked a mountain on the day of her diagnosis and returned a year later when she was given the all-clear shares photos as she continues the touching tradition

***EXCLUSIVE*** BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA: After battling breast cancer, this woman hiked to the same spot she went to on the day of her diagnosis to replace the memory of fear and uncertainty with BRAVERY and JOY after being declared cancer free, posing topless to show off her mastectomy scars. Human resources consultant, Kim Angell (37) from British Columbia, Canada, did regular self-examinations of her breasts, but in April 2016, she felt a lump in her right breast and immediately went to the doctor to get it checked. The doctor reassured Kim that she was too young for cancer and it was likely a cyst and sent her for a routine scan, nonetheless. Despite the optimistic reassurances, Kim felt like her concerns were being shrugged off. Kim had an ultrasound scan, a mammogram and a biopsy before being diagnosed with stage 2b invasive lobular carcinoma on May 13, 2016. The lump was removed on June 2 and was just under two inches in size, doubling in size since Kim found it as the cancer was aggressive. On July 15, Kim began chemotherapy and completed eight rounds over 16 weeks. By the end of July, Kim was starting to lose her hair which made her feel even more vulnerable as she didn’t want to look sick. Rather than letting cancer take her hair from her, Kim decided to shave it first and even joked that she was matching with her husband, Josh (37). After finishing chemotherapy on October 21, 2016, Kim had to start radiation on November 16. Unfortunately, in early December, an oncologist told Kim that the pathology report identified some cancer cells had been missed in the lumpectomy and they suggested she have a bilateral mastectomy to ensure that all the cancer was removed. After hoping that her battle with cancer was coming to an end, this setback pushed the end out of sight once again. The mastectomy took place on June 15, 2017 and doctors confirmed that there was no evidence of cancer on June 29, 2017. Kim, who was always been an avid hiker, hiked to her favourite viewpoint on Maple Mountain on the day she was diagnosed as she tried to collect her thoughts. Ever since, Kim has returned to that exact point on the anniversary to reflect on how hard she fought for her life.

Man wakes from three-month coma to discover he's going to become a father

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dad woke from a three-month coma to discover he was going to become a father. Joseph Cullen, 29, thought he just had 'man flu' before he collapsed and was paralysed head-to-toe by an immune disorder that attacked his brain. In a bid to save his life, medics put him in an induced coma for three months. His partner Billie Smith, also 29, had found out she was pregnant just two days before he was put in a coma, but she kept it from him, planning to tell him when he felt better.

The twins who are also half brothers! Gay couple welcome sons born via surrogate after creating two embryos from the same egg donor but using sperm from each dad

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the lucky same-sex couple who thanks to surrogacy are FATHERS to two beautiful TWIN BOYS – though they admit that getting LEGAL RIGHTS to their children was a challenge. Stay at home dad, Tyler Fontes (34) and resident physician Andy Fontes (35) from Phoenix, Arizona, USA met through a mutual friend during Andy’s senior year at university in November 2006. Their relationship built quickly and after four months the couple moved to Carlsbad, California, USA for work and their relationship steadily grew. Six years on and the two love birds tied the knot in June 2013 on the beach in California. A week later they moved back to Arizona. At the time they couldn’t legally marry but by the end of the year they could and officially became husbands. Having declared their love to one another Mr and Mr Fontes then decided they wanted to extend that further by creating a family of their own. So, in 2015 they set off on a quest to work out how to make their dream become a reality. The options they both looked at were adoption and surrogacy and when family heard about it, Andy’s cousin offered to be a surrogate for them. With this offer they knew they could bring somebody else into their loving home. Tyler and Andy chose to use two embryos using sperm from each of them. They did this in hopes that their first attempt would be a success. Magically both embryos took and on June 16, 2017 their surrogate gave birth to twin boys, Caellum and Emmerich (2) who are biologically half-brothers with the same egg donor but one boy from each father.

Woman who has conquered her fear of swimming in the ocean - to become a professional mermaid

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kirsten Waddle, 24, has been obsessed with the mythical sea creatures since watching Disney classic 'The Little Mermaid' as a child. Lead character Ariel inspired her alter-ego - Belle the Stonehaven Mermaid. She took the plunge to go professional after attending a mermaid convention in London with her friend, the Cornish mermaid Scarlette Von Borowski.

He's big cat-atonic! Lion is spotted having a nap up a tree

***EXCLUSIVE*** One male is even draped across two branches, with his legs and tail dangling down, whilst in another the two females wedge themselves almost upright before dozing. The pics were taken by wildlife snapper Vince Burton in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. Vince Burton, 46 from North Tuddenham in Norfolk, said: "Lions are not known for their tree climbing abilities, unlike other big cats such as leopards.

Thug told ex ‘I’m going to kill you’ before crashing their car into a tree when she refused to get back with him

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum's ex-boyfriend looked her dead in the eye and said „I’m going to kill you now” before deliberately crashing into a tree when she refused to rekindle their relationship. Chloe Wilson, 20, is lucky to be alive after suffering a series of shocking injuries in the horror smash including a broken collarbone and a hairline fracture of her spine. She is plagued by the image of her drunk ex-boyfriend’s vow to kill them, which left Chloe fearing her 16-month-old daughter would be without both parents. Chloe had turned down Liam Elsom’s advances moments before the crash on January 19 this year - two months after the pair had originally split.

'Doctors thought my premature baby would die, but bubble wrap saved his life'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum who gave birth to her baby 13 weeks early has told how he was so tiny when he was born - doctors put him BUBBLE WRAP to keep him warm. Little Marleigh Bleu Brooker weighed just 1lb 13oz when he arrived at 27 weeks - more than three months early - on Mother's Day - 11th March 2018. His mum, Paige Worthington-Mort, 22, was stunned when medics popped her newborn in a sandwich bag - which mimicked the womb - before wrapping him bubble wrap to insulate him and protect his delicate skin. Doctors told his worried parents Marleigh's chances of survival were slim and the tiny tot was so fragile they weren't able to hold him until he was a month old.

Stunning color photos from the Second World War show US student airmen struggling with their parachutes as they train for war just weeks after the Pearl Harbor attack

***EXCLUSIVE*** USA: Incredible colour photos from the Second World War show stoic student pilots getting to grips with their parachutes as they prepare to go to war for their country – although thousands would die before getting the chance to fly in battle. Stunning photos from 1942, taken by the US Office of War Information, capture a patient instructor explaining the mechanics of a parachute to nervous students; a woman methodically sewing the straps for the potentially life-saving chute; and a grinning recruit showing off his canopy bundle as he clambers into his aircraft. Another photo shows a US Marine expertly parachuting down to earth on Parris Island, the home of the U.S. Marine Corps training facility.

Weep for the camera! Eerie photos of Victorians in mourning reveal the era’s morbid obsession with death

***EXCLUSIVE*** Today we usually take a family portrait to celebrate a happy occasion such as a birthday or an anniversary. But for the Victorians, a tragic family DEATH was the perfect opportunity for a group photograph. These are the fascinating images reveal the bizarre nineteenth century trend for having your portrait especially done whilst in the throes of grief. Wearing elaborate widow’s weeds and holding photograph of their long-lost loved ones, the pictures show Victorians in mourning. The pictures capture the full extent of era’s peculiar obsession with death and the lucrative business of mourning in the 19th century. Compared to modern attitudes, Victorian society could be accused of having a morbid fascination with dying. But in the 19th century, death was more of an integral part of the fabric of everyday life than it is in modern western society today.

What the butler saw! Stunning black and white photos serve up an insight into life as a trainee servant in the '50s, learning how to fold napkins, carve meat and load a gun

***EXCLUSIVE*** Super-bright Thomas Nourse-Wright has been taking apart and rebuilding clocks since he was just two and can build electrical circuit boards for fun. He loves being surrounded by Lego blocks and cogs, and at the age of just four already classes himself as an "inventor". After French president Emmanuel Macron announced a competition to replace the burnt-down Notre Dame spire Thomas has come up with his own design.

Harvesting eggs 6 feet underground on the Solomon Islands

***EXCLUSIVE*** This fascinating series of pictures show villagers digging deep into the sand to uncover eggs laid by a burrowing bird. Savo Islanders in the Solomon Islands, South Pacific, keep stretches of volcanic beaches clear to encourage Melanesian megapode birds to lay their eggs, which are incubated by the heat of the island's volcano. The creatures, named after their big, powerful feet, lay their eggs up to 6ft underground, leaving their chicks to dig up to the surface when they hatch around 50 days later. Photographer David Tipling, 35, visited remote Savo Island to capture pictures of villagers digging with their hands to harvest the 1lb chicken-like birds' eggs.

„The fastest knife in the West End”: The unknown history of London’s most famous Victorian surgeon - who could amputate a leg in under 30 seconds

***EXCLUSIVE*** Imagine having your leg sawn off without anaesthetic. That’s what you were faced with in the early 19th century, if you had received an injury or infection to one of your limbs. With this in mind, surgeons who could perform procedures quickly were popular so the excruciating pain could be administered in the shortest space of time possible. Step forward, Robert Liston, known as the „Fastest Knife in the West End”, who could amputate a limb in under 30 seconds. Liston, was a charismatic Scotsman, who held a surgery in Bond Street, Mayfair, London from 1840 to 1847. It is said that he is the only surgeon to ever have a 300 percent mortality rate from just ONE operation. Whilst cutting off a patient’s leg, he was so focused on being speedy that he sliced of three of his assistant’s fingers. And as he swung the knife back up, he sliced a spectator’s coat - causing him to collapse and die on the spot. Both the patient and Liston’s assistant later died of gangrene and the spectator who collapsed was discovered to have died of fright.

Chinese baker mixes fondant with traditional culture

After quitting a stable job and pursuing studies in the UK for the love of art, a woman in central China's Wuhan city has created amazingly realistic cakes that feature Chinese culture and traditions. Xu Yang, 29, graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in 2011, before securing a job in the field of tax. However, a growing interest in cake-making and the use of fondant saw her leave her job and travel to study baking in the UK. Xu said she has liked Chinese traditional art since she was a child, and so she tried to combine those elements into Western-style pastries. Her creations may include fan folding or paper-cutting decorations or be inspired by architecture of the past, for example. Xu's favorite creation, called Hua Jiao Ying Qin (Welcome the bride with a sedan chair), features a realistic sedan chair on its top layer, Chinese characters meaning "China, kindness and love" on its middle, and auspicious patterns usually found in ancient culture on its lower layer. The creation earned Xu a gold prize in the 2018 Cake International competition in the UK. Her next plan is to bake a cake that resembles Yellow Crane Tower, a traditional Chinese structure located in Wuhan, on the banks of the Yangtze River and her hometown, she said. Mixing fondant with Chinese-style designs, she wants to bring China's traditional culture and long history to the world.

Life in the migrant hotspot on the Greek Island of Samos

Official numbers state that there are 3,872 migrants officially registered on the island. Migrants have made shelter with tents and taupolin as best they can. There are daily reports of snakes and rats in an area with no rubbish collection and scarce washing facilities.