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Man had to give up his career as an air balloon pilot after a horror car crash - as a found a new thrill as a kayaker

***EXCLUSIVE*** Scotland's only professional hot air balloon pilot who had to give up his loving of flying after a horror car crash has found a new lease of life - in kayaking. Less than a decade ago Graeme Houston, 54, was flying balloons over the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania and the temples of the Kingdom of Bagan in Myanmar. He started flying hot air balloons in 1988 and turned professional three years later - becoming Scotland's only professional pilot, where he operated tours for 19 years. But his jet-set lifestyle came to an abrupt end when he suffered life-changing injuries after a serious car crash in 2014 and had to give up his beloved livelihood.

A four-year-old girl who wrote a message in a bottle and threw into the Spanish sea while on holiday received a reply three weeks later - from a woman in MOSCOW

***EXCLUSIVE*** Taylor Powell, who asked the finder to text her dad Ritchie with their location, kissed the bottle and said ‘I wish I could be a mermaid’ as she dropped it into the water. Ritchie, 31, was stunned when he received a text from a couple named Sasha and Alex who sent a photograph of the note and signed off ‘From Russia with love’. He asked the pair to prove their location and from the Russian mobile number they sent a Google Maps pin saying they were in Moscow.

7ft 9in giant lands his first ever job

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, MICHIGAN, USA: Whilst a 7’9’ giant continues to grow, he’s also finally achieved his dream - by landing his very first job. Formerly crowned the „world’s tallest teen”, Broc Brown spends every Saturday working at the Jackson YMCA sporting centre in Michigan. Broc, now 22, was born with Sotos syndrome, known as cerebral gigantism, and his mother was told he would not outlive his teen years. His growth has somewhat slowed down recently, but he’s managed to gain another inch in the last three years, much to the bemusement of doctors around the world. With size 28-inch feet, and being 5’2’ in Kindergarten, Broc has always needed custom-made clothing - and has made use of a specialised 8ft bed and chair that were given to him by the community. Back in 2016, Broc told Barcroft TV: „I dream of working in a sporting goods store when I’m older, hopefully I can make that happen.” And just three years on, Broc has made that dream a reality.

Woman, 21, whose painful mouth ulcers were dismissed as 'tonsillitis' undergoes bone marrow transplant after she is diagnosed with rare blood disease

***EXCLUSIVE*** This twenty-one-year-old was given paracetamol and sent home after doctors thought she had tonsillitis due to her MOUTH ULCERS but she was admitted to hospital THE VERY NEXT DAY with a rare bone marrow failure that required FIFTY BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS – and doctors said if she hadn’t gone to hospital when she did she wouldn’t have survived another day. Admin assistant, Annie Lovegrove (21) from Ipswich, UK, developed a mouth ulcer in January 2019 and after trying to get rid of it with saltwater, she went to her GP for antibiotics. Antibiotics were prescribed for a week, but Annie didn’t notice any progress, so she went back to her doctor, as she’d developed a temperature of 41 degrees Celsius. She was then diagnosed with tonsillitis and given paracetamol as the doctor noticed sores on her tonsils. The following day, Annie’s temperature was soaring, and her heart rate became erratic so Annie’s mother, Hayley (48) saw her daughter’s state spiralling and trusted her mother’s intuition and called an ambulance. As soon as she arrived at the hospital on January 26, Annie’s blood pressure was taken and was found to be very low. Initial blood tests showed that Annie’s platelet count was just three and her neutrophils were 0.01. Annie was classed as neutropenic as she had a severely low count of white blood cells and neutrophils in her blood, putting her at risk of infection. For the first two weeks in hospital, Annie was in and out of sleep throughout the day, with a fever over 42 degrees. She had to be placed in isolation because she couldn’t risk infection, and anything could be a health threat. In February, Annie was diagnosed with severe aplastic anaemia, a rare bone marrow failure which causes a lack of blood cells in the body. Since her admission to hospital, Annie has had over 50 blood transfusions, consisting of 50 pints of blood, and 70 bags of platelets.

A super-rare poster depicting the legendary elephant that inspired Disney's 1941 classic Dumbo is set to be sold at auction - for as much as £5,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The cloth canvas banner shows real-life elephant Jumbo standing on a podium, waving from his trunk a flag that reads 'London Zoo Circus' - where the animal resided from 1865-1882. It is believed that, after almost 20 years at the famous London Zoo, the majestic Jumbo was sold for £2,000 to American entertainer P.T Barnum, who inspired the 2017 film The Greatest Showman. Jumbo was then transported to the USA, despite much public outcry in the UK, and become the main attraction of Barnum and Bailey's Circus' 'Greatest Show on Earth'. In 1882, 100,000 schoolchildren wrote to Queen Victoria, begging her not to sell the elephant.

Photo albums of the Nazis: German soldiers mock their fallen enemies and celebrate meeting Hitler in personal pictures they took on the front line

***EXCLUSIVE*** GERMANY: Outrageous photos snapped by troops of the Third Reich give a haunting insight into the private lives of a Wehrmacht soldier, seen here for the first time. The shocking pictures, ranging from the horrifying to the ridiculous, capture despicable war crimes; acts of surreptitious dissent; and portray a Nazi mocking the recently defeated British soldiers. The striking photos are included in Paul Garson’s new book Photographers Of The Third Reich: Images From The Wehrmacht - an in-depth study into the personal and professional shots taken by Hitler’s army.