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Plus-size woman, 28, who tried to slim down for YEARS and even considered SURGERY reveals how model Tess Holliday inspired her to love her 300lb frame and proudly flaunt it in bikinis

***EXCLUSIVE*** This sexy plus size woman used to obsess over weight loss and even considered SURGERY to find happiness but now at size TWENTY-SIX feels her most confident showing off her skin in one of her FIFTY bikinis - despite being branded a WHALE by cruel online trolls. Teacher, Megan Fisher (28) originally from Pennsylvania, USA, never felt confident in her body growing up and didn’t have the confidence to approach boys due to her low self-esteem. After school Megan found herself in an unhappy relationship where she was living with her boyfriend at the time and was in a job as a bank cashier that she didn’t enjoy. Ever since she was 14, Megan thought that the key to happiness was losing weight and tried countless fad diets over the course of her teenage years and early twenties including; Atkins, keto, paleo, Isagenix and even starved herself. Instead of trying another diet and falling off the wagon, Megan decided to leave her boyfriend and job and moved to New York City in 2014. Despite it being the scariest thing she has ever done, the move changed Megan’s life as she learnt how to be independent and discovered her passion for teaching. In January 2014 Megan was going through pre-op preparation for a gastric bypass which was scheduled for the following month when she discovered Tess Holliday and the body positive movement and realised that she too could be happy and confident in her UK size 26 and 21st 6lb body and didn’t need to lose weight.  Since this realisation, Megan feels her most confident when she’s wearing one of her 50 bikinis, crop tops and short shorts that show off her incredible curves and shares her body positive pictures on Instagram to encourage other women to ditch their body insecurities and love themselves. Whilst she has received an outpouring of support saying she has inspired other women, cruel trolls have labelled her a ‘whale’, ‘cow’, and told her that she’s going to die early but Megan will not be deterred and unapologetically continues to post snaps of her living her best life.

Athlete says gorging on JUNK FOOD and doing eating competitions makes her 'perform better' in races - as she insists anyone can indulge in sugary snacks AND have a ripped six pack

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW YORK, USA: Meet the athlete who claims JUNK FOOD helps her perform better and who admits to carrying a bag of CANDY CORN with her during races – but she still manages to maintain a RIPPED physique and says you can do the same. Tennis instructor and personal trainer, Simone Hanlen (38), from New York, USA, has always been active throughout her life, having coached tennis for 16 years, but didn’t consider herself athletic until she started university. In 2002, she discovered her passion in competing in marathons and physique fitness competitions. She felt the highly active sports gave her license to indulge in treats. With a slim frame of 9st 6Ib and a UK size six to eight, in 2005 she found herself participating in the International Federation of Competitive Eating show; where she dressed as Mary Antoinette and engorged a five-pound Victoria sponge. She says that competitive eating makes her a better athlete as to consume copious amounts of food leads to discomfort and you would need to be ok with discomfort when participating in athletic sports too.

A Day in the Life... of The Beatles: How a photographer sneaked into Munich hotel to take candid snaps of the Fab Four on their 1966 tour in West Germany

***EXCLUSIVE*** Unseen photos of the fab four touring Germany in 1966 are being sold showing the group just before they ditched the suits, gave up touring and embraced the flower power revolution. The candid snaps were taken by enterprising photographer Frank Fishbeck in Munich and Essen in June 1966 after he had managed to follow them into their Munich hotel and they invited him to their concert.

Princess Diana's favourite sweatshirt for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Princess Diana's favourite gym sweatshirt which was a gift from businessman Sir Richard Branson has emerged for sale for £4,000. ($5,000) She was regularly snapped wearing the dark blue cotton top with the Virgin Lady 'Flying Lady' logo when leaving the exclusive Harbour Club gym in Chelsea. Diana gifted the casual item of clothing to her longtime personal trainer, Jenni Rivett, months before her death 22 years ago. Accompanied with it was a note which read 'Dearest Jenni, Lots of love from, Diana, x'.

A petrol-head pensioner celebrated her 80th birthday in style by tearing around town in four brilliant vintage motors from her heyday

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alzheimer's-sufferer Betty Higginson asked for only one thing on her big day this year - to ride in the passenger seat of a classic car.   Workers at the care home she lives in near Wigan, Greater Mancs, launched an appeal and to everyone's shock four different vehicles were offered up. Among the fleet were a luxuriant 1956 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, a racy 1934 MG PA and two stunning Daimler DB18s going back more than half a century. Elated Betty was allowed to have a look at the impressive motors and even get inside during the celebrations last week. Alongside her daughter Sue Higginson, who was visiting from her home in Texas, Betty then went for a ride in the MG.

Heavenly home - Chapel converted into luxury home

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning converted chapel which has been transformed into a modern family home has emerged on the market for £800,000. Grade II listed The Old Chapel, in the hamlet of Pitt on the outskirts of Winchester, Hants, was built 170 years ago. It was a church up until the late 1990s when it was turned into a recording studio, and subsequently into a home. The present owners purchased the property ten years ago and have spent £250,000 renovating its interior, giving it a contemporary feel.

Two dedicated lifeboat volunteers have tied the knot in front of friends and family - with the groom carrying his on-call pager "just in case"

***EXCLUSIVE*** Luckily Andy Scott and his new bride Sarah, 32, got through the day without incident - though it did go off while they were on honeymoon in Crete. Electrical engineer Andy, 33, is one of 28 crew members, while mobile hairdresser Sarah arranges fundraising and volunteers in the shop. Amazingly, all the volunteers from the Silloth Lifeboat Station, Cumbria, were involved in their day on Saturday June 15.

Bournemouth offers luxury two-storey seaside lodges with kitchens, heating, wi-fi and space to sleep six at £700 for a four-night stay

***EXCLUSIVE*** Upwardly Mobile - Could these two storey luxury beach lodges could spell the end for the humble British beach hut? The days of the simplistic wooden beach hut appear to be in the past after a row of luxurious new cabins were unveiled on the south coast. The 24 overnight lodges have been opened in Bournemouth, Dorset and are available to rent for an eye-watering £700 for a four night stay. The chalets have room to sleep four adults and two children as well as their own private kitchens, toilets and shower facilities.

Hot Wheels - Fancy owning Nigel Mansell's Championship winning Williams F! car?

***EXCLUSIVE*** A classic Formula One car that Nigel Mansell drove to his only World Championship victory has emerged for sale at auction. The Williams-Renault FW14B took the British racer to the crown in 1992 and is regarded as one of the greatest cars of all-time. Mansell won nine out of the sixteen races that season and also secured a further three podium finishes as he romped to the title.

'Britain's best boss' throws her staff a summer beach party on the Dorset coast

***EXCLUSIVE*** Britain's 'best boss' has once again gone out of her way to treat her staff - by throwing a summer party. Arabella Lewis-Smith, 43, earned the title after taking her 20 staff on an all expenses paid trip to Madrid for a three day Christmas party, covering the £5,000 bill. Now, the founder of Salad Creative, a marketing agency, has further endeared herself to them by putting on a special day out on the idyllic Dorset coast. Things kicked off with a lively pub lunch, then the group meandered their way down to Knoll Beach in Studland for an afternoon picnic.

Shadow the Shar Pei survives for FORTY-FIVE days on a ledge by licking moisture and eating seaweed after falling off 500-foot Dorset cliff

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pet dog that was feared to have died when it fell off the top of 550ft cliff has miraculously been found alive after spending 45 days stuck on a ledge. Shadow, a Shar Pei, was discovered in an emaciated state having lost over half his body weight during the six weeks he was trapped on the seaside cliff near Eype, Dorset.

Britain's top secret wartime map making Manor revealed

***EXCLUSIVE*** Secret rooms at a stately home where brilliant map-makers played a pivotal role in helping Britain to win the war have been opened to the public for the first time. Hughenden Manor, in Bucks, once home to the Victorian prime minster Benjamin Disraeli, was requisitioned by the Air Ministry in 1941 and given the codename 'Hillside'. In its confines, more than 3,500 hand drawn maps were produced for the RAF bombing campaigns, including the legendary Dambusters Raid and a raid on the Berchtesgaden, Hitler’s famous mountain retreat. Previously hidden away under lock and key, these rooms have been opened for the first time for a permanent display featuring photographs, records and testimonies from some of the 100 men and women who were based there in World War Two. Since they were sworn to silence under the Official Secrets Act, Hillside's crucial wartime role in fact remained unknown until 2004, when a volunteer room guide overheard Victor Gregory, a visitor to the National Trust property, tell his grandson that he was stationed there during the war.

The model aircraft that's four times BIGGER than the original

***EXCLUSIVE*** Super-sized Typhoon appears on a Dorset hillside... Apprentices working for QinetiQ at Boscome Down in Wiltshire have constructed a super-sized model of the Hawker Typhoon for the Chalke Valley History Festival near Salisbury last week. The huge 4x scale model of the rocket carrying fighter has been placed on a hillside overlooking the Festival that opened. The fighter bomber known as 'Tiffy' by its pilots played a key role attacking German troops, tanks and trains during the battle for Normandy, disrupting Nazi attempts to resupply their beleagured forces. There are no airworthy Typhoon's still flying today, although the Typhoon Preservation Trust has plans to restore one to flying condition by 2020.

The only surviving tennis ball manufacturer left in the western world is enjoying a bounce back in business

***EXCLUSIVE*** Smashed it - The last tennis ball maker in the Western world is bouncing back... Louise Price of tennis ball maker Price of Bath is leading the family business's fight back against far eastern competition than nearly wiped out the company a few decades ago. And the company is now doing so well again that it will soon be moving to brand new larger factory in Box in Wiltshire. Price of Bath was set up by her grandfather Joseph in the 1930's and after WW2 employed 120 people churning out 84,000 balls a week - nowadays it's the last tennis ball maker in the western world, and produces a much more modest 6000 balls a week from raw rubber from Malaysia to finished product. Louise's father Derek, who invented the rubber tiles used on nuclear powered submarines as well as running the family business, still works full time in the dickensian factory at the age of 88.

River swimmers rescued after being swept out to sea

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the dramatic moment two teenage tombstoners were saved from drowning after they were swept 250 yards out to sea. Archie Woollacott, 14, got dragged away by a strong current after plunging off a harbour wall at Axmouth, Devon. His friend Bozhidrar Bobev jumped in to rescue him but was also taken out to sea. The stricken pair spent an hour treading water before they were spotted by the Lyme Regis lifeboat crew in the nick of time. The next day Archie visited to RNLI station to thank the crew by baking them a lemon drizzle cake.

Zebra baby boom at Longleat

***EXCLUSIVE*** Keepers at Longleat Safari Park are celebrating a baby boom among their herd of zebras. Four foals have arrived in the last month at the Wiltshire attraction with two more due to arrive in the coming days. The foals are born following a year-long pregnancy, weighing just over 15kgs at birth. Ryan Hockley, of Longleat, said: "This is definitely one of the best years ever here at Longleat for the sheer number of foals being born."

Own the Cove...Or own the painting of it

***EXCLUSIVE*** A watercolour depicting a picturesque Cornish cove has emerged for sale offering a perfect consolation prize to those who can't afford the quaint cottage for sale at the real beauty spot. The cottage at Lamorna Cove, near Penzance, has been on the market since last summer and currently has an asking price of £875,000. The fee required to purchase the breathtaking coastal plot puts it out of reach for most people but one auction house say hope is not lost. But the painting of the idyllic spot by renowned artist Dame Elizabeth Frank is to sell with Lawrence's Auctioneers who are preparing for much more modest offers of around £15,000.