Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

The woman with the 150lb leg

***EXLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, GEORGIA, USA: A bed-bound girl whose leg swelled to a massive 150lb has vowed to restart her life after enduring a radical twelve-hour operation to remove the growth. Jamila Coleman, 27, spent nearly four years watching the world through a window after a rare form of lymphedema caused her leg to balloon to 3ft-wide below the knee. Despite her condition progressively worsening, insurers refused to cover an operation until earlier this year when surgeons finally removed 120lbs of flesh and fluid. Now in recovery, Jamila from Snelville, Georgia, is learning to walk again through rehab and exercise and is determined to forge a new life for herself.

Look out for life-sized knitted figures in this Norfolk village

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Norfolk village will be transformed by the wonder of wool. Fabulous fabric figures will be posed in gardens across pretty Caston, near Watton, for a festival of knitted 1950s nostalgia. Her Knitted Majesty will preside in full coronation dress in the village hall and Madam Petal and Miss Purl will be in the parish church with a cast of family and friends. Crafters from Caston and neighbouring villages have spent months knitting thousands of squares to create a nostalgic world of wool which will be threaded through more than a dozen gardens, the village hall and the church. The concept is considered to be the "brain child" of 67-year-old Lois Gill.

A species in trouble

Baby borneo orangutan seen playing in conservation, West Java, Indonesia on July 2, 2019. Population and habitat viability assessments show that Bornean orangutan populations of fewer than 50 individuals are not viable in the long term. In such small groups, closely related orangutans are more likely to mate with one another, often allowing genetic defects to surface. When numbers dip too low, any stressor — an extreme storm or a disease outbreak, perhaps — can snuff out the entire group. The IUCN expects dozens of small orangutan populations to wink out of existence in the next few generations across Borneo, as obstacles such as roads or plantations isolate them in forest fragments. Without an infusion of new genetics and relief from the pressures of hunting and logging, orangutans could be one of these groups sliding toward oblivion.population.

A photographer has spent the last ten years taking beautiful photos of abandoned mills and derelict buildings - to show there is a 'second life' after nature takes over

***EXCLUSIVE*** Father-of-one Simon Sugden, 51, draws inspiration from dereliction in architecture. His photography explores the idea that buildings have a second chance after their useful life, where nature and decay take over to create a new kind of beauty. In pursuit of this, Simon seeks out once loved and now abandoned mills and attractions, showing them in a new and hauntingly beautiful light. Simon, who has a two-year-old daughter called Jennie with partner Elizabeth Campbell, 30, has previously shown a rare glimpse of Bradford’s historic Conditioning House. He captured the building, which has been dormant since the late 1980s, ahead of development proposals for around 130 apartments by Priestley Construction. Simon also took photos inside the formerly opulent Odeon in Bradford which was the third-biggest in Britain when it opened its doors in 1930. He is bringing a photographic exhibition - which will display some of his finest works - called The Beauty In Decay to Cliffe Castle Museum in Keighley, West Yorks., next month.

Pre-package holiday pictures show how day-trippers use to cram into back of open-topped charabancs for breaks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning pictures from the pre-package holiday era have revealed the large and sometimes dangerous open-top car favoured by frugal British tourists in the 1920s as tens of people could enjoy a daytrip in one vehicle. The incredible images, as revealed by the website Retronaut, show smartly dressed people, some of which were friends and family but others who will have been complete strangers squashed together, posing the back of a variety of charabanc cars including one called ‘The Lily’. Other striking snaps show a charabanc driving down the road alongside normal cars and a boy on a bicycle, a long queue of people waiting to get on and a convoy of charabancs travelling down the street.   The original char-à-banc, literally “car with benches” was a French vehicle used for sporting outings from the 1840s. It had front-facing bench seats and was drawn by two or four horses.

Shanghai woman lives out her dollhouse dream

If every little girl's dream is to build a beautiful dollhouse for her own beloved dolls, right down to each perfect detail -- from a wooden wardrobe filled with gorgeous handmade dresses to lace tablecloths, tiny plants and even miniature fans -- then Chi Wanjun of Shanghai, who created hers as an adult, stands as a reminder that it's never too late to make it happen. Chi, who has loved drawing and design since childhood, owns an online shop selling womenswear she created. Initially, she intended to make doll clothes to relieve some of the pressure of designing for her shop, but then she took the idea of dressing up dolls even farther than expected. Now Chi has 30 dolls, including some that cost her 10,000 yuan ($1,452.91) each. She treats the dolls like friends and buys them little wedding dresses, houses and cars, even taking them out with her. For her online shop, Chi has shifted her focus from women's clothing to dresses for dolls. Though some people still doubt her lifestyle, Chi said she thinks one's interest is more important than making money.