Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Single mother, 32, given weeks to live 'because her spine was collapsing and was too weak to support her head' has life-saving £320,000 surgery in the US

***EXCLUSIVE*** A single mum given weeks to live is finally able to walk again following a life-saving operation - to stop her skull crushing her spine. Samantha Smith was told she had eight weeks to raise a staggering £250,000 or risk losing her life when she was diagnosed with a devastating connective tissue disorder in 2017. The 32-year-old became instantly bed-bound - unable to care for her two young children, walk or even wash herself and was forced to move back in with her parents. Within months the psychotherapist was bed-bound, having seizures, unable to walk, wash herself or fulfil her most precious role - as a mother caring for her two kids. Samantha's critical condition was worsening by the day and she was given eight weeks to raise funds for a life-saving surgery or lose her life. It got to the point where Samantha had begun arranging her own funeral and making plans for the future of her children, Jensen, ten, and nine-year-old Brooke.

Blooming gorgeous! Fields of delphiniums used to make confetti are pictured bursting into colour

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning aerial images show tens of thousands of flowers used to make real confetti bursting into a dazzling array of summer colours. Tourists are flocking to the Wyke Manor Estate site in Pershore, Worcestershire, to see the 14-acre field filled with beautiful delphiniums which only bloom for two weeks every year. The flowers - split into 16 colours including, purple, blue, pale pink, azure blue, gold and silver - fully open up from the end of June. An even greater variety of coloured flowers have been planted this year - including blackberry, ivory, raspberry, bluebell, tudor, pink, marigold and claret. Every year, thousands of couples visit the site to pick out the confetti for their nuptials.

Aldi give away strawberries and cream to queing Wimbledon fans

***EXCLUSIVE*** First serve of the day: Aldi cyclists surprise Wimbledon goers with free strawberries and cream, to celebrate their fresh British strawberries. More than 1,000 queuing Wimbledon fans were given a surprise treat as seven cyclists made special deliveries of strawberries and cream. The free giveaway by budget supermarket Aldi saw around 400 kilograms of strawberries and 30 litres of cream delivered to dedicated fans who were queuing outside the famous tennis venue. The lengthy queue saw more than 1,000 people camping out in a bid to get a seat on Centre Court, with the hope of seeing top stars. Surprised fans were overjoyed when the cyclists arrived with the quintessential British treat as they waited to get into the ground.

Fish escapes kingfisher

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tiny fish escapes the grasp of a hungry kingfisher as it dives into a tank of water. The near miss is captured in a sequence of images as the bird plunges below the surface, misses its target and emerges empty handed. Photographer Paul Sawer, 47, set up the 15 by 15-inch tank on the kingfisher's hunting territory and placed the rudd fish in it as bait on the River Alde, Saxmundham, Suffolk.

Elephant gets a dust shower

***EXCLUSIVE*** An elephant sprays dust from it's trunk to protect it's skin from the heat of the sun. Photographer Franco Cappellari, 61, captured the elephant as it decided to take a dust shower in the Etosha National Park in Namibia. Franco from Venafro, near Naples, Italy, said, 'To protect themselves, the elephants tend to bathe with the use of their trunk. However, when the water is scarce and the heat is really too much, the elephants throw earth over themselves.' 'This layer allows the elephant to cool off and have a shield against the sun, insects and parasites.'

Lake formed on Mont Blanc

***EXCLUSIVE*** Melting ice forms an isolated blue oasis in among the Alps as temperatures soar in Europe. Photographer Franco Cappellari spotted the eye-catching glacier water as he flew over Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the 745-mile mountain range. Even at 9,842ft above sea-level, the temperature reached 10C, and the ice on top of the 15,780ft mountain, named because it is constantly covered in snow and ice, started to melt.

Photographer swims with Barrel Jellyfish

***EXCLUSIVE*** A photographer took an unusual selfie with a giant barrel jellyfish he found swimming under a British pier. Andy Pearson, 37, came across the group of five jellyfish while he was snorkeling off the coast of Swanage, Dorset. They measured up to 3ft across and weigh up to 5 stones 7lbs.

Boats on river

***EXCLUSIVE*** A boat travels down river which along with the river bank resembles that of scales on a snake skin. Local villagers were pictured crossing the scale-like landscape of the Padma river in Ishwardi, Bangladesh. Photographer Abdul Momin, 28, captured these impressive images with use of his drone. Abdul from Bogra, Bangladesh said, 'The sand on the riverbed creates a scale like structure. From the top you can see the white sand, then the yellow muddy moss parts, followed by the brown algae parts and then the water.' 'The different water levels cause the various types of algae, moss and waterplants to develop, creating the different shades of colour. You can see the riverbed so easily because the water is so clear'.

Courting egrets form a heart with their heads and necks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two Great Egrets appear to form a love heart with their bodies as they stand over their nest in this affectionate scene. Nature photographer Gary Zeng, 49, from Oakville in Ontario, Canada, was on a planned trip to Xiangshan Forest Park in Jiangxi Province of China. Gary said: “This was my first visit to the place and I spent six days there. It rained for the first five days and was either raining or overcast all the time. Then, on the sixth day, the sun came out and I felt that I finally had the right lighting conditions to compliment the egrets.” “When I saw the pictures on the back of my camera, I was very impressed with how well they had come out. I thought the heart shape pose of the birds was very fitting with them standing over their nest.”