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Plastic surgery addict who has spent $185K on procedures says she won't stop until she achieves her ideal look

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIRGINIA, USA: This plastic surgery addict says her body is a ‘CANVAS’ and has already spent over ONE-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY-THOUSAND-POUNDS on perfecting her look - and even though her family fear her cosmetic obsession will KILL HER, she plans to spend at least another TWENTY-FIVE-THOUSAND-POUNDS and insists her looks don’t harm anyone. IT support specialist, Kristen Snider (28) from Virginia, USA, always hated the reflection she saw in the mirror and wanted to change so much of her figure since she was a teenager. At 18 years old, Kristen’s frame was slim, but she desired feminine curves. At school, Kristen was teased for her appearance and she had to learn not to care or pay attention to what other people thought of her. Kristen describes herself as always being ambitious, creative and a perfectionist – attributes which she credits for the incredible transformation of her look. In March 2010, aged 18, Kristen underwent her first breast augmentation with 550cc implants to enhance her 32B chest. Her first surgery made Kristen feel so happy with her body and she cried with joy when she saw the results. The positive results, along with the simple recovery, encouraged Kristen to want to do more with her body which she views as her very own canvas to create a perfect image from. Since 2010, Kristen has had over 20 cosmetic procedures, including a second breast augmentation with 1,500cc implants, rib removal, two bum lifts, bum implants, three rhinoplasties, cheek implants, forehead implants, fat removal and lip injections. Kristen loves her body now and feels proud of what she and her surgeons have achieved so far. Although she still wants to have more procedures, Kristen’s family is not as pleased with her transformed look which she has spent more than £150K on already. Kristen admits that she receives many stares when she is out in public however some people do criticise her sexual appearance. Kristen urges people to accept other people’s appearances as she says that if no one is getting hurt by her cosmetic surgeries, her choices should be respected.

Girl, 2, battled tumours that wrapped around her spine and cut off airways

***EXCLUSIVE*** This heartbroken mum was devastated when she found out her daughter had been born with a rare condition that caused TUMOURS to wrap themselves around her SPINE and later left her fighting for her life when the growths became SO BIG that they started CUTTING OFF HER AIRWAYS – but despite doctors saying she will NEVER TALK or sit and walk unassisted she is already proving them wrong. Stay at home mum Rachael Gatti (21) from Launceston, Tasmania, Australia and stay at home dad Jak Plumbridge (23) found out they were pregnant in October 2016 at five weeks. Rachael was worried about becoming a mum but also extremely excited. She had a fantastic pregnancy with no complications and all her scans went smoothly and on June 30, 2017 they gave birth to their daughter Sienna Beverley Plumbridge (2). When she was born Sienna was unable to move her limbs normally, and when she didn’t get better after two weeks, on July 14, 2017 Sienna had an MRI scan. To Rachael’s horror she could see potential tumours on the scans, and she couldn’t hold back the tears. Subsequently, Sienna was then transferred to a specialist children’s hospital where they performed a biopsy. The results formally confirmed the tumour and she was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis (NF1), which is a rare genetic disorder often causing tumours along the nerves. In Sienna’s case the tumours were wrapped around her spinal cord and due to the location, the tumours can’t be removed safely.

The Great White shark is being beaten by plastic: Scientists discover ocean pollution and 'ghost' fishing nets are snaring the mighty predators

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sharks and rays are at increasing risk from getting entangled in plastic fishing ropes, according to new research. More than 1,000 trapped individuals have already been reported - which is likely to be the 'tip of the iceberg.' The true number is likely to be much higher as few studies have focused on the issue, warn British scientists. In the first study of its kind they scoured Twitter for incidents, and combined these with existing published papers on the problem. They were shocked by the scale.

Pink Hello Kitty-themed exhibition brings visitors to Qing dynasty

Cartoon characters from Hello Kitty dressed in traditional costumes of Qing dynasty (1636–1912) are displayed during an exhibition in Shanghai, China, 4 July 2019. A Hello Kitty-themed exhibition featuring Qing dynasty (1636–1912) was opened at a shopping mall in Shanghai, China.

The secrets of abandoned London

***EXCLUSIVE*** The fascinating stories behind some of London’s most neglected buildings are revealed in a captivating new book. The meeting place of World War Two Allied leaders where crucial plans to draw the conflict to a close were devised; the building which helped stop cholera-related deaths in the UK; and the original home of the icon of the United States’ independence, the Liberty Bell. Do you pass any of these places on your commute to work?