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Bodybuilding grandma says she feels sexier at 48 than she did in her twenties

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the bodybuilding grandma who claims she feels SEXIER in her FORTIES than she did in her TWENTIES since discovering her passion for weightlifting – she is even inundated with messages from men who call her SEXY and says that over HALF of her 180K followers are MEN. Business owner and president, Lola Nez (48) who lives in Florida, USA, has always wanted to be fit and healthy throughout her life, but in her twenties she struggled to achieve the body she wanted no matter how many exercises and diets she tried. While she was a slim 8st and UK size six, she felt like she lacked in muscle which she desperately wanted. Although she was unhappy with her shape, from her early twenties up until her early forties she didn’t take her health as seriously until 2014 when it took a turn. She began suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a digestive disorder that affects the lower oesophageal sphincter, which is the ring of muscle between the oesophagus and stomach. The condition caused her continual discomfort and pain which affected her daily routine. She had an annual physical exam which concluded that there were a number of concerns including high cholesterol, high blood pressure and that she was pre-diabetic. The combination of her health and her older brother having terminal cancer spurred her on to make a dramatic change. After months of research online and speaking to people, she came across personal trainer, Rod Ketchens, a professional bodybuilder, and made an appointment with him. He helped her establish a training routine of weight training and cardio elements. She fell in love with the training and within four years she managed to come first place in six bodybuilding competitions. While her weight has increased by six pounds, she claims that this is pure muscle and her waist has reduced by four inches. Since her body transformation, she has received countless positive comments from men who call her ‘sexy’ and ‘beautiful’. She is a grandmother to two children; Arkin (8) and Zoe (6).


Olympic figure skater was given 24 hours to live after her bowels tied in a knot and went septic forcing doctors to remove 3 FEET of her intestines

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the figure skater whose BOWELS tied a KNOT around each other and who then required surgery to remove THREE-FEET of her INTESTINES which had gone SEPTIC and doctors declared ‘DEAD’ - and despite being told she only had TWENTY-FOUR HOURS to live has survived and become an OLYMPIAN FIGURE SKATER. In June 2014, Olympian figure skater and coach, Aimee Buchanan (26), from Lexington, USA, felt a severe stomach-ache which made her struggle to sleep. The pain quickly escalated to the feeling of being stabbed repeatedly in her stomach. She begged her mum to take her to the accident and emergency room (A&E), where doctors performed CT scans and ultrasounds. They then referred her to the children’s hospital for emergency surgery where they told her that she had 24-hours left to live since she first experienced the symptoms, with the surgery beginning 22 hours after her symptoms began. It turned out her intestines had loosened from the membranes to the point where they tied a knot around each other and pulled tightly, causing an obstruction of her stomach. Three feet of her intestines were declared ‘dead’ by doctors due to sepsis and had to be removed as a result. Despite being given a life sentence of just 24-hours, she pulled through the surgery with flying colours. However, she was devastated to learn from her doctors that due to the surgery and her condition, she had to give up her dream of figure skating until she was physically strong enough to return to the sport. They told her it would take three to four months before she could resume skating, which left her heart-broken, but she never gave up and fought to skate sooner than they first expected. She has since won championships and even been a figure skating representative for Israel for the 2018 Olympics.

This Willy Wonka bar and Golden Ticket used as film props in the cult classic movie version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are going under the hammer

***EXCLUSIVE*** The iconic bar and ticket belonging to the actress who played spoiled brat Veruca Salt in the 1971 film adaptation of the Roald Dahl children's novel are expected to fetch up to £12,000 at auction. Julie Dawn Cole gifted them to her late former boyfriend Mark Poncia, who gave them to his partner before he died. The iconic ticket and chocolate bar are being sold by BBC's Flog It expert Catherine Southon with an expected sale price between £8,000 and £12,000.

Facial recognition technology helps traffic police capture jaywalkers in Nanjing

Pedestrians walk across a crossroad as a big electronic screen supported by face-recognition system shows the image of a jaywalker at the intersection in Nanjing city, east China's Jiangsu province, 4 July 2019. Traffic police in Nanjing used facial-recognition technology to capture jaywalkers in east China's Jiangsu province. Authorities already publicly name and shame people who flout the southern city’s strict road rules, using CCTV cameras equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) that can recognise offenders.

A pair of cheeky otters entertained tourists by appearing to perform a synchronised swimming routine

***EXCLUSIVE*** Wildlife photographer Andrew Fusek Peters, 54, captured the snaps on an excursion in Homer, Alaska.  Adorable pictures show the otters swimming together in unison before one leaps on the other for a lift.  Andrew, who took the pictures on Wednesday (3/7), said: "I got very close to them, about a couple of feet away, they're very use to boats and human beings but we had to be tolerant and careful not to disturb them.

Obese man who gave up his education because he feared his 500lb frame wouldn't fit behind a desk at college sheds half his body weight after almost dying from an asthma attack

***EXCLUSIVE*** QUEENS, NEW YORK, USA: This inspirational man tipped the scales at more than THIRTY-FIVE-AND-A-HALF-STONE and gave up on his education because he couldn’t walk around campus or fit behind a desk but was spurred onto shed the pounds after a horrifying ASTHMA ATTACK left him needing to be RESUSCITATED. John Arpino (25) from Queens, New York, USA, was diagnosed with severe asthma and allergies soon after he was born after he suffered meconium aspiration during labour. John’s list of foods that he couldn’t eat was endless and included; nuts, fish, shellfish, chicken and turkey and he also suffered with environmental allergies, and still does today. Due to this, John missed out on being able to play with friends and couldn’t take part in sports without having an asthma attack and spent a lot of time in hospital. At two-years-old he was put on the steroid prednisone to treat his asthma which he took until he was 18 and caused him to gain weight. At 35st 10lb and with a 70in waist, John was bullied at high school for his size because he struggled to walk and was given a key to the lift as he was unable to take the stairs and wasn’t able to take part in PE. When school finished, John let his weight hold him back and didn’t go to university because he feared he wouldn’t be able to walk around campus or fit behind the desks. John had no confidence and couldn’t wear the same clothes that others did and ended up despising himself for who he was and what he looked like but in 2015 he had the wakeup call of his life. His asthma reacted to a vapour rub and his airways restricted, causing him to have a major asthma attack where he was unable to breathe or speak and John’s parents had to call an ambulance. Scared for his life, John ‘code blued’ meaning he needed resuscitating but none of the paramedics who attended were ALS certified so they couldn’t administer adrenaline, epinephrine. As he was put on a stretcher the paramedics apologised to him as he slipped out of consciousness. Waking up in hospital later, John vowed to turn his life around and to lose the weight so he started going to the gym six days a week and managed to lose 5st 10lb on his own but his asthma kept holding him back and he was put on steroids again whenever he had an attack. Not wanting to fall back into his old habits and after much deliberation, John made the brave decision to have gastric sleeve surgery in November 2016 as a tool to further his weight loss. Now at 18st 13lb and with a 38in waist, John goes to the gym five to six days a week and feels like a new person. He looks forward to getting out of bed in the morning, he no longer worries about being able to fit in chairs and can visit theme parks without worry. He’s even started to work towards his childhood dream of becoming a professional wrestler, and it’s all thanks to his incredible transformation.