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Mother reveals how her 'guardian angel' son found her breast cancer by refusing to feed on her right nipple - and claims that he saved her life

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum has told how her one-year-old son found her breast cancer - by refusing to breastfeed from the boob with the tumour. Joanne Carr, 37, has breastfed Dougie McInerney since the day he was born without any problems, but 14 months on, she said he started refusing to feed from her right side. It prompted her to check her chest, where she found a pea-sized lump, and medics diagnosed her with cancer in her breast milk duct. She said she'd have never found it if Dougie had rejected her boob - a sign that something was blocking the duct or mis-shaping her breast. Now cancer-free, Joanne, from Liverpool, says she may not be here today with her „guardian angel” Dougie.

A rural post office in Hawaii will mail a coconut to almost anywhere in the world - providing a colorful alternative to the traditional post card

***EXCLUSIVE*** At the the Hoolehua Post Office on the island of Molokai travelers bring their nut of choice, decorate it with messages and drawings, then send it off to their loved ones around the globe. The cost of posting a nut depends on its weight, starting from $14.20 USD for the USA and escalating to about $64 for father flung lands. About 3,000 coconuts each year are mailed from the tiny PO, to all corners of the world, except for New Zealand and Australia whose governments have stricter regulations on foreign produce imports. The „Post-a-Nut” program was launched in 1991 by then-Post Master Margaret Leary who needed to generate revenue to keep the Hoolehua and Kualapuu Post Offices open. In the 28 years since Post-a-Nut began tens of thousands of coconuts have been shipped around the world. Customers are encouraged to find a suitable nut to make the journey, and locals often donate fallen ones they find on their properties.

Shark tooth pulled from man's foot 25 years after bite

***EXCLUSIVE*** A shark's tooth has been dug out of a surfer's foot - 25 YEARS after he was bitten. The fang fragment only came to light after Jeff Weakley developed a painful blister - almost a quarter of a century later. Now scientists have discovered it belonged to a blacktip reef shark that sank its gnashers into his flesh. Then 21-year-old Jeff was swimming off Florida's Flagler Beach when the attack happened - in 1994.

Marathon snooker match smashes world record

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two RAF friends have set a new Guinness World Record - for the longest ever snooker match. Corporal Joel Pickersgill, 34, and Sergeant Chris Bullen, 35, played continuously for a staggering 87 hours and 33 minutes, comfortably beating the previous record of 85 hours and 19 minutes. Cpl Pickersgill emerged victorious 118 games to 48 in the titanic contest, with over 7,000 balls potted. By the end, the players were so tired they began hallucinating and seeing pockets in the middle of the table.

£1 Harry Potter first edition find could sell for £30,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredibly rare 1st edition of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, that was withdrawn from sale due to typo faults, is set to sell for £30,000 at auction after being bought for only £1 by its lucky owner. Eagle-eyed auctioneer Jim Spencer from Hansons spotted the super rare cover amongst boxes of old books at a valuation - the lucky owner had no idea of its magic value. The much sought after title is now being sold by the Derbyshire auctioneers ion 31/8/19.

Greedy squirrel needs rescuing after biting off more than he could chew and getting stuck inside a bird feeder while feasting on seeds

***EXCLUSIVE*** RSPCA Inspector Suzi Smith was called to Banners Lane in Redditch on Sunday morning (30 July) to the trapped grey squirrel. Suzi said: „We were called by a woman who was very concerned about the squirrel who was trapped in the metal guard around the feeder. He’d somehow managed to get his back legs wedged right in the metal bars and, thrashing around, knocked the bird feeder over the fence and onto the grass. He was quite literally caught red-handed with his hands in the cookie jar - or should I say paws in the bird feeder!”

A photographer has spent the last ten years taking beautiful photos of abandoned mills and derelict buildings - to show there is a 'second life' after nature takes over

***EXCLUSIVE*** Father-of-one Simon Sugden, 51, draws inspiration from dereliction in architecture. His photography explores the idea that buildings have a second chance after their useful life, where nature and decay take over to create a new kind of beauty. In pursuit of this, Simon seeks out once loved and now abandoned mills and attractions, showing them in a new and hauntingly beautiful light. Simon, who has a two-year-old daughter called Jennie with partner Elizabeth Campbell, 30, has previously shown a rare glimpse of Bradford’s historic Conditioning House. He captured the building, which has been dormant since the late 1980s, ahead of development proposals for around 130 apartments by Priestley Construction. Simon also took photos inside the formerly opulent Odeon in Bradford which was the third-biggest in Britain when it opened its doors in 1930. He is bringing a photographic exhibition - which will display some of his finest works - called The Beauty In Decay to Cliffe Castle Museum in Keighley, West Yorks., next month.

Steve Coogan's Aston Martin DBS for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** £165,000 buys you the comedian's beloved Aston Martin DBS V8 supercar. The Alan Partridge creator, who is an avid car collector, has owned the four-seater dark blue 1970 Aston Martin DBS V8 since 2011. This particular example was the original factory press car used to launch the new V8 model. In 1971, it was taken onto the unfinished M4 and tested over a mile, clocking at an impressive average speed of 160mph. Coogan's Partridge character used to drive a beige Rover 800 which was famously grafittied with 'C*ck P*ss Partridge', and he also bought a Lexus IS300 he fondly referred to as 'the Japanese Mercedes' before driving straight into a bollard.

Historic Centrifuge opens to the public after 64 years of spinning

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sci-fi 'Centrifuge' to open its doors to the public after 64 years... A remarkable Cold War relic which has put thousands of pilots through their G-force paces has made its final spin after six decades. The Top Secret building at the former RAE Farnborough test site is now open to the public for guided tours led by the scientists from FAST who used to work there. The Farnborough Centrifuge was used to simulate huge 9G forces - nine times more than a human body is designed to absorb - they would encounter while flying fast jets during combat operations. The pilot would sit in a small compartment replicating a cockpit at the end of the 60ft rotating arm and be propelled at over 60mph, spinning 30 times a minute. A staggering 122,133 tests were performed on it before it was decommissioned in March this year, with a new centrifuge installed at RAF Cranwell. It featured on an episode of Top Gear in 2000 when Jeremy Clarkson had a go on it at 3G, leaving him in obvious discomfort. He described the force exerted on him as like 'having an elephant sat on my chest'. The centrifuge, which is being displayed for the public for the first time, also appeared in the 1985 comedy film Spies Like Us starring Chevy Chase and Dan Ackroyd.

Replicas of Michelangelo's work go on display

***EXCLUSIVE*** Renaissance master Michelangelo spent four years of his life high up on scaffolding under the vaulted ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome, painting probably the most famous, awe-inspiring frescoes in the world. Officially licensed by the Vatican Museums, the frescoes have been photographed and reproduced at high resolution and transferred to special fabric webs. This technique allows a true-to-life reproduction of the ceiling and gives visitors a unique opportunity for an otherwise impossible close-up view. The exhibition is split across the three Winchester venues, it starts at the Winchester Discovery Centre, and finishes at the 13th century Great Hall, home of the symbolic Medieval Round Table, where a giant 6 metre x 6 metre panel of The Last Judgment is on display.

Young bat spotted clinging to mum in mid-flight

***EXCLUSIVE*** A baby bat clings to its mother as she flies through the air in broad daylight.  Disturbed by a crow in the tree where she was nesting, the mother flying fox made a flight from a group of trees. Astonished photographer Nitin Chandra spotted the usually nocturnal bats - the largest of their kind in the world - in his local park in New Delhi, India.  Mother bats carry their babies around for the first month after they are born.

Cheetah having drink is reflected in calm water

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cheetah's reflection forms the perfect mirror image as it stops to drink at a lake. The still water is barely disturbed as the big cat laps at it with its tongue, while appearing to keep an eye on the photographer. Singh Heer was no more than five metres from the animal as it broke away from a group of four other male cheetahs, together known as the five musketeers, in the Maasai Mara reserve, Kenya.

Reflections look like artists (Monet) painting

***EXCLUSIVE*** These stunning photographs of unusual reflections on the surface of water look like Monet paintings. The rippled effect of light hitting the water make the scenes look like they're made up of hundreds of brush strokes. Rather than using professional kit costing thousands of pounds, photographer Warren Krupsaw, 76, captured the shots with a camera that cost just $350.  The leaves reflected on rippling water, or refracted colour on the surface of a lake turn into stunning visuals Mr Krupsaw created with the cheap point-and-shoot camera.

Shadows of workers drying rice

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rice farmers working in the sun create extraordinary shadows resembling a puppet show or illustrations from one of the Harry Potter movies. The workers are busy flipping rice grains while they dry unaware that, from the air, they are casting such striking images. In the 35 degree heat, the mid morning sun creates shadows that resemble Indonesian shadow puppet shows or the animation from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Scores of farmers work across miles of rice fields, regularly turning the grains of rice so they dry evenly in the sunshine.