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Teen left paralyzed by drunk driver in horror crash on her way to volunteer at a care home defies the odds by regaining control of her right leg

***EXCLUSIVE*** TENNESSEE, USA: This brave woman was in so much pain SHE WANTED TO DIE after she was hit by a DRUNK driver who left her pinned under a LAMPPOST choking on glass with a CRUSHED SPINE – and although doctors said she would NEVER walk again she has already managed to regain function of her right leg and says you should never give up hope. Mae Beth Ruehling (21) from Tennessee, USA, was on her way to a local nursing home, a short drive away from her house, in December 2017 when she was hit by a drunk driver swerving into her lane. The drunk driver hit Mae Beth head on which caused her car to spin before hitting a lamppost which fell onto the driver’s side of the car. The fallen lamppost broke Mae Beth’s spine and she tried to scream for help but had glass in her mouth and all around her. A police officer approached Mae Beth’s car and told her he would be back shortly, and the emergency services were with her soon after. Firefighters got Mae Beth out with a crowbar before sliding her onto a backboard. She was in and out of consciousness as a result of the pain and she overheard paramedics say that there was no feeling in her legs. The crash, followed by the impact of the lamppost, broke Mae Beth’s spine at T4 level, leaving her with a permanent spinal cord injury. When she arrived at hospital, Mae Beth immediately had a laminectomy surgery to relieve pressure from her spine. Surgeons then inserted four metal rods and eight screws into her spine. While doctors thought Mae Beth was unconscious, she had in fact woken up but hadn’t yet opened her eyes, and she overheard a doctor tell her family that she may never be able to walk again. As Mae Beth hadn’t yet been told the extent of her injuries, she refused to believe that a person could break one bone and lose the ability to walk. In the weeks that followed, Mae Beth started physical therapy and has since gained some feeling in her legs and is capable of walking one thousand feet with crutches.

Man who was bullied for vitiligo is now a model who sees his skin as art

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the inspirational man who has learnt to see himself as a work of art after he was cruelly ridiculed and compared to a COW growing up because of his vitiligo – but he is having the last laugh after his condition landed him a job as a fashion model. When he was 13 years old Mahmoud Hassan Mohamed Hassan (25) from Helwan, Cairo, Egypt, developed a chronic skin condition called vitiligo which causes patches of pale or pinkish skin around the body where the pigment called melanin isn’t produced correctly. When Mahmoud started to notice the symptoms, he found it very difficult to deal with. He felt like he didn’t fit in with his peers and did everything he could to hide the affected areas from friends and the public. At school, he would get called a ‘cow’ or a ‘zebra’ due to his patches. Thankfully his condition doesn’t require any medication, but he does use sunblock to protect his skin just as anyone else would.

Mother, 41, has 'lost her smile' after a golf-ball sized brain tumour she developed at just nine years old caused the nerves in her face to 'shut down'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This brave mum-of-two was horrified when doctors told her a tumour the SIZE OF A GOLF BALL had been growing in her brain since she was just NINE-YEARS-OLD but it was another twenty years before the growth started to CHANGE HER FACE – forcing her to undergo surgery that TOOK AWAY HER SMILE. Sales consultant and mother of two, Zabrina Radford (40) from Bedfordshire, UK had a lump the size of a golf ball growing inside her brain since she was just nine years old. Zabrina suffered a lot of pain in the ear, top of her neck and back of her lower skull so went to see the doctor. It wasn’t until December 1999, when she was 21 years old, she was diagnosed with a benign tumour.  The doctors wanted to remove the tumour, but they were unsure of the type of tumour she had and couldn’t guarantee saving the surrounding nerves. For a year Zabrina and her husband Ryan (45), looked at alternatives such as radiotherapy to reduce its size. By chance her friend met a neurosurgeon in New York, USA in November 2000 who recommended a professor working in London who had just started a new treatment called gamma knife. This is a non-invasive treatment for difficult to treat brain conditions that uses gamma radiation to treat the area. Zabrina had two sessions at the Cromwell Hospital in March 2001 and June 2004. Additionally, she attended the hospital for MRI, CT and PET scans so the tumour could be monitored each year. Zabrina continued with her life living as healthily as she could and taking care of her body, but then, in November 2017, on the run up to her 40th birthday she had a growing pain down the right side of her face.

A toddler has become the youngest person to ever complete the Three Peaks Challenge - climbing Britain’s three highest mountains

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jaxon Krzysik, three, hasn't even started school but managed to summit Scafell Pike, in the Lake District, Ben Nevis, in Scotland and Snowdon, in Wales. The nursery school pupil took on the challenge with his dad, Cal, 29, to raise money in memory of his best pal Ralph Rowlands, who died aged two in May 2017. He completed the final peak on Saturday, becoming the youngest walker to do the entire 23 mile challenge, hiking up 10,052ft.

Woman who developed cystic acne at 30 after never suffering with spots STOPS wearing heavy makeup and editing her photos because she felt like a 'catfish'

***EXCLUSIVE*** SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, USA: This woman thought she was too old for acne when she developed cystic acne at THIRTY but vowed to ditch photo editing apps when it got worse because she felt like a ‘CATFISH’ on social media – and she says embracing her skin online has boosted her confidence in real life. Dental administrator, Kat Neubrand (30) from San Jose, California, USA, never had any skin problems as a teenager and only experienced the occasional breakout of spots in her early twenties, which she shrugged off. It wasn’t until Kat turned 30 last summer that she started to develop painful cystic acne which broke out more frequently, and overtime became bigger and more inflamed. Kat’s skin problem left her feeling depressed, alone and questioning why it was happening to her because she assumed she was too old for acne. Kat’s close friends were supportive of her but she spent a lot of time worrying about what other people thought of her so would hide behind heavy makeup and photo editing apps like Facetune when she uploaded pictures online. For months Kat struggled with her self-confidence and in December 2018 when her acne flared worse than it had done before, she decided that enough was enough and she was no longer going to hide away. She vowed to stop editing and using filters on her selfies after feeling like a ‘catfish’ and be proud of the skin she was in, which included her acne. Kat shared her first unfiltered pictures on Instagram and was overwhelmed with the support she received and says that the positive reaction has boosted her confidence in real life too. Now Kat is promoting skin positivity and is keen to show people that they are beautiful as they are and they don’t need to live up to unrealistic beauty standards set by the media.

A donkey blinded in a freak accident is being nursed back to health with special SUNGLASSES

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jonty the donkey was rushed into a specialist donkey hospital after stepping on a sharp thorn. The thorn was removed but the stress from the operation triggered a chronic eye problem. Now in an effort to restore his sight Jonty has to wear these specially-made sunglasses which protect his delicate eyes from harmful UV rays. Jonty was treated by expert staff at the animal hospital in Sidmouth, Devon, ran by The Donkey Sanctuary.

These stunning aerial photographs show one of the most beautiful salt production sites in the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photographer, Tom Hegen, 28, captured the mesmerising shots from above as he flew over Western Australia to show the different colours of the ponds. The salt is harvested by the sun evaporating most of the water in the shallow ponds until only the salt is left behind.

18th century bathroom hidden in a Cornish cliff

***EXCLUSIVE*** On a remote Cornish beach, far from any car parks, toilets or cafes, there is one unusual amenity hidden in the cliffs. This cove is not signposted, or easy to get down to, but it is unique in Cornwall, perhaps the world, for having its own en-suite Georgian bathroom, carved into its rock face. And yet, strangely, for such an exceptional feature that is over 220 years old, it does not seem to have been documented until the end of the 20 century, and very little has been written about it since. This is, perhaps, fitting for such a personal space, hidden in a cave on a secluded beach to offer privacy to a Cornish gentleman and his wife when they wished to take a bath by the sea.