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Student, 26, who was paralyzed and almost drowned after diving headfirst into a shallow pool 'defies the odds' by learning to walk again - and even DANCES at a friend's wedding

***EXCLUSIVE*** NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA: After diving into a SHALLOW POOL this student was immediately paralysed and almost drowned when he was unable to signal for help because he could ONLY MOVE HIS EYELIDS - but seven years after being told he’d NEVER WALK again he is proving all his doubters wrong and even DANCED at his friend’s wedding. Student Chris Rice (26) from Nova Scotia, Canada, was relishing the sun in his garden on June 23, 2012 when he dove into the four-foot-deep pool and plunged to the bottom. Chris immediately knew that something was wrong because although he was conscious, he couldn’t move any part of his body apart from his eyelids. He hoped he would regain movement but when he saw his hands moving in the water, yet couldn’t feel it happening, Chris knew he must have sustained serious damage. After lying face down on the surface of the water for approximately 45 seconds, Chris’ brother Alex (23) rolled him onto his back just in time as Chris recalls being on the verge of inhaling water if he’d have been left for a couple more seconds. Within minutes, paramedics arrived to lift Chris out of the water on a backboard. Chris was transported to hospital where they discovered he had crushed his C7 vertebra and had surgery later that day to replace his crushed C7 with a metal plate as well as having four screws put in to fuse his neck from C6 to T1. After two weeks, Chris was transferred to an alternative hospital where staff told him that he would never walk again, despite his optimism. Chris stayed in that hospital for five months where he did light physiotherapy and some motion exercises, however he didn’t regain function for a year after the accident. Once he was discharged, Chris found Walk It Off, a rehabilitation facility where he has spent over 1700 hours trying to retrain his muscles and increase strength. Through working with his trainer, Rebecca (28), Chris has managed to regain function and even danced for the first time at his friend’s wedding in 2017, on the five-year anniversary of his accident.

Snowball the cockatoo amazes researchers by teaching himself 14 DIFFERENT dance moves to classic hits

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dancing cockatoo who became a YouTube sensation has added two eighties classics and 14 different moves to his rock repertoire. Even notoriously hard to please Strictly judge Craig Revel Horwood couldn't fail to be impressed by the magic moves of the cockatoo called Snowball. The feathered floor burner first shot to fame in 2007 with a video of him rocking out to the Backstreet Boys' hit Everybody (Backstreet's Back) being viewed nearly two million times on YouTube. His moves a decade ago included bobbing his head along to the beat, kicking his leg in the air and stamping his feet.

Ancient lotus seed is in full bloom for the first time in Beijing's old Summer Palace

Beijng, China: The ancient lotus seed ''100 years old'' unearthed by the archaeological excavation of the old Summer Palace ruins park in Beijing bloomed for the first time in the lotus flower base of the old Summer Palace. According to reports, the staff in the northeast corner of changchun garden such as the garden site archaeological, successively found in the mirror incense pool 11 ancient lotus seeds, this is the first time since the yuanmingyuan archaeological excavation work found the existence of ancient lotus seeds. Experts from the Chinese academy of sciences monitored, studied and cultivated eight of them, and six of them germinated successfully after sowing. The first lotus blossoms on July 7, 2019.

Dolphin shows off her newborn calf to amazed tourists off the Cornish coast

***EXCLUSIVE*** The brilliant video of the common dolphins was shot on Saturday by wildlife guide Vicki Hall at Padstow Sealife Safaris. The 25 second-long video shows the two dolphins gliding through the water, under the safari tour's boats and back up again. Writing about what they saw, Padstow Sealife Safaris, which has kindly let Cornwall Live use the footage online, said it was such a lovely moment it made its guides "want to cry".

Horrors of the Pacific war: U.S. Marines wade into battle with grenades and amphibious tanks after launching from submarines shortly after Pearl Harbor to begin the fightback

***EXCLUSIVE*** The full horror facing soldiers in the Pacific Theatre has been laid bare in a harrowing new book. Terrifying pictures of the brutal attacks on the Gilbert and Ellice Islands – now known as Kiribati and Tuvalu respectively – include a haunting image of a corpse strewn on a tropical beach, a photo capturing the fear and trepidation in the eyes of a wounded soldier under intense fire, and a festering Marine’s body being carried by his colleagues to his final resting place. Other incredible images include a rare soldier’s perspective of wading to the shore under a hail of fire from entrenched Japanese soldiers, three soldiers being honoured at sea after succumbing to the injuries they sustained in battle, and two Japanese troops who took their own lives rather than face the ignominy of surrender.

Mum’s shock as she digs up pot containing five sets of false teeth in Devon garden

***EXCLUSIVE*** A gob-smacked mum has dug up FIVE sets of false teeth at the bottom of her garden. Green-fingered mum-of-two Emily Sullivan was busy digging a hole for her children's tree house when she made a strange discovery. The 38-year-old stumbled across someone's false teeth, locked away in a little box and buried in her family's garden. Emily uncovered the box as she was undertaking a spot of landscaping on Wednesday afternoon, as part of work to build their children a tree house. But when she dug up a patch of dirt in the ground, she came across a box containing five sets of old false teeth. "I was digging a hole in the garden for the kids' tree house and dug up a little yellow pot," said Emily, from Modbury. "I thought we found gold, but it turned out to be a pot of false teeth."