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Student with severe eczema reveals she refused to socialise for YEAR or hold her boyfriend's hand because she was so self-conscious about her skin

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who LOCKED HERSELF UP for a YEAR due to her severe eczema which would flare up constantly and was so painful she struggled to DRIVE or even hold her boyfriend’s HAND. University student, Grace Ridgway (23) from Shropshire, UK, began suffering from a mild form of eczema as a toddler which her parents controlled with emollient therapy. Her condition wasn’t too serious initially until she started high school; her eczema began to flare up on her upper lip and around her temples. Over the years, the condition became more severe and would spread to her hands. After having a patch test, she discovered that not only did she have atopic dermatitis, she also had contact dermatitis, meaning that she has allergies of certain substances that would flare up her eczema. These include substances contained in perfumes and fragrance derived from citrus fruits. It got to the point where her skin became so raw that it affected her day-to-day life including driving, washing her hair and even drinking. From May 2018, the limitations she had due to her condition caused her to shy away from the public and she would lock herself away for a year which affected her friendships. She met her boyfriend, Jim, in 2017 and they began dating in February 2018 around the time her eczema was at its worst. Despite feeling insecure about her condition, Jim insisted he didn’t notice her eczema and loved her the way she is. Due to the severity of her skin condition, she would at times struggle to hold his hand. With the help of treatments such as emollient therapy and a biologic drug which she began using regularly from April 2019, Grace’s skin has cleared up and she has felt more confident, enough to revive her social life.

Britain's biggest Sculpture Park hold multi-million pound auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The ultimate garden sale... A bronze bust of Sir Winston Churchill leads an epic £5m sale of 400 garden sculptures an art fanatic is putting under the hammer. Eddie Powell turned 10 acres of unused land in the Surrey countryside into one of the world's largest sculpture parks 15 years ago. He crammed it with over 800 eye-catching pieces of art, ranging from a 19 tonne dragon made from 152,000 horse shoes to a 12ft tall bronze polar bear. Mr Powell is now down-sizing the collection and is selling half of the items in the park.

£20k haul of early underground posters found in a Kensington garage

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fascinating treasure trove of old London posters are expected to sell at auction for £20,000 after being discovered in a garage. They were produced circa 1920 by the Underground Electric Railway Company to promote the capital's underground, tram and bus networks. There is also a charming selection of 'London Characters' posters showing different walks of life including a news boy, a zookeeper, a flower woman and a Covent Garden porter. The collection of 35 posters were found rolled up in a garage lock up in Kensington, west London, while it was being cleared out. The vendor, a lady in her 80s, inherited them many years ago from her late aunt who was an artist in the 1920s and had her own studio.

Toddler is super sensitive to light

***EXCLUSIVE*** A little two-year-old girl is forced to wear sunglasses everyday because a rare condition means she is super sensitive to light. Little Rhiannon Kay was born with no irises - the coloured bit surrounding her pupils - meaning her eyes are completely black. The condition as aniridia means that she cannot control the amount of light going into her eyes and too much light can cause her pain.

Man climbing mountain wearing LED lights as to make a rainbow effect on the side of the rock face

***EXCLUSIVE*** These fascinating images show a climber turning his route into a rainbow as he scales sheer rocks while wearing LED lights. Luke Rasmussen takes to sky-high ridges across the USA under the cover of darkness, tracking his journeys with colourful patterns.  He records the routes through a series of long exposure images taken from the foot of each rock face.

A rare Valentine card from 1820, found during a house clearance, has revealed an image of the sweethearts who shared it nearly 200 years ago ‚Äď and a sad love story

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Valentine, called a love token or puzzle purse, opens out to show a watercolour painting of a young couple arm-in-arm wearing Regency fashions reminiscent of the Jane Austen era.  Sent on February 14, 1820 by Edmund Hemming to Ann Wilkes, of Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, it’s so special it’s entered Hansons July 31 Library Auction with an estimate of £500-£800. But, though brimming with romance, the card has unearthed a sad tale of unrequited love. Historical research carried out by its owner, Amy Walker, has revealed that the couple never married and it’s thought that Ann died a few years after the card was sent to her.

SS dagger belonging to Adolf Hitler's personal chauffeur who had the macabre job of burning his and Eva Braun's bodies goes on sale for £5,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sinister survivor from the heart of Hitler's Third Reich... The SS presentation dagger belonging to Hitler's trusted personal chauffeur - who's final mission was to collect the petrol to burn the Fuhrers body after his suicide at the Reich Chancellery has emerged for sale for £5000. SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Erich Kempka fulfilled the key security role in the Fuhrer's entourage from 1936 until his death on April 30, 1945. The sinister 13ins dagger is engraved with Kempka's initials 'EK', along with the elite SS mark and the Nazi eagle adorning the handle.

Chilling Operation Sealion documents show meticulous planning

***EXCLUSIVE*** A remarkably detailed invasion plan pack of Britain has been unearthed to reveal how our genteel seaside resorts would have been in the front line had Hitler got his way in World War Two. The Operation Sea Lion documents, which were issued to German military headquarters' on August 1, 1940, contain numerous maps and photos of every town on the south coast. They provide a chilling reminder of how well prepared a German invading force would have been had the Luftwaffe not been rebuffed by The Few in the Battle of Britain. There is a large selection of black and white photos of seaside resorts and notable landmarks stretching all the way from Land's End in Cornwall to Broadstairs in Kent. The pack also features a map of Hastings, raising the possibility that a second battle could have been staged there, almost 900 years after the invading William The Conqueror triumphed in 1066.