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A teenage girl arrived in style for her school prom – in a Rolls Royce covered in more than four million crystals

***EXCLUSIVE*** After five years of studying, 16-year-old Blackburn Central High School pupil Isha Sanah Akhtar made a jaw-dropping entrance to the end-of-year celebration at Dunkenhalgh Hotel in Clayton-le-Moors.  Dressed to impress and arriving in style, she turned up in the Rolls Royce Phantom decorated in four million Swarovski crystals.  She even enlisted the services of her own camera crew to capture her getting ready and travelling to the prom.  The luxury touches were provided by Isha’s uncle Amar Akbar, who travelled with her in the Rolls Royce to the prom.

Brutal photographs that helped to end the Vietnam war: The gruesome images captured by military photographers that pressured politicians to end the campaign

***EXCLUSIVE*** Graphic pictures snapped of atrocious war crimes by US soldiers and demoralising snapshots depicting the grim reality of the Vietnam War provoked the end of the conflict - according to the tormented US forces photographers that captured them. Distressing photos from the infamous war, which directly involved American troops between 1964 and 1973, and  include a group of utterly terrified Vietnamese men, women, and children  just seconds before they were mown down by US soldiers; An elderly local woman picking through the remains of her home, razed to the ground by fighting; and three US troopers clearing a ‘cave’ of Viet Cong fighters moments before they were injured by a grenade after an initial ‘surrender’. The gruesome shots are included in Dan Brookes & Bob Hillerby’s new book Shooting Vietnam: Reflections on the War by Its Military Photographers, a frequently disturbing collection of first-hand accounts written by military combat photographers and photo lab personnel (“lab rats”) who documented the war and the country, on and off the battlefields.

Boy, 9, who slept for 18 hours a day has serious condition left undiagnosed for a year

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the little boy with severe narcolepsy that left him sleeping between TWELVE and EIGHTEEN HOURS A DAY even AT SCHOOL but wasn’t diagnosed for a YEAR despite his mother showing concerns to doctors. International antiques dealer and auctioneer, Victoria Underwood (37), who is originally from Bridgend, Wales, but now resides in Tennessee, USA, first noticed something was wrong when her son, Barron (9), began sleeping over longer periods throughout the day and he would suffer from night terrors and hallucinations. She immediately took him to a paediatrician, who told her that it was probably due to his growing pains he had from having restless leg syndrome (RLS), a long-term disorder which causes a strong urge to move the legs. He was then referred to a neurologist who told Victoria and her husband that the cause of this was due to not being taught to self-sooth as a baby and has since been unable to get himself back to sleep. Over the next few months he was sleeping regularly all day every day, even at school where his peers had expressed their confusion over why this was happening. Victoria decided to do some research of her own when she came across the condition of narcolepsy and decided the symptoms of this were very similar to her son’s. She requested for him to take the narcolepsy test, where he fell asleep in under 90 seconds during each of his five naps revealing that he has severe narcolepsy. The doctor admitted that due to his age and severity of his condition, he is unique to their practice and they had never seen a case like his before. He has since been taking medication which has helped reduce his symptoms and his teachers have agreed to educate his peers about his condition to make him feel less insecure about his condition. His headteacher has even permitted him to have naps in her office if needed.

Loose skin body positive

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA: This mum of three learnt to finally love her body after having children and has been sharing pictures of her ‘real raw’ life and LOOSE SKIN on social media to show that all bodies are beautiful in a stand against perfect images shown online. Growing up, mum of three Sherie Grant (29) from New South Wales, Australia, always disliked her body and felt like she didn’t fit in. Sherie was often told to eat more and was accused of being ill as she had a naturally smaller frame which made her feel very insecure. Sherie always dreamt of becoming a mother and when she fell pregnant with her first son William (4) in 2014, she was over the moon. As her body changed throughout her pregnancy in order to grow and keep her son safe, she started to notice that she had a newfound appreciation for her body and no longer felt critical of it. Like many women, Sherie has always felt pressure to look a certain way thanks to enhanced and photoshopped images posted online. But after having her second and third sons, Casey (3) and Kye (1), she felt inspired to post refreshingly honest and unedited pictures of her postpartum life to show other women and new mums that there is beauty in imperfections. Incredible images show Sherie with her sons, proudly displaying her loose skin and stretchmarks that are a reminder of her becoming a mum and holding a plaque promoting body positivity, in the hopes that her children will grow up loving their bodies. Sherie shares her honest posts on Instagram under the handle @sherieheather.

Maya the Bee as a labyrinth in the cornfield

Bavaria, Utting am Ammersee: The aerial photograph shows a cultivated plant field on the shore of the Upper Bavarian Ammersee lake, in which the farmers Corinne and Uli Ernst and their 20-strong team have worked in a maze with the outlines of Maya the Bee and her friend Willi. A bee-friendly plant mixture of sunflowers, hemp, maize, wild mallow, ornamental pumpkins, beans, wild wine and hops was sown in April. Later, with the help of GPS technology, students from Munich University of Applied Sciences were able to measure the motif in the 1.89-hectare field. The Ex Ornamentis Labyrinth is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Thousand of hopeful police recruits in Bangladesh

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of hopeful applicants spend hours queuing for a police job in the hot sun - knowing that fewer than 250 will get the job. Around 6,500 men and 500 women stand in long lines outside police headquarters in Bogura, Bangladesh, hoping they might make the cut.

Photographer Abdul Momin, 28, flew a drone camera above the crowds before they entered the first stage of the interview process - a medical exam. Each candidate stands in row for up to seven hours with their papers in hand, with the hope of scoring the £159-a-month (16,899 Bangladeshi taka) position of trainee police constable.

Sleepy ferret yawning whilst in a hammock

***EXCLUSIVE*** Window cleaner Simon Woodward, 47, from Southampton in Hampshire, was in the right place at the right time when he captured this sleepy ferret mid yawn. “I took this picture at the New Forest Wildlife Park near Ashurst. It was my first visit there and I had taken my camera with me to try and get some nice pictures.” “As I approached the ferret enclosure I spotted one of the ferrets lying asleep in a hammock and though that it could make a good shot. I was in the process of focussing the camera when it started yawning! ”Simon added: “I love these special little candid moments that make a photograph special.”