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This is the nail-biting moment an adrenaline junkie scaled a 40-storey 690ft crane -- without any safety ropes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Urban explorer Syed Bukhari, 21, filmed himself risking his life to climb the crane - said to be one of the tallest in Europe - in the early hours of Monday morning. The free-climber raced up 40 flights of stairs before hoisting himself out of the stairwell and recklessly darting across a thin girder. Aerial footage then shows the urban explorer scaling the bright red crane, in Bishopsgate, central London - without any safety or headgear.

Woman, 23, was left paralyzed from the waist down after contracting a rare autoimmune disorder from the FLU

***EXCLUSIVE*** TEXAS, USA: This unlucky woman declined the flu vaccine only to catch it a few DAYS LATER when it triggered GUILLAIN BARRÉ SYNDROME leaving her PARALYSED and fearing for her life – and after being airlifted to a SECOND hospital for treatment doctors admitted they’d NEVER treated it before. Morgan Williams (23) from Texas, USA, was living in Kona, Hawaii, when she fell ill with the flu in March 2018. For two weeks, Morgan had a fever of 40 degrees Celsius, a rash, migraine and sharp shooting pains in her hips and legs. On March 26, when she began feeling better, Morgan went to her doctor to make sure she was making a full recovery. She mentioned that she had severe pain in her hips and legs, indicating that there was something else wrong, but her doctor simply said this was because she had been lying on her back for two weeks, so she was just stiff. Morgan was approved to return to work but the next morning the weakness in her hips and legs became worse. She immediately Googled her symptoms and came across a condition called Guillain Barré Syndrome (GBS), a rare condition which attacks the body’s tissue and nervous system, often triggered by the flu. Morgan’s symptoms developed into complete paralysis below the hips and weakness was forming in her arms and face. She went to Kona Hospital, but doctors were stunned by her symptoms and couldn’t treat it, so she was airlifted to another hospital where doctors said they’d never seen a case of GBS. Doctors did tests and a spinal tap to reach the GBS diagnosis, by which point her face began drooping, the level of paralysis was rising to above her naval, and it was developing in her hands and arms. Morgan was placed in ICU and given eight rounds of IVIG treatment. As the paralysis took over her body, Morgan started to struggle breathing as her migraine continued and she had to be placed on oxygen. While lying in her hospital bed, Morgan felt helpless, fearing that she would lose her life as her body continued to fail.

Staffordshire University Students celebrate graduating on the Oblivion rollercoaster at Alton Towers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Students graduating from Staffordshire University, on what is believed to be the only degree course of its kind, launch into their careers on board one of the world‚Äôs most iconic coasters.  Visitor Attraction and Resort Management foundation degree students are joined by academics, family and friends at Alton Towers theme park, as they take part in  a graduation ceremony on Oblivion, the World‚Äôs first vertical drop coaster, led by the Dean of Staffordshire University Business School.  The students, who all complete placements at the theme park as part of the course, received their graduation certificates in traditional cap and gown, and took their seats on the coaster that climbs 65ft, overhangs the 197ft drop, before free falling vertically at speeds of up to 68mph to the ground below.

The ultimate summer holiday escape: This incredible private island in Fiji is paradise on earth

***EXCLUSIVE*** Experience the ultimate holiday this summer with this stunning private island available to stay on for just £2k a night. Incredible images show the lush green island from above surrounded by turquoise waters, the white, sandy beaches and even a helipad so you can arrive in style. Other striking shots show the luxury residences on offer with a beach shack, the spacious bedroom of a beachfront villa and the shimmering pool with sun loungers around it. Kokomo Private Island is located in Fiji and is currently listed on www.privateislandsonline.com with prices starting at £2k a night for a one-bed beachfront villa.

Dogs of war: The courageous canines who dodged bullets to reach injured soldiers in no man's land, deliver messages and perform other vital tasks during WWI

***EXCLUSIVE*** Courageous pups who hunted vermin, located stricken soldiers in no man’s land, and delivered vital messages whilst dodging between shell bursts and bullets all played their part in the Great War as these remarkable photos prove. Riding proudly on top of a horse, nonchalantly leading a victory parade, or resting its bandaged paws after serving a stint in the front-line trenches – dogs were never far away from the heat of battle in the First World War. As a nation of animal lovers, it is perhaps no surprise that canine companions were so prolific along the dangerous, muddy trenches. Offering camaraderie and a welcome remainder of domestic bliss amid the terrible death and destruction, dogs were often used as mascots to maintain morale throughout the war years.

These haunting pictures explore an abandoned airport which has been unused for over 30 years after a civil war broke out

***EXCLUSIVE*** What was once a busy airport used for domestic flights transporting passengers to their holiday destination has now been left in ruins after it was heavily damaged. The eerie pictures shows scenes at Sukhumi Babushara Airport in Abkhazia which was built in 1960 when the region was still part of the Soviet Union.