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A pair of playground pals tied the knot 19 years after they first met - in KINDERGARTEN

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of playground pals tied the knot 19 years after they first met - in KINDERGARTEN. Maggie and Aaron Mimms, both 24, first became friends in 2000 after they were enrolled in Alpharetta Elementary School in Georgia, USA. Maggie, a labor and delivery nurse, said her earliest memories involved her “chatterbox” pal, while Aaron, a marine, says the first day of school marked the beginning of his life-long crush. The pals even became engaged in the playground of their elementary school in 2016 after two years of dating.

Woman, 29, who was 'BULLIED' into getting breast implants to stop taunts about her small boobs reveals how the 'toxic bags' caused cystic acne and DEPRESSION - as she warns others of the dangers of the cosmetic surgery

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who was BULLIED so severely for her ‘small breasts’ that she decided to get IMPLANTS that increased them by THREE CUP SIZES but claims that they made her feel SUICIDAL and left her covered in CYSTIC ACNE – and since having them EXPLANTED she has promised to put her health before her appearance and slams celebrities like KIM KARDASHIAN for setting a bad example to young girls. Client success manager, Mollie Smith (29) from Wyoming, USA, grew up a late bloomer, ashamed of her smaller chest. Pressurised by the media and bullied by boys in school, she watched as other girls developed at faster rates and attracted the attention of the opposite sex, leaving her feeling invisible and unattractive. The bullying from her classmates became so severe she would cry herself to sleep nightly. She remembers being called a ‘pirates dream’ and ‘carpenter’s special’. The abuse was so persistent, it led to her stuffing her bra with toilet tissue. One of her most painful memories involved a classmate approaching her from behind on her way to class, aggressively pulling on the back of her bra, resulting in the toilet paper falling to the floor in front of a hall full of her peers. Her severe insecurity continued throughout her early twenties and she decided to make a permanent change; it was then she decided to spend £4,000 on a breast augmentation surgery, altering her cup size from a 32A to a 32C. After the procedure, her confidence soared; the attention from men and the feeling of being noticed more was something she had never experienced, and it became addictive for her. The excitement and enjoyment of her breast implants was short-lived. A year after her surgery, she began experiencing a myriad of unexplained symptoms: fatigue, extreme depression and anxiety, brain fog, full body hives, and severe cystic acne. All tests came back normal, leaving her feeling crazy, it was around this time when her depression became so overpowering that she was experiencing panic attacks and dark suicidal thoughts, which led to a visit to a psychiatrist who diagnosed her with bipolar disorder. At this point she was on various medications including antidepressants, mood stabilisers, medicine for cystic acne to manage her unexplained symptoms. Around this time, she had met her now boyfriend, Zaz (31), who supported her through everything. With his help, she did extensive research and stumbled upon a YouTube video of an influencer called Karissa Pukas, who described the symptoms she had from breast implant illness that matched hers. Through a friend’s recommendation, she joined a Facebook group called Breast Implant Illness and Healing. With the support of other women, she decided to remove her implants, finally learning to love herself for who she is. Despite the surgery costing £2,200, she booked an appointment and had them removed in June 2019. Before the explant surgery, her breasts had swelled up to 32DD.

A mum claims she went into labour 11 weeks early after she was attacked in her own home by her bat-wielding "neighbour from hell"

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hayley Lundie, 23, claims she was terrified when neighbour Shannon Brimble, 28, broke into her home following a bizarre two-month feud over a baby blanket. Then heavily pregnant, Hayley claims the downstairs neighbour burst into her home and began swinging a baseball bat at her and partner, Cyril Bayford, 24. Just five hours later she went into labour, and three days later baby Kaenon was born weighing just 3lb 3oz, and given just a two per cent chance of survival, she claims.

World's largest pair of leather shoes

Rhineland-Palatinate, Hauenstein: Gerhard Seibel, deputy director of the German Shoe Museum, sits next to the world's largest pair of leather shoes in the German Shoe Museum. Rhineland-Palatinate is not one of the largest federal states either in terms of area or number of inhabitants. In certain respects, however, the size of the Rhineland Palatinate cannot be beaten.

The owner of 'death row' alpaca Geronimo was today left "devastated" after she lost her High Court battle to keep him alive

***EXCLUSIVE*** Helen MacDonald took legal action against the Government in a last-ditch attempt to save prized alpaca Geronimo, after he tested positive for bovine tuberculosis (bTB) in 2017.  Owner Helen, 47, claims The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is "relying doggedly on flawed science" to conduct the test.  Six-year-old Geronimo was brought to the UK from New Zealand in August 2017 and has been kept in isolation ever since.  Veterinary nurse Helen - an alpaca owner for 16 years - has fought a fierce year-long battle with Defra over the positive blood results in a bid to save Geronimo.  Earlier this year Helen managed to crowdfund an astonishing £10,000 in legal fees to have her case heard in the High Court.

The biggest event in the naturist calender - Nudefest 2019 - is under way in Somerset

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nudefest returned to the county this week and will welcome more than 500 naked guests this year, making it the biggest yet. The event opened its gates on Monday (July 8), with many guests arriving (July 9), some having travelled from as far as Belgium and The Netherlands. Naturists set up camp in tents, caravans and campervans, and then immediately ditched their clothing as temperatures soared to 24 degrees on the first main day of the festival.