Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Student can speak 19 LANGUAGES - after dedicating 18,000 hours over a decade to his passion for linguistics

***EXCLUSIVE*** A student who dedicated more than 18,000 hours over the course of a decade to his passion for linguistics can now speak 19 languages. Georges Awaad’s teenage hobby has seen him become fluent in NINE languages and the 20-year-old can chat conversationally in TEN other tongues. The native French speaker used a combination of online resources and school classes to become fluent in English, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian and Portuguese. Georges can also speak Russian, Cantonese, Korean, Esperanto, Romanian, Swedish, Dutch, Hebrew, Georgian and Armenian at a conversational level.

Girl, 9, helped to raise $1,000 for her neighbours when she set up a lemonade stand after lost everything in a house fire

***EXCLUSIVE*** A little girl, Kayley Cross selflessly set up a lemonade stand to raise money for her neighbours who lost everything in a house fire. Kayley Cross, nine, was "so moved and concerned" when she watched her neighbours' home burn down in a terrifying fire on June 24 in California, USA. The schoolgirl from Fresno was so desperate to help the Rummonds that she held a lemonade stand to try raise money for the unlucky family.  She gave away 100 cups of lemonade on the 26th and 27th, from 3pm to 8pm each today, to passersby from the area.

The farmer trampled by his prize-winning bull at an agricultural show was reunited with the animal today - and revealed it had been 'spooked' by the opening of an umbrella

***EXCLUSIVE*** Show-goers looked on in horror as Willy Barron, 61, was dragged along the ground and knocked unconscious by Limousin bull Barrons Olso, who weighs almost one tonne. Miraculously Mr Barron survived serious injury during the incident at the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate on Tuesday. Today the farmer was reunited with 16-month-old Barrons Olso at the showground.

A hot air balloonist believes he has set his third world record by flying a hanging basket a mile high

***EXCLUSIVE*** Neil Fishlock, 58, took a flower display to 6,000 feet on July 4 after taking off from Welland, Worcs, with co-pilot Lottie Horrabin, 24. The pair recorded the height on three altimeters and Mr Fishlock is awaiting confirmation from Guinness World Records.

Remarkable army recruitment posters from 1919 have been discovered by chance in an attic

***EXCLUSIVE*** And such is their rarity and condition, the 12 posters are expected to fetch around £1,000 when they go under the hammer in Hansons’ Medals and Militaria Auction on July 26. Hansons’ militaria expert Adrian Stevenson said: „They’re an incredible find. Things often get lost and totally forgotten in a loft - only to be found years later by someone who’s moved into the house.” That’s exactly what happened in the Derbyshire town of Ilkeston. A home owner was in the attic when he across what at first may have seemed nothing out of the ordinary, some folded up pieces of papers. But when he opened them out he found 12 remarkable army recruitment posters printed in 1919 - exactly 100 years ago. They are stunning and the vast majority are in mint condition given their age.

Berlin before the Nazis: Remarkable photos show women buying cocaine and cross-dressing men in gay bars in 1920s Berlin before the rise of Hitler

***EXCLUSIVE*** Women openly buying COCAINE, open homosexuality and raucous revellers dancing into the early hours of the morning, these are the remarkable images which reveal what Berlin looked like in 1920s – before the rise of the Nazis. Before Hitler completed his march to power in 1933, the German capital was a liberal hotbed where people indulge their sexual and hedonistic appetites in Berlin’s nightlife and party culture. Berlin’s relaxed social attitudes also meant that same-sex bars, nightclubs and cabarets catered to gay men, lesbians and transsexuals flourished in the exciting and sometimes precarious city. Berlin was left ravaged by World War I. Prostitution rose in the capital city as a means of survival for both men and women so that it became normalized to a degree and a part of the city’s underground culture and economy by the 1920s. Crime developed in parallel with prostitution and Berlin acquired a reputation as a hub for drug dealing in substances such as cocaine, heroin and tranquilizers. Berlin’s unusually liberal law enforcement and its pleasure-seeking reputation turned the capital city into a hedonistic and open-minded mecca which was unmatched across Europe.

A young woman who gave up a career hairdressing has become Scotland’ first modern apprentice - in the centuries old craft of boat building

***EXCLUSIVE*** Edel McCarthy, 22, from Paisley, Renfrewshire was training to be a hairdresser but left it behind to pursue a career in the typically male-dominated industry of boat building. Edel admitted the move from a salon to a wood workshop building boats was a big change but said she enjoys the practical work. Last year she joined the Scottish Boat Building School as a part-time assistant and this year she became the first person to undertake a modern apprenticeship in boat building.