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Shock as woman, 29, left 'infertile' by two liver transplants is hospitalized with an infection - only to discover she is pregnant with a 'miracle' baby girl

***EXCLUSIVE*** COLORADO, USA: THIS WOMAN had TWO LIVER TRANSPLANTS and was told she would never be a MOTHER by doctors until she was later admitted to hospital with a liver infection where she was told she was SIX WEEKS PREGNANT – and although medics at the time warned her that the pregnancy was unlikely to last, she has since given birth to a healthy miracle baby. Entrepreneur Hannah Rosenfelder (29) from Colorado, USA, was born with biliary atresia, a liver disease which causes the narrowing and blockage of bile ducts but was diagnosed at six weeks old after becoming jaundice. A Kasai procedure was performed straight away to prevent further liver damage. Throughout her childhood, Hannah was in and out of hospital before receiving her first liver transplant at 15 years old. As a teen, Hannah had to miss out on many opportunities with her friends because she was sick, and she often had to attend school with an IV in her hand. After her transplant, Hannah was less afraid of getting sick and her skin and eyes were no longer yellow. Unfortunately, in the years that followed her transplant, Hannah’s bile ducts couldn’t stay open to allow the bile to flow, which led to more sickness. By the time she was 23, Hannah was placed back on the transplant list to receive her second liver transplant two years later. Hannah was always told she was unlikely to have children but following her second transplant it was even less likely because her body couldn’t handle pregnancy. Hannah didn’t have monthly periods and her body worked on survival mode instead of thriving. This didn’t bother Hannah much until she saw her friends starting families, upsetting her that she couldn’t have one with her husband, Ryan (29).  In March 2017, Hannah went to hospital with another liver infection, but before doing a CT scan, nurses did a routine pregnancy test. Afterwards, Hannah’s doctor asked whether she knew she was six weeks pregnant, much to her amazement. Doctors told her not to get excited because the pregnancy wouldn’t last, but she refused to believe them. At 37 weeks, Hannah welcomed her daughter Hadley on October 25, weighing 5lb 6oz - her miracle that should have never happened.

A mother had her eyesight saved when surgeons removed her brain tumour - by dragging it out of her NOSE in a pioneering operation

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jackie Llewellyn-Robinson, 48, was diagnosed with meningioma, a tumour of the meninges, which is the tissue surrounding the brain and spinal cord. It is classified as a brain tumour because it puts pressure on cranial nerves.  Because the tumours are slow-growing, a patient can live with a meningioma for years before it's spotted. Jackie, a plant convenor at Jaguar Land Rover, was diagnosed with the tumour after her vision got blurry and she suffered dizzy spells in 2017. Doctors discovered a golf ball-sized tumour pressing down on her left optic nerve.  The married mother-of-one underwent brain surgery last year and surgeons were able to remove the majority of the tumour followed by radiotherapy. However, last October, doctors discovered a small piece of the tumour had remained and was growing so in May this year she underwent further surgery. In a pioneering procedure, surgeons used a tiny endoscope camera and light to access the tumour and remove it through her nostrils. It is the first time the technique - known as an endoscopic transsphenoidal stealth-guided intrasellar meningioma excision - has been used at the University Hospital in Coventry. Incredibly, the operation was a success and Jackie was able to return to her home in Kenilworth, Warks., just five days later.

Princess Diana's iconic Virgin Atlantic sweater - her favorite gym-going attire - sells for a staggering $53K at auction, fetching more than TEN TIMES the estimate

Princess Diana's Virgin Atlantic sweater, which she was often pictured in when leaving the gym, has sold in an auction for $53,532 (£42,760) — ten times the expected sell price. The Virgin branded sweater was gifted to Diana by Sir Richard Barnson, and she was spotted often in the clothing item in paparazzi pictures when she left the gym. On Wednesday evening, the sweater was officially sold in an auction to a mystery buyer from California for more than 10 times the expected price of $5,000 (£4,000).

Reborn Doll Expo

Layton, Utah, U.S.: 6th Annual R.O.S.E International Doll Expo, a showcase for ultra realistic ''reborn'' baby dolls. Fashioned meticulously from viny and silcone, and weighted with glass beads and other materials for maximum realism, these collectible dolls have also been employed as emotional, cuddle therapy for dementia patients.

The last Christian of Raqqa

Raqqa, Raqqa, Syria - Portrait of Joseph Hovsep Barejiklian, pharmacist, the last Christian of the city during the occupation by Daesh. He remained, despite several threats and arrests, standing up to the jihadist organization. He eventually escaped during the bombings. Here in the church devastated by Daesh. Raqqa the cursed city, liberated from the Islamic State by the Syrian Democratic Forces in Nov 2017.

Coral nurseries being setup to create new coral reefs once mature

***EXCLUSIVE*** Divers tend to 'coral nurseries' where different species are grown before being planted into the wild in a bid to restore dying reefs. Over 900 tree-like structures built underwater on the coast of Bonaire Island in the Caribbean are used to culture different strains of coral.

Angry bird

***EXCLUSIVE*** This British wren looks like it belongs in the hit video game Angry Birds as it squawks aggresively to mark out its territory.The furious bird was right in the middle of informing others they were in his space in Andover, Hants, when amateur photographer Daniel Lowth took his amazing pictures.The 42-year-old warehouse worker, of Andover, said: "I wanted to be at eye level with this angry little bird when I took the pictures to show what it would be like to feel its wrath."It was shouting a territory call to another wren which was directly behind me at the time."