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Chinese retired man spends 150,000 yuan on handmade Shenyang J-15

A 1:1 scale model of Shenyang J-15 fighter jet made by Chinese retired man Jiang Shuwei is parked in front of his villa in Shenyang city, northeast China's Liaoning province. A Chinese retired man from northeastern China's Liaoning province has created a 1:1 scale model of Shenyang J-15. The man, Jiang Shuwei, decided to make an aircraft of his own during his flight tour. Being a 1:1 scale model of an Shenyang J-15, it is 9.6 meters in length. Jiang has used 3 tons of steel and spent over 150,000 RMB (about $21,803.6) to date.

Man is saved by Apple Watch which alerted him to a deadly heart condition when his reading was over 130bpm while he was resting

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the man whose smart watch saved his life after it alerted him to a deadly heart condition - that he'd been unaware of since birth.  Jorge Cox, 22, underwent five hours of open heart surgery in May 2019, at the private Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, Manchester, after alerting medics to worrying heart rate readings from his fancy Apple watch.  The preforming arts student first realised something was wrong when the device recorded heart rate readings of over 130bpm whilst he was resting during September 2018.  Assuming the readings were to do with his caffeine intake during his stressful university course, he forgot all about it.  But after mentioning it to a nurse - who was checking him over before an unrelated throat procedure - at the Royal Oldham Hospital in November 2018, doctors ran tests and diagnosed him with Aortic Regurgitation - also known as a leaky heart valve.  The condition occurs when the heart's aortic valve doesn't close tightly and results in some of the blood pumped out of the organ's main camber leaking back into it.  It can lead to sudden heart failure if not treated and medics told Jorge he could have 'dropped down dead' at any time.

World's largest 3D-printed concrete pedestrian bridge put into use in Shanghai

Pedestrians walk on the world's longest 3D-printed concrete pedestrian bridge at Wisdom Bay in Baoshan District, Shanghai, China, 13 July 2019. Designed by Professor Xu Weiguo from the Tsinghua University (School of Architecture) - Zoina Land Joint Research Center for Digital Architecture, the 26.3-meter-long 3D-printed concrete pedestrian bridge was inspired by the ancient Anji Bridge in Zhaoxian, China.

Overweight woman who was too ashamed to wear shorts for DECADES because of a painful swelling condition in her legs loses 70lbs in a year - and now flaunts her pins with pride

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the athlete who used to feel so ASHAMED of the lipoedema on her legs that she would AVOID PE through fear of wearing SHORTS - but since losing OVER FIVE STONE in a YEAR she flaunts her pins with pride. Self-employed worker, Athena Porter (31) from Oregon, USA, grew up with a family who were overweight, including her mum who was 28st 8Ib at her heaviest. Despite never being officially diagnosed, her mum has lipoedema, a long-term chronic condition where there is an abnormal build-up of fat cells in the legs, thighs, bum and sometimes in the arms. Whenever Athena was picked up from school, she would notice people staring at her mum’s legs in shock. As she grew up, Athena began to put on weight and reached 16st 6Ib and a UK size 22 and due to society’s perception of beauty, Athena felt embarrassed to reveal her legs, so much that she refused to join in any sports classes at school if they involved wearing shorts. No matter how many doctors she met, no one could explain what was happening which made her feel frustrated as her condition caused her excruciating pain. It wasn’t until 2014 when she met a friend who took her seriously and didn’t believe she was ‘just fat’. He helped with research into lipoedema and motivated her to incorporate a workout routine. After a year of hard work and perseverance; changing her eating habits and doing various sports like cycling, jogging, CrossFit, rollerblading, yoga, breakdancing and calisthenics, she managed to shrink to a healthier weight of 10st 10Ib and a UK size 10. She has never felt more confident in herself and decided to reach out to other women to encourage and inspire them through her Instagram page.

Woman whose eczema was so bad she was offered chemo is on the mend – after ditching all treatments

***EXCLUSIVE*** GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN: This woman was offered CHEMOTHERAPY to treat her severe eczema but declined after realising how much of her life she had already wasted worrying about it – and has instead decided to ditch all medication in an attempt to heal naturally. University graduate, Sarra Chebil (27) from Gothenburg, Sweden, experienced eczema as a child but it healed and she was eczema free throughout most of her teens. It wasn’t until Sarra turned 17 that her eczema reappeared worse than ever before, which left her feeling devastated and ugly. This caused Sarra to withdraw from social activities in fear of judgement. For years Sarra was prescribed topical steroids which she used sporadically to manage her skin condition. However, whenever a course of treatment ended, Sarra would notice that eventually her eczema would flare up and be more severe than before and each time she went back to the doctors they prescribed stronger creams and ointments and she ended up using cortisone and Protopic daily to stave off her eczema. Sarra was never told by her doctor that she shouldn’t be using the creams long-term, instead saying that she should use them now and again to keep the eczema away. After a few years of treating her skin with this medication, Sarra noticed that the creams had lost their effect and she was fed up of relying on them for clear skin. She started to research ways to heal her eczema naturally after she was offered chemotherapy drug methotrexate to treat her skin and she came across Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW), when the skin reacts adversely after long-term use of topical steroid creams is stopped. Discovering this, Sarra felt like she finally understood why her skin had never stayed clear and decided to stop using the ointments on January 1, 2018. Sarra’s skin became inflamed and the most painful it had ever been but now she is finally starting to see improvement. She says that the healing process has made her a more grounded person and she has learnt to not worry about what she looks like or what other people think of her.

WWII soldier celebrates his 100th birthday by skydiving…74 years after last jump out of a plane

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thrill-seeker Thomas Hodgson shouted "bloody grand" as he came down on Sunday, July 7 at Skydive Northwest. He was born on June 30, 1919 - the same year as the end of the First World War, Charles Strite invents the Pop-Up Toaster and Lady Astor becomes the first woman to take her seat in parliament.  Thomas joined the territorial army and was assigned to the fifth battalion border regiment where he was a Bren Gun carrier driver.  When the Second World War broke out, Thomas was transferred to the Royal Engineers on account of his employment where he was a sapper.  Thomas was attached to the paratroopers for training and jumped out of a plane in the 1940s while in Hampshire. Now seven decades later, Thomas completed a 14,000ft skydive to raise money for Cancer Research UK and The Great North Air Ambulance.

Devoted student celebrates the end of her A-Level exams after going 14 YEARS without taking a single sick day

***EXCLUSIVE*** A devoted student is celebrating the end of her A-levels having not taken a single sick day in 14 YEARS - attending 2,660 school days in a row. Studious Olivia Allen, 18, has enjoyed 16,000 hours of teaching since entering education in 2005. While her peers were afflicted with chicken pox, ear infections and head lice Olivia miraculously managed to avoid ever getting seriously sick. The diligent student says she did sometimes wake up feeling under the weather but that she'd always brush herself off and go in anyway.

Buying beer in infusion bags draws attention in Shenyang

An infusion bag filled with beer is hanging at a beer bar in Shenyang city, northeast China's Liaoning province. Chinese people were able to buy beer in infusion bags at a beer bar in Shenyang city, northeast China's Liaoning province, which advertised "anything can be solved with beer".

A police officer has told how she caught her breast cancer early which potentially saved her life - thanks to her body ARMOUR

***EXCLUSIVE*** PC Samantha Woods, 33, claims she would not have known there was a problem had it not been for the protective clothing.   She had complained of a slight ache in her left breast everytime she put on her high-vis body armour since around February.   PC Woods put it down to the tight-fitting and even asked her sergeants if she could get permission to order a new one.  She decided to tell her friends while on a weekend away in Krakow, Poland celebrating her birthday in May after the pain persisted - and they encouraged her to get it checked out.   After being referred to Pinderfields Hospital, a consultant noticed a small indentation to the side of her nipple.   She then had an MRI and several biopsies which later confirmed on June 28 that the officer had early-stage breast cancer.   PC Woods said there were no warning signs and that she would "never have known" if it wasn‚Äôt for the body armour - worn under the yellow tac vest - which squeezes your torso.

Whale shoves boat

***EXCLUSIVE*** A playful whale shocked tourists by swimming up behind their boat and pushing it along. The large 26ft long grey whale swan around underneath the motorboat which was stationery as a group of tourists sat waiting to get a glimpse of the stunning creatures. As the group peered over the edge of the boat, which had its engine off, the friendly mammal gave it a playful nudge before returning beneath the water. Photographer Jose Cheires captured the incredible moment while flying his drone in Port of Adolofo Lopez Mateos in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Precariously packed pineapples on route to market

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cyclists push hundreds of precariously packed pineapples almost five miles to sell them at a busy market. The men make the arduous trek from farms to the Bangladeshi market, where each pineapple sells for a pittance - fetching six to eight Taka, equivalent to less than 1p in Britain. Each bicycle fits 100 pineapples, which will land farmers around 350 Taka in total, or just £3.31, at the Jalchatra Bazar in Madhupur, Bangladesh.

Otter dines on a lobster

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hungry otter dines on lobster, leaving only its claws behind. As the female otter tussled with the 14-inch shellfish it fought back, grabbing the otter's ear with its pincer. But she tore the lobster's head off and continued to eat, before falling asleep on a bed of seaweed. Photographer James Rogerson, 39, had watched as the 15lb otter caught the crustacean off the coast of the Isle of Mull, Scotland, before swimming in to shore and starting to eat it alive.

Aerial views of a boat market

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of little wooden boats are lined up for sale at the largest boat market in Bangladesh as locals prepare for monsoon season - buying transport to travel between villages. Dozens flock from miles around to buy their own boats at the market so they are prepared for floods which can strike at anytime between June and October. After heavy rainfall it is common for river banks to burst, submerging nearby towns and villages. This means cars and buses become redundant and people are forced to travel by boat. Each of the wooden boats and oars are hand-made by local craftsmen and can be bought for as little as 1800 Bangladeshi taka - the equivalent of 17 pounds.

Kingfisher chicks huddle together in their chamber in these rare shots of them inside their nest

***EXCLUSIVE*** The colourful British birds burrow their nests into the ground or the banks of a river and are therefore very hard to photograph there without disturbing them.  So a special hide with a chamber in it was constructed and the first brood of chicks are being raised in the fens area of England.  Photography is done under a special licence granted by Natural England which limits photography to five minutes so as not to disturb the birds.  One lucky snapper granted a licence was Vince Burton who took these shots of the chicks waiting for food.

Butterfllies in flight

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remarkable close up photos show a series of beautiful butterflies mid-flight. Captured against brilliant blue sky, the extraordinary images showcase the insects' allure as they alight on flowers in the Cambridgeshire countryside. Retired Cambridge University lecturer Dr John Brackenbury photographed the butterflies across the county between 2017 and 2019 using an unusual technique of shooting them from below into the light.

Smiling deer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young roe buck deer looks happy to see the photographer as it appears to be smiling broadly in this amusing moment captured near fields in the county of Suffolk, UK. Self employed tradesman Edward Payne, 27, from Horley in East Sussex said: “I always have a camera and lens with me when I’m driving around for work just in case I spot some wildlife. But usually by the time I stop and get in a good position to take pictures the animals are long gone! “