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Mum's agony at having hysterectomy aged 22 after two 'nightmare labours'

***EXCLUSIVE*** ALBERTA, CANADA: After two nightmare deliveries left this new mother with UNCONTROLLABLE BLEEDING and blood clots the size of BASEBALLS doctors had no choice but to perform a LIFE-SAVING HYSTERECTOMY at just twenty-two – leaving her devastated that she would never be pregnant again. Stay at home mum, Kiera Elton (22) originally from Milton Keynes, UK, now living in Alberta, Canada, met her husband Preston (26) in 2014 and the couple welcomed their daughter Lilian on February 23, 2018. Following Lilian’s birth, Kiera lost a lot of blood and midwives discovered that she retained some placenta and required a dilation and curettage (D&C) to remove the remains. One week later, Kiera haemorrhaged again and passed large blood clots, requiring another D&C surgery. Nurses were hopeful that the second surgery would stop Kiera’s heavy bleeding but as another week passed, she began bleeding again and was admitted for another surgery. Kiera was sent home with birth control, and two weeks later the bleeding returned. Kiera fainted in her bathroom and was taken to hospital in an ambulance, but she refused another surgery and demanded a blood transfusion, which found that her haemoglobin was just 69, but a healthy level is upwards of 120. Seven months after welcoming Lilian, Kiera and Preston discovered they were pregnant once again and their son, Lochlann, was born May 12, 2019 weighing 8lb 3oz. After a smooth delivery, the placenta came out seemingly in one piece, much to Kiera’s relief. Three weeks later, Kiera started bleeding heavily and went for another ultrasound which highlighted some retained placenta in the top of her uterus – the same place the previous retained placenta was located. After Kiera lost a litre of blood, doctors needed to prevent further blood loss and they opted for a uterine artery embolization to stop the flow of blood to the uterus. Unfortunately, the next day she began bleeding once again and doctors were left with no alternative but to perform a hysterectomy to remove Kiera’s uterus at just 22 years old.

73-year-old pole dancer adds charm to 2nd China Pole Sports Championship

Dai Dali is a 73-year-old pole dancer who became a viral sensation in China for her staggering pole dancing performances that seems to defy age-related cliches. During her training in Beijing, Dai explains that "it is positive and meaningful to join a sport," and adds that "some people told me via social media that my experience inspires them. They said I am the pride for the old and a good example for the young." For Dai pole dancing has no age restrictions. "If I can dance, I keep on dancing." Dai Dali discovered her pole dancing passion eight years ago, when she retired at the age of 65. Ever since she has been training religiously, advancing her art and pushing her limits as far as she pole dancing championships.

Taxidermist’s newest creations are bobble head toys made from a real CHICKS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Britain's most eccentric taxidermist is back again and has started 'branching out' to work with bird, and has made a series of bobble head toys from real CHICKS. Jack Devaney, 25, makes taxidermy creations including a rabbit toaster, a rat pencil case, and magnetic mice, which he sells through his company The World Around Ewe. He has fans around the world, and to keep them interested Jack, from Plymouth, Devon, is always coming up with new creations. The latest addition to his range are a series of bobble head toys, made from the heads of real CHICKS.

A photographer has created the world's smallest view camera - spending around £100 on its materials

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lucus Landers, 27, spent two weeks planning and making the fully functional camera which measures just 25mm each side. He created the tiny merchandise, which is shaped like a cube, out of machined brass with the bellows made of a rubber cloth.

Woman, 21, who's dating a man 27 YEARS her senior reveals he's constantly mistaken for her father or her 'sugar daddy'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This couple are mistaken for FATHER AND DAUGHTER thanks to their TWENTY-SEVEN-YEAR AGE GAP which is the same age as HIS twin daughters – but after moving in together after just TWO MONTHS they are proving that their love is real. Nanny, Tori Barron (21) met truck driver, Eddie Smith (48) from Maryland, USA, at a karaoke bar in November 2017 where they were instantly attracted to each other. While she initially played it cool, a few weeks later, he asked her out and they went on their first date to the cinema. After a few months of dating and falling for each other, Eddie declared his love for her which made her feel happy, but while she felt the same way she didn’t say it back until a month later as her previous abusive relationship made her cautious of the word. They became official in January 2018 and just two months later they decided to move in together and have been together ever since. While at the beginning of their relationship, negative comments from strangers bothered them, they have learned to ignore them. People still appear shocked when they see them together and find out they are in a relationship, as they mistake them for father and daughter, with Eddie’s twin daughters being 27 years old.

The real LA confidential! New exhibition reveal the remarkable crime scenes photographs taken by the los angeles police department from the early twentieth century

***EXCLUSIVE*** From a lifeless body lying mysteriously under the Los Angeles River to a deadly jewellery store heist gone wrong, a fascinating new exhibition reveals the remarkable crime-scene photographs taken by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) between 1925 and the 1970s. The remarkable images from the Fototeka Collection of Los Angeles Crime Scene Photography are on display at House of Lucie gallery in LA for the next month (10 July 2019 - 11 August 2019). Many of the striking images in the striking exhibition would appear to be straight out of a classic Hollywood film noir to modern-day viewers. However these forensic photographs were originally taken by police officers in the line of duty to be used as evidence and never intended to be art. Nonetheless the dramatic circumstances behind these forensic crime photographs have imbued these images with layers of meaning, heartbreak and dark humour that the officers likely did not intend. Some of the unearthed pictures have even become iconic.

The pub with the longest name in the country has reopened - less than 50 yards away from the boozer with the shortest name

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn etched itself into the record books in 1995 but had to close its doors four years ago.  Now the pub, known by regulars as The Rifleman, has opened its doors once again after the famous name was acquired by a new landlord.  And in an unbelievable twist fate the boozer's new premises are located on the same street and less than 50 yards away from The Q - officially recognised as the inn with the shortest name.

A man is selling this rare collection of Star Wars figures - the only thing to survive when his house burned down

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 75 pristine characters include a scarce „Yak Face” which he paid £.149 for in 1983 -and is now expected to fetch £1,200. The figures are set to raise more than £10,000 for the seller - who nearly lost them all in a house blaze. His house was gutted but the figures survived because they were stored in a fire proof metal box in the loft.

These brilliant pictures show an adorable baby who was born with a marvellous head of thick black hair

***EXCLUSIVE*** Proud Georgia Robinson, 22, couldn't believe her eyes when little Tia was delivered weighing 9lbs on June 18 with hair all over her head.  According to the mum-of-two midwives at Burnley General Hospital, Lancs, said they had never seen a newborn like her. Now, less than a month later, Tia's rapidly growing hair has already gone over her tiny ears - and Georgia has no intention of cutting it anytime soon. A brilliant selection of photos show the baby's lush locks, including one of her alongside four generations of her family.

This incredible picture shows a diver swimming with a huge barrel jellyfish that was 'as big as a HUMAN' off the British coast

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dan Abbott was filming marine life around the coast with biologist Lizzie Daly, host of BBC earth, and spent a week seeing underwater sights. On the last leg of their tour of the British Isles, the duo went for a dip off the coast of Falmouth, Cornwall, and spotted the massive jellyfish. Dan said he was completely awestruck by the mammoth animal, and took a picture of Lizzie alongside it to demonstate just how big the jellyfish was.

Hundreds of strangers have been tested to see if they are a match to help a one-year-old girl fighting a rare cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** On Saturday (13/7), over 600 potential donors were swabbed at two locations in the West Midlands to help brave Phoebe Ashfield.  The two donor rallies were held at Tipton Sports Academy and at a Tesco Extra in Burntwood.  The youngster, of Dudley, West Mids., was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia when she was just  seven-months-old at Birmingham Children's Hospital on January 18.  The rare cancer is an aggressive condition which affects the white blood cells.  Mum Emma Wyke, 26, and dad Jordan Ashfield, 26, an electrician, had their whole turned "upside down" following the diagnosis.  They said the chemotherapy has not worked for their daughter and sadly the cancer has remained.  The mum-of-one was told by doctors that the best chance of survival for little Phoebe is a stem cell transplant.

Living with the dead in Manila's North Cemetery

Manila, Philippines: The Manila North Cemetery, is one of the oldest and largest cemetery in the Philippines. Its elaborate mausoleums and endless rows of humble, stacked tombs are home to an estimated one million of the dead, and also a few thousand of the living inside the cemetery. Some of them serve as caretakers of the mausoleums where they also stay to survive. Other informal settlers often serve as informal tour guides, bringing visitors to tombs of famous people and discussing the oral history of the area. Others take advantage of the quantity of visitors during the Allhallowtide holiday, setting up stalls to sell drinks and snacks, and providing visitors other services like renting out their toilets.