Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Teen becomes the FIFTH highest seller on Depop after launching a festival glitter business from her bedroom - shipping to 38 countries and making enough to fund her student lifestyle

***EXCLUSIVE*** A teenager has become one of the Top 10 traders on a social shopping app with 13 million users - flogging GLITTER.  University student Ellen Bundey, 19, spotted a gap in the market for affordable sparkling makeup, which is especially popular with festival goers, while studying for her A-levels. She began mixing colourful cocktails of glitter and sequins in her bedroom with varieties including 'cherry blossom' and 'disco ball'. She then started selling concoctions on the Depop app, an instagram-like platform where millions of youngsters buy and sell items on their phones.

The lilac bungalow with Britain's most colourful garden: Pensioner couple are hailed for their technicolour display of flowers and hanging baskets

***EXCLUSIVE*** An OAP couple have been hailed as having Britain's most colourful garden - with hundreds of flowers and hanging baskets. Patricia and Michael Pettey have lived in the lilac bungalow, adorned with a technicolor display of plants, for 40 years. The stunning front garden has won several awards and features busy lizzies, geraniums, lobelia, begonias, petunias and pansies. Each year Michael, 72, orders plug plants from Jersey and spends hours pricking and potting them in his six foot by eight foot greenhouse in the back garden.

Guinness World Records certificate for Ffordd Pen Llech as the World’s steepest street

***EXCLUSIVE*** Britain has added insult to injury by taking another coveted crown from New Zealand - the world's steepest STREET. The winding road of Ffordd Pen Llech of Harlech, a small town in Snowdonia, has been taken the world record from the previous holder of Baldwin Street in Dunedin, NZ. Official measurements, taken on June 6, show the Welsh street has a gradient of 37.5% at its steepest point - compared to 35% gradient of its competitor from Oceania. The record measurement is based on the highest gradient over a 10m section of road.

A pair of penny farthing enthusiasts will cycle the length of the UK for charity

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of penny farthing enthusiasts will cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats to raise money for charity. Neil Laughton and David Fox-Pitt MBE will take on the gruelling 841 mile journey on their 54-inch diameter-wheeled Penny Farthing bicycles. The founders of the UK Penny Farthing Club, and England and Scotland Penny Farthing Polo Team captains, the pair aim to cycle 70 miles per day - completing the journey in 12 days. Their fundraising efforts, sponsored by Hendrick's Gin, will raise money for Mary's Meals, a global charity which organises school feeding projects in some of the world's poorest countries.

Fruit seller cuts hair to resemble pineapple

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Chinese man cut his hair in the shape of a pineapple to help sell his pineapple in Nanning city, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The man named Su Changfeng started selling pineapples six years ago. He went viral on the Internet through his pineapple-shaped hair.

Retired couple face losing £650,000 home over a HEDGE after boundary war with elderly neighbour sparked court order to have it forcibly sold

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple could have their home possessed and forcibly sold by their neighbour - after an disagreement over a garden hedge. Grandparents Ron and Wendy Long were devastated when they found workmen chopping down a hedge between their home and neighbour Diana Lambeth's. Mr Long said he eventually convinced the workmen in his garden to stop, and begged his neighbour to reconsider. Ron, 72, claimed the fence posts they had half-installed to replace the mature hedge were on his land, and wrote countless letters asking her to consult with him on the plans. But instead her solicitors took the elderly couple to court, in pursuit of an injunction to stop them interfering with the hedge. Despite the Longs agreeing to her plans in a bid to end the matter, the judge ordered Ron and Wendy to pay all Mrs Lambeth's court costs - £13,792 - within 14 days. Without any money to pay, the charge was placed on their three-bed home, in Swanage, Dorset.

Brit teenager left with a broken back and third degree burns after horrific quad bike accident in Dubai

***EXCLUSIVE*** Millie Essam, 19, was riding across the sand dunes with her mum and sister during the third day of a family holiday when their fun in the sun was brought to a sudden halt. The teenager, who was on the middle quad bike between her mum and sister, flew over the handlebars after her wheel sunk in the sand and she was crushed by the vehicle when it landed on top of her. She was rushed to hospital where X-rays revealed she had suffered a fractured spine as well as third degree burns from the heat of the engine. To add to their distress, although the family from Essex had purchased insurance, they were slapped with a £6,000 medical bill because the circumstances "didn't meet the criteria to be covered".

Remarkable photos show U.S. tourists flocking to the UK on modified military bombers after the Royal Family encouraged them to visit to boost economy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remarkable photos from seventy years ago show tourists from the United States enjoying the sights and sounds of London as the UK and USA cemented their ‘Special Relationship’ with the then Princess Elizabeth’s encouragement. Nostalgic images from 1949 show crowds clamouring to refresh their wardrobes after the clothes ration was finally ended; Dumbo the elephant giving an American family a welcome to remember; and a stewardess showing off the sheer scale of the world’s largest plane ‘America’ as US citizens were encouraged to holiday on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Another striking monochrome shot shows a young Princess Elizabeth – still four years away from her glittering coronation – visiting a local travel agency in a campaign to cement Anglo-American’s blossoming alliance.