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A woman who moved in with her online lover after just ONE face-to-face date has told how her leap of faith has led to a blissful marriage, two children and another baby on the way

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shakeela Fetterhoff was only 18-years-old when she spotted the man of her dreams on the dating app Skout. After just three months of conversing online and a single date Shakeela abandoned her family in DeKalb, Illinois and moved 800 miles across the country to Montgomery, Alabama to live with her now-husband Jeremy. Shakeela, 25, and Jeremy, 31, say they were smitten with each other from day one. „He reached out to me on the dating site” said Shakeela, a stay-at-home mum. „I thought he was a catfish at first because he was so attractive and he had professional pictures of himself on there. But after about 20 minutes of texting back and forth he called me and we spoke for about 30 minutes. The next day he asked me to be his girlfriend.” Jeremy, who works in sales for a security company, said: „It was as if God put her in front of me and told me „this is the one.” And we’re still in love seven years later.”

My son nearly died after catching chickenpox just days after his first birthday

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum has told how her baby son nearly died after he caught chicken pox from his big brother - and it caused a flesh-eating disease to feed on his lungs. Edward Foxall was left scratching and covered in spots after getting chicken pox from older brother and best pal Alfie, three, just days after his first birthday. And while Alfie recovered quickly, his baby brother's condition deteriorated and he was rushed to hospital when he became breathless at home. Chest x-rays revealed his right lung was filled with infected fluid, and he'd developed necrotising pneumonia - a rare complication of chicken pox, eating away at his lungs.

Tank lover makes 4000 mini models in 4 years

Li Hao, a tank lover, in 4 years has manufactured 4000 vivid mini tanks, Xiangyang city, central China’s Hubei province, 16 July 2019. Li Hao intends to attract people with cheap materials and outstanding drawing. He also wants to set up a museum of his tank models.

Off the rails! Amazing unknown history of staged train crashes that were put on for the amusement of the public

***EXCLUSIVE*** These days nobody would want to bear witness to a train crash. But over 100 years ago, thousands of people would flock from miles around to witness such an event. THIS is the amazing unknown history of STAGED train crashes, put on for the entertainment of vast crowds. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, showmen in America would intentionally crash two trains into each other, and use it as a main event to attract people to a fair.  Organisers would find a suitable location, then lay a mile-long track, find two locomotiveS that were no longer fit for purpose, start them at either end of the line and fire them up to full throttle so they crash head first into each other at speeds approaching 50 mph. The insane spectacle was lapped up by paying punters and loved by promoters who saw an opportunity to line their pockets by selling the train tickets that transported people to the event.