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A golfer who went blind over night is determined to not to let his sight stop him from playing the sport - and uses the sound of the wind to help him play

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nick Burr, 30, lost his sight after what he thought was an earache but turned out to be cancer just before Christmas in 2013. He suffered from central nervous system lymphoma - disease in which cancer cells form in the lymph tissue of the brain and/or spinal cord - which made him permanently blind.

World's fastest fingernail calligrapher

***EXCLUSIVE*** 72-year-old Chinese woman He Changzhu was the fastest fingernail calligrapher in the world, with an average of 16.62 characters in one minute. Yunyang County Cultural Center collected her works and presented them as intangible cultural heritage of the county. According to the local cultural department, she is the originator of nail calligraphy in Chongqing. Up to now, her works have been spread to Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hubei, etc., and have been regarded as folk art collections.

Married couple become engaged 'throuple' after falling in love with same woman

***EXCLUSIVE*** BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA: This married couple opened up their marriage after she came out as bisexual and they both fell in love with another woman they met on TINDER, moving her in after just TWO MONTHS – and now they are both engaged to her despite their families not accepting their polyamorous relationship and going to therapy. Waitress, student and support worker, Rosie Haley (24) and her husband, Australian defence force member, Ty (23) from Brisbane, Australia, always knew they wanted to be together since they met when they were 17 after finishing high school. They were married at 18 in September 2014. A few years later when she was 22, Rosie came out a bisexual to Ty and instead of calling quits on their happy and successful relationship, they decided to open their marriage to find another woman they could both fall in love with and would reciprocate their feelings. The couple joined Tinder and matched with student, Keneshia Petty (23) in May 2018. After a few weeks of talking, Rosie and Ty both went on separate dates with Keneshia and they hit it off immediately. They decided to form a throuple and have been inseparable ever since, with Keneshia moving in with Rosie and Ty after two months. The three are in a polyamorous relationship where they experience more love, understanding, growth, respect and encouragement than a monogamous relationship had ever given them. In November last year, Rosie proposed to Keneshia whilst Ty was deployed in the Middle East and joined the romantic moment on Skype. When he returned in February, he also proposed to Keneshia. Although not every member of their respective families has been accepting of their relationship, Ty and Rosie are planning to marry Keneshia in 2020 and hope to have children together one day. In the time that they have been together, the three are not ashamed to admit that they have been to therapy individually and as a throuple in order to be able to balance their individual needs and wants within their relationship and say in doing so, their family unit is stronger than ever.

Knowsley Safari welcomes life-sized Lego brick animals

Knowsley Safari’s Amur tigers, giraffes, meerkats and bush dogs will be joined by a collection of life-sized animal sculptures made from LEGO® bricks for this summer’s school holidays. Opening on 20th July, the Ultimate Brick Safari arrives at Knowsley Safari for the first time and will see 80 brick animals taking-up residency on the Foot Safari. The collection of models is made from over 1million LEGO® bricks and took more than 6,200 hours to build – the equivalent to six school summer holidays! Visitors will be able to marvel at Tenzin the Tiger, a towering Bengal tiger made from around 85,000 bricks and Earl Grey the Elephant, who took a team of six builders over nine weeks to create using more than 270,000 bricks. The Ultimate Brick Safari also features a Silverback Gorilla, panda cubs, a meerkat family and a group of dangling bats, as well as lively lizards and super scorpions.

Bodypainting meets SciFi and Fantasy

Auf die ewige Frage ob Marvel oder DC kann man nun beruhigt mit „ja“ antworten. Was für viele, zumindest auf der Leinwand, unmöglich scheint, sieht in der Kunst ganz anders aus. Denn nicht nur an den Kinokassen hauen sich die Mega-Franchises die Köpfe ein, sondern auch im Fotostudio. Das aktuelle Fotoshooting ihres Projekts „Geek Art - Bodypainting Meets SciFi, Fantasy and More“, widmeten Bodypainter Enrico Lein und Fotograf Tschiponnique Skupin den Comic-Superhelden.

The woman who gave birth to rabbits: remarkable unknown history of pauper woman who fooled the nobility of Georgian London with outrageous hoax

***EXCLUSIVE*** Way before Donald Trump coined the term ‘Fake News’, Britain was gripped by a sensational story in 1726 – a woman had given birth to RABBITS. Although little-known today, the bizarre and impossible tale captured the nation – hoodwinking London, embarrassing the nobility and costing the careers of gullible medics including the King’s personal anatomist. Mary Toft, was just 25-years-old and was already mother to two children when she miscarried, very common for peasant women who were required to do hard labour when pregnant. Toft, who lived in Godalming, Surrey, reportedly delivered several lumps of flesh, but then something came out that didn’t appear to be ‘human’. The local obstetrician John Howard was called, who helped Toft deliver three legs of a cat, one leg of a rabbit and three pieces of an eel. On another day soon after, she allegedly gave birth to NINE dead rabbits.

This adorable footage shows a disabled lamb walking with homemade 'bionic' legs - as it lives on a remote island with no vet

***EXCLUSIVE*** Blossom, a three-month-old sheep, nicknamed ‚ÄėBionic Blossom‚Äô by her owner, was abandoned by her mother shortly after she was born. She has been hand reared since she was one month old after developing nephrosis, making her unable to suck milk, so owner Rachel Challoner, 42, had to feed her by bottle. Rachel, who runs a croft on the tiny Shetland island of Fair Isle, which is so small that it doesn‚Äôt have a vet, had to use her ingenuity to come up with homemade supports for Blossom‚Äôs front legs - which were made out of drain piping and metal rods.

Window cleaners on the 45th floor of the Burj Vista building in Dubai

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the fearless workers risking their lives everyday - to clean the windows of the world's tallest skyscrapers. The daredevil employees work in vertico-inducing conditions as they scale buildings in Dubai as high as 500ft using only a single rope. Yet they seem oblivious to the dangers as they're captured smiling hundreds of feet up in the air as cars beneath them appear as tiny dots.