Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A mother whose pregnant daughter was brutally killed by a woman who hacked the unborn child out of her womb and tried to pass the surviving baby off as her own has spoken for the first time about the nightmare ordeal and her poignant bond with her miracle

***EXCLUSIVE*** Evil Brooke Crews lured Savanna Greywind, 22, to her apartment when Savanna was eight months pregnant.  Crews, 39, who lived upstairs from Savanna, cut the infant out of her womb with a carpenter’s knife and left the nursing assistant to bleed to death on the bathroom floor.  With the help of her boyfriend William Hoehn, monstrous Crews hid Savanna’s body in a closet.  Incredibly little Haisley Jo, now 18 months, survived the horrific DIY C-section.  The twisted pair pretended Haisley was their own daughter and even took her for a late night shopping trip to Walmart as cops searched for the missing mother.  Crews later admitted that she attacked Savanna to steal her unborn child, because she believed a baby would salvage her rocky relationship with Hoehn. She was sentenced to life without parole for the grisly slaughter. Hoehn, 34, will serve life with the possibility of parole for kidnapping Haisley and lying to police.


Stunning island paradise with private suites and staff to cater to your every whim is available for just £51pp a night

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jet off to your very own private island this summer, available for just £55 per person per night – if you have 25 friends willing to go with you. Incredible images show the lush green island from above featuring sandy beaches, grey roofs of the luxury accommodation and turquoise waters. Other striking shots show the spacious bedrooms, sleek bathrooms and bright living areas as well as the shimmering pool, outside bath and extensive games and dining area. The Enclave is located near Placencia, Belize and is currently listed on www.privateislandsonline.com for between £10k-22k for a week’s stay.

Woman, 32, needed 10 surgeries and a skin graft to treat an infected 'flesh-eating' abscess in her neck which a doctor mistook for tonsillitis

***EXCLUSIVE*** This brave woman was rushed into SURGERY after doctors realised what they assumed was TONSILLITIS was an infected abscess that was causing NECROSIS to spread towards her HEART – leaving her with an almost zero per cent chance of survival. Office manager, Stacey Raymond (32) originally from Johannesburg, South Africa but now living in London, UK, sensed a sore throat on Wednesday March 27, 2019 and by the next day it had become much worse and there was swelling in her neck, causing her to go to her GP. Stacey was given five days of antibiotics as her GP believed she had a mild case of tonsillitis. Unfortunately, by Saturday Stacey could barely eat or drink because it was too painful. After going to a private GP for a second opinion, Stacey was told to go to A&E as the GP believed there was an abscess in her neck which needed draining. At the hospital, Stacey was placed on IV fluids, antibiotics and pain medication as an ENT consultant believed she had a peritonsillar abscess, a bacterial infection caused by untreated tonsillitis. The medication didn’t show signs of helping as Stacey was left in pain and an area of red skin had shown up on her neck, spreading down her left arm. A CT scan confirmed that the initial diagnosis was incorrect as Stacey had a parapharyngeal abscess, which occurs deeper in the neck area. After being transferred to another hospital with a specialist cardiothoracic team, Stacey underwent surgery to drain the abscess. Within 24 hours, her condition deteriorated, and she was taken back to theatre as the infection had spread, with the bacteria becoming necrotising. Despite plastic surgeons cutting away muscle and tissue, the necrotising infection was spreading towards her heart area, so Stacey’s family was warned that her survival rate of almost zero per cent if it reached her heart area. Thankfully the infection was caught before it reached Stacey’s heart area but she had to spend 32 days with the wound on her neck left open so it could be observed, and doctors could ensure the infection was gone. By May 7, Stacey underwent a skin graft as skin was taken from her right thigh to replace the necrotised skin from her neck and décolletage.

A bomb squad dashed to a couple's home after police insisted they'd found a World War Two grenade - only to discover it was a cigarette lighter

***EXCLUSIVE*** Explosives specialists from the Royal Navy carried out a 40-minute investigation into the device at 77-year-old Michael Stanton's home, where he lives with partner Joelene Grant, 43. The bomb disposal unit had been called by police who noticed the grenade and two air rifles while they were carrying out a separate enquiry at the property.  However, police and the bomb disposal unit were stood down after it emerged the grenade had been converted into a lighter and the air rifles are legally-owned by Mr Stanton.

People celebrate Hindu religious festival 'Ratha Yatra' in the rain

***EXCLUSIVE*** More than one million Hindu pilgrims flocked to a huge carnival wearing colourful dresses and costumes. The annual Ratha Jatra carnival, which means 'chariot', is based around the worship of Lord Jagannath, a reincarnation of lords Vishnu and Krishna. The five mile celebrations showcased a variety of beautifully made chariots which are paraded through the streets. It is the biggest Hindu carnival in the world. Festival-goers were not fazed by the pouring rain and continued to celebrate throughout the day sheltering beneath vibrantly-coloured umbrellas in Narayanganj, Bangladesh.

African wildlife captured drinking by watering hole at night

***EXCLUSIVE*** Wild African animals create beautiful mirror images as they take a late-night drink from a watering hole. Lions, elephants, hyenas and buffaloes reflected perfectly off the still water as they took a sip. Photographer Martin Hadmyr, 45, took these shots from a hide throughout the night at Zimanga reserve in the heart of Zululand, South Africa.

Cormorant on a balancing beam

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cormorant looks like it's carefully walking along a balance-beam. The bird stretches out its 5ft wings, as if performing to its fellow birds. Photographer Lee Sayers, 50, said the bird was actually stretching its wings to dry in the sun after a dive into a lake at the Haven Nature Reserve in Titchfield, Hants.

Stag with baler twine tangled around its antlers

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stag grazes with baler twine tangled around its antlers. The fallow deer does not appear to be in distress because of the twine, but it sends a worrying message to environmental authorities. Bailer twine is a type of string or rope used by farmers to wrap around bales of straw or hay to keep them compact. Photographer Antony Taylor spotted the deer at Stoney Cross in the New Forest, Hants.