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Two sisters who married two brothers say they can’t wait for their kids to become rare DOUBLE cousins

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two sisters who married a pair of brothers say they are looking forward to their kids becoming DOUBLE COUSINS. Hope, 28, and Hannah Weaks, 25, became sisters in blood and law when they wed brothers Ben, 30, and Brian Minter, 25. Hannah was 13 when she first began dating Brian in 2007 and Hope and Ben fell for one another while chaperoning their younger siblings on dates. While Hannah and Brian broke up in 2008, Hope and Ben’s relationship flourished and the pair got married in 2011 with their siblings by their sides.

Retired BA pilot, 70, swaps jumbo jets for the ‘world’s smallest plane’ and performs audacious tricks like loops and death-defying dives

***EXCLUSIVE*** Former British Airways pilot Bob Grimstead (70) has swapped piloting a Jumbo jet for the worlds smallest twin jet aircraft. These remarkable photos capture the world's smallest twin-jet which resembles a 'bubble car on wings' taking to the skies. British pilot Bob Grimstead, 70, reached speeds of up to 140mph and climbed to 5,000ft in the Colomban Jet Cri-Cri. His wife Karen, 62, was in an aircraft next to him to take these snaps as he indulged in some aerial acrobatics, including several loops and rolls and a dramatic dive. The jet, which is almost entirely made of aluminium, is just 13ft long, 4ft wide and has a wingspan of 17ft, while weighing in at a paltry 180lb. Mr Grimstead, who lives in Sussex, has flown aircraft for 50 years and worked as a commercial pilot. He flew enormous Boeing 747s, which are at the complete opposite end of the size spectrum, weighing 400 tonnes when full of passengers and measuring 230ft in length, with a 210ft wingspan and a cabin width of 20ft.

Only known color photos of the Beatles' 1966 US tour go under the hammer for the first time in online auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** What are believed to be the only colour photographs of The Beatles taken during their famous tour of America in 1966 have been put up for sale for the first time. The incredible, rarely-seen images capture the Fab Four on stage during their fateful concert at Busch Stadium in St Louis, Missouri. The show took place under heavy rain and was such a miserable experience for John, Paul, George and Ringo they vowed to give up touring. The 15 original colour slides include four of the band as a group with one showing Paul McCartney and John Lennon singing into the same microphone.

Chongqing's tree house to be dismantled

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tree house styled with stilted building manner was to be dismantled in Chongqing. The tree house is made of 9 cottages in three layers. With the outer wall daubed with brightly colored paints, the house draws quite a lot of citizens' eyeballs.