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Mother, 64, says she and her daughter, 34, are mistaken for SISTERS - but claims her age-defying looks are down to meditation not surgery

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the glamorous model in her SIXTIES who attributes her youthful look to practising MEDITATION and despite strangers constantly accusing her of having PLASTIC SURGERY, she insists that she has NEVER been under the knife – she even gets mistaken for her daughter’s SISTER who is HALF her age. Model and relationship coach, Angela Paul (64) from Bradford, UK, began her journey of self-care in her twenties when she was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), a long-term condition causing inflammation to the joints, skin and other organs. This became a wake-up call for her and she decided to take great care of her health. Her new lifestyle helped lift her symptoms without using medication through meditation, exercising, nutrition and creating a healthier mindset. When she was 30 years old, she gave birth to her daughter, Arielle (now 34), and fell in love with being a mother, dedicating most of her thirties to raising her daughter and travelling with her husband, Alan (69). Angela, who now lives in California, USA, worked as a full-time model since she was 16 years old but decided to quit when she became a mother. With her lucky genes and healthcare ritual, Angela has managed to age like a fine wine and the only product she uses to enhance her look is blonde hair dye. She says the not so secret to her ageless beauty is her journey practising meditation and staying away from meat or poultry, which she has been doing for 38 years. Her appearance has attracted a lot of positive attention from men half her age who approach her and some negative comments from people who accuse her of undergoing cosmetic surgery, which she strongly insists is untrue.


Woman, 25, whose arm went numb after a sip of wine discovers the tingling sensation was a side effect of stage four Hodgkin lymphoma

***EXCLUSIVE*** A night out with the girls lead to a STAGE FOUR CANCER diagnosis for this woman when her arm went numb after a sip of wine prompting her to visit her doctor – and after later opting to take an AGGRESSIVE form of chemo with a NINETY FIVE PER CENT success rate she has finally received the ALL CLEAR and she puts it down to remaining positive and KEEPING IT GLAM. In September 2018, Lauren Firenza (25) from Nottingham, UK, noticed whilst drinking wine with dinner that she started to get tingling pains down her neck and right arm. Initially Lauren shrugged off her symptoms just thinking she was run down with a cold after a busy summer but in December whilst at a family party, Lauren’s whole right arm went numb after a sip of alcohol so she booked an appointment with her GP to find out what was going on. After three months of blood tests, x-rays and scans which came back abnormal, Lauren was referred to hospital to see a specialist in March where she was sent for a CT scan that showed a lump on the right side of her chest and on her right lung. She was sent for biopsies and then in early April, Lauren was told she had stage four Hodgkin Lymphoma, cancer of the lymphatic system. Lauren was determined to not let her cancer diagnosis take control of her life so the next day she went to the fertility clinic to start the two-week process to freeze her eggs as she was warned chemotherapy would reduce her fertility. As well as this Lauren decided to cut her hair gradually shorter, donating it to the Little Princess Trust, before treatment started to pre-empt her hair falling out. After her second round of chemo, she shaved all her hair off. Lauren opted for intense BEACOPP chemotherapy which is treatment with a 95 per cent success rate, over four days for six rounds which lasts three months so that she could get back to living her normal life as soon as possible. She was given the all clear in June 2019 but still has to undergo two rounds of chemo to prevent relapse. Despite this, Lauren has not let cancer define her on the way, sharing her journey on Instagram, @glowing.withtheflow, and YouTube, @glowingwiththeflow to show others that they don’t have to lose their sense of self or style and can rock cancer after seeing only outdated and sad images in leaflets.

A glove developed at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology in Seoul could revolutionise gaming by allowing users to „feel” virtual reality objects

***EXCLUSIVE*** A glove that lets you to 'feel' virtual reality objects as if they were the real thing is set to revolutionise gaming. Allowing players to touch as well as see the action has been a problem that gaming technology has failed to properly overcome. Now scientists reckon they have come up with a solution, a fine and lightweight mitt made from silicone so the hand experiences pressure rather than a vibration. Wearers interpret the size and shape of an entity - even though it is a computer.

Ten members of staff at school are ex-pupils

***EXCLUSIVE*** One of Britain's best performing schools has revealed the secret behind its success - six former pupils who have all ended up as teachers there. As well as the six teachers, St Edmund's Catholic School in Portsmouth, Hants, has also hired four ex-pupils as support staff, meaning one in 10 of their staff were taught at the school. Many are now teaching alongside those who taught them and the 'grow-your-own' campaign has helped transform the school from an 'inadequate' Ofsted rating to 'outstanding'. In 2011, when it was judged to be inadequate, it risked being put under special measures - however it has since soared up the rankings to be placed in the top five per cent of schools nationally.

Videos about grandpa with depression go viral

***EXCLUSIVE*** An elderly man diagnosed with depression about 10 years ago has been winning hearts online over the past two years thanks to short videos filmed by his granddaughter. The man Chao Yougeng from Zhumadian city in central China's Henan province received treatment in hospital for depression and relied afterwards on antidepressant drugs. His granddaughter posted first video online in 2017, which became a surprise success and gained 240,000 views in just a few hours. The girl decided to share more videos of her grandpa dancing and adorable moments with his wife. The grandpa became happier and was sleeping better. His granddaughter opened an online store on Alibaba's e-commerce platform Taobao to sell hats her grandpa worn.

Mum fined £800 for taking kids on holiday in term time to celebrate beating cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum who took her kids on a term-time holiday to celebrate her cancer recovery has been fined £788 because her reasons were not considered 'exceptional circumstances'. Katie McDermott, 36, went through 18 weeks of chemotherapy and had a double mastectomy after finding a lump in her breast in November 2017. Doctors declared the mum-of-four clear of cancer last year and, in October, she applied to Central Lancaster High School - which two of her children attend - for six days' leave in December. The NHS worker and her husband Darren, 40, only got a response from the school seven weeks later - just two days before they were due to go away.

Sunbather's wife watched in horror as he was crushed to death by 1.5-tonne rock that fell 50ft on to Cornish beach 'after he knocked a supporting rod into cliff while setting up a hammock'

***EXCLUSIVE*** The man who died after being crushed in a rockfall incident in Cornwall was 66 years old, police have revealed. Emergency services were called to Sandymouth Bay beach in Bude, on Tuesday (July 16) to reports of a man dying after rocks fell. Police have now revealed that the man, who was on holiday with his wife when the incident happened, is from East Hampshire. His body remained trapped under a 1.5 tonne rock until yesterday evening, when it was recovered by coastguards.

Chinese man turns cicada slough into vivid figurines

***EXCLUSIVE*** Vivid figurines made of cicada slough by 69-year-old Chinese man Zhang Zhenwu are displayed at his home in Kaifeng city, central China's Henan province. 69-year-old Chinese man Zhang Zhenwu was fond of making handicraft in Kaifeng city, central China's Henan province, 18 July 2019. He collected cicada slough and turned them into vivid figurines.

Beijing regulates bike sharing to improve bike usage

***EXCLUSIVE*** Beijing recycled 195,000 broken and abandoned shared bikes during a one-month campaign to regulate the industry in the city, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport said Tuesday. During the campaign starting on May 13, bike sharing companies dispatched over 2,000 maintenance staff and around 1,660 maintenance vehicles each day. Various districts of Beijing sent over 13,000 inspectors to more than 18,000 areas with a large number of bikes, such as subway stations and business areas.

Hummingbirds fly through water droplets from a sprinkler

***EXCLUSIVE*** This series of photographs shows tiny hummingbirds as they play in water droplets sprayed from a sprinkler. The birds manage to drink from the splashes of water in mid-air as they keep themselves cool in the Californian sun. Photographer Wei Lian was visiting a farm in California, US, when he took snapped the hummingbirds enjoying a new sprinkler system.