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This is the moment lifeguards were reunited with a mum they risked their lives to save a decade ago - along with the girl she was heavily pregnant with at the time

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tearful Vicky Murphy thought she was going to die alongside her husband Marc as they were cut off by the tide while walking along the beach. She was eight months pregnant and the pair were both convinced there was no way they could get out alive. But luckily they were spotted by a surfer clambering up a cliff with just minutes to spare as the rising waves began to crash over their heads.

Child born with bulging eyes and webbed fingers thanks to rare Apert syndrome

***EXCLUSIVE*** This inspirational couple had the SHOCK OF THEIR LIVES when after an uncomplicated pregnancy they were presented with their new baby girl who had a PERTRUDING forehead, BULGING eyes and WEBBED fingers and toes – but they instantly fell in love with her and although she could need up to SIXTY surgeries say it’s important that she feels like any other ‘normal’ little girl. Freelance writer and stay at home mum of four, Jeannie Ewing (38) from Indiana, USA, became pregnant in March 2013 and had a wonderful easy pregnancy with no complications. But on March 15, 2013, Jeannie went into labour for over 26 hours and when doctors noticed that her unborn child had an increased heart, her daughter, Sarah (now 6) was delivered via c-section, weighing 9 lbs. To Jeannie’s shock, the paediatrician asked her if the family had any genetic conditions. It was then that her husband Ben (39), was shown their daughter who had a protruding forehead, bulging eyes and fused fingers and toes. Sarah was diagnosed with Apert syndrome which can notably be identified by premature fusion of certain skull bones which changes how the head would normally look, it also fuses the hands and toes. Irrespective of the diagnosis the parents both welcomed their daughter into the world with nothing but deep love for her.

A barking mad dog owner gives his pampered pooch £5 pocket money every week - so that he can buy toys and pay for SWIMMING LESSONS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eccentric Grant Ellis, 42, began giving his adorable sprocker spaniel Bracken a weekly allowance after the mischievous mutt pinched his wallet one day. Grant, who works as a dog walker, was only able to get it back by bribing Bracken with a five pound note and swapping the two. From that hilarious moment Grant vowed to give his three-year-old pooch a fresh note every Friday without fail.

Going about their daily chores despite flood water

***EXCLUSIVE*** Villagers go about their daily lives despite devastating flooding after a river burst its banks.  Residents aren't deterred by the chest-deep water and continue to hang out their washing, lead cattle, and fetch drinking water. These villagers in Sariakandi, on the outskirts of Bogra, Bangladesh, have been affected by flood water which comes from a nearby river and is 30ft-deep in the worst areas.  Photographer Abdul Momin said the flooding happens every year during monsoon season, causing residents in 15 districts of Bangladesh to abandon their homes and move to higher ground.

Hospital has apologised to mother after she was wrongly diagnosed with breast cancer - and had to undergo several rounds of gruelling chemotherapy treatment, a bilateral mastectomy and breast implants

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hospital trust has apologised to a mum who was wrongly told she had cancer after she had already undergone chemotherapy, a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Sarah Boyle, 28, was left traumatised after bungling doctors misdiagnosed her with triple negative breast cancer at the end of 2016.  Shockingly, the hospital only realised their error several months later in July 2017 at which point Sarah had already received extensive treatment and surgery. She had undergone several rounds of gruelling chemotherapy treatment, a bilateral mastectomy and breast implants at Royal Stoke University Hospital.

A female university student who designed an award-winning chair to stop "man-spreading" is being TROLLED by men who have threatened to rape her

***EXCLUSIVE*** Laila Laurel, 23, won a major award after she created the piece of furniture to stop men from widening their legs and encroaching on other people's personal space. She built the chair after she was fed up with men "infringing on her public space".