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Frugal mum-of-four feeds family meals made from ingredients she finds in bins

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the frugal mum-of-four who feeds her family meals made up of ingredients she finds in BINS and saves £240 a month and says that her kids LOVE her hobby of dumpster-diving. Homemaker, Stacey Cole (33) from Utah, USA, was brought up in a tight knit family who lived a very frugal lifestyle. She remembers re-using items discarded as a child with her father and fell in love with frugal living. As an adult she picked up this habit but her first husband wasn’t too keen on her lifestyle which caused a rift between them. However, she has since remarried to another man, Danny (35), who embraces her hobby. Since April 2019 she has been diving into bins, collecting many ‘useful’ things that people have discarded. Her children, River (12), Molly (10), Thomas (8) and Wesley (6), all love the candy she finds during her nights spent dumpster-diving. She has since saved anywhere from £40-£240 ($50-$300) a month on household items.


Is the world’s most extreme morning routine? Woman swears by plunging into a frozen lake every morning

***EXCLUSIVE*** What do you do to get yourself over a bleary-eyed Monday morning? Some people swear by exercise or an extra-shot in their cappuccino to get them off to a good start in the morning. But Jonna Jinton claims that plunging into a perilous FROZEN LAKE every morning is the perfect start to her day. Jonna, says that the „refreshing” morning routine makes her feel more energised and that immersing herself in the sub-zero water prevents colds and flu. Jonna, 29, from Grundtjarn, Sweden, shared her extreme morning routine in a now viral video Đ which has amassed over 1 million views since it was uploaded on her eponymous YouTube channel earlier this month. The extraordinary clip shows brave Jonna - dressed only in a bra and shorts Đ plunging straight into the frozen lake. Jonna’s tough morning ritual is certainly not for the faint hearted as she then stays under the icy water for three minutes before coming up for air. Sharing your morning routine is a popular social media trend. And YouTuber Jonna Đ who goes by @jonnajinton on Instagram - wanted to share her unusual morning routine with her 600,000 followers. Jonna tries to have a outdoor ice bath as often as possible and she believes that the morning habit has boosted her immunity.

A couple who were born at the same hospital just hours apart have got married - 23 years later

***EXCLUSIVE*** James Barsby came into the world with his twin brother, Christian, just metres away from his soulmate Amy, also a twin, who was was born five and a half hours later with her brother William. The couple's parents had even met at an antenatal class before the pair were born at Queen's Park Hospital Blackburn in 1995. Just over two decades later, Amy's mum Judith Gaffney was heavily involved in the wedding preparations held earlier this month. Despite growing up just a few miles apart in Clitheroe, Lancs., the lovebirds, now 23, only knew of each other at school. It was not until in a science class in Year ten they discovered they had real chemistry and began dating. The pair married at St Peter's Church in Salesbury, Lancs., just days before James's graduation from Manchester Medical School and Amy's graduation from Lancaster University.

Long live the king! Video of two cats re-enacting the iconic scene from the original Lion King goes viral - just as the new film is released

***EXCLUSIVE*** Internet uses have gone wild for a video of two cats seemingly re-enacting the classic LION KING scene where Scar kills Mufasa. The video, filmed in China, towards the end of last year has resurfaced as the hotly-anticipated live action remake is released in cinemas. The hilarious video shows one cat desperately trying to cling onto the edge of a roof, exactly how Mufasa was trying to cling onto a rock-face in the 1994 Disney film. And just like Mufasa, heÕs faced with a cat standing on the high-ground who instead of helping, hits the dangling kitty with his paw. The merciless action causes the puss to fall off the roof, but fortunately the fall is cushioned by foliage.

Mother whose son has a rare disorder that makes him sound like 'Darth Vader' reveals how she was scolded by doctors for researching his symptoms - only to get it CORRECT

***EXCLUSIVE*** This new mum was terrified when a day after taking her baby home from hospital he STOPPED BREATHING and TURNED BLUE but after doctors failed to diagnose his condition she took matters into her own hands and self-diagnosed her son with a condition that was later confirmed and causes EXCESSIVE LAUGHTER and breathing difficulties – that she says make him sound like DARTH VADER. Nuclear engineer Emma Goodson (37) and Andrew Goodson (38) from Colchester, UK lost their first child in September 2015 due to a miscarriage so when she found out she was pregnant for the second time at Christmas 2016 she really wanted a successful pregnancy and birth. Emma’s second pregnancy was not without its difficulties as she was hospitalised in the first trimester with pneumonia, asthma and had several stays on the maternity ward due to bleeding, but Emma thankfully gave birth to their son William on 26 August 2016. Within just six hours of being born William had problems breathing and was struggling to feed due to an unusually short frenulum which is the strip that connects the underside of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. He also rarely slept and screamed. William was admitted to Colchester General Hospital when he was just two and a half weeks old and during just ten days there he was diagnosed with paronychia which is infection around the nails, urine infection, severe oral and rectal thrush, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) which causes acid in the stomach to leak into the gullet, laryngomalacia (a floppy larynx) and sleep apnoea. After ten days he was taken home for the first time and the next day he stopped breathing, his skin turned blue and he returned to the hospital. By three months old, William started to develop a squint, was still sleeping abnormally, had odd body movements and was unusually happy and laughing. On April 23, 2017 at seven and a half months old, William went into a convulsive seizure which lasted for three and a half hours. At the hospital he had an MRI, CT scan and a lumber puncture and didn’t cry once. Emma was doing some of her own research when William was sent home for the weekend and came across Angelman syndrome. Angelman syndrome is a complex neurological condition caused by the deletion of chromosome 15. It can cause movement disorder, difficulty swallowing, slow brain wave patterns, small flat head, epilepsy, low muscle tone and breathing problems. Although life expectancy is almost normal without the epilepsy. Emma took William back to the hospital on the Monday for readmission and requested that Angelman Syndrome be added to the list of genetic tests, and after being told she was doing her son a disservice, he was tested for Angelman syndrome and a few months later when he was in intensive care for seizures, they finally got the diagnosis they so badly needed.

Meet the people dicing with death by living in one of Britain’s last ghost towns - dubbed ‘mini Beirut’ and described as ‘at risk of catastrophic collapse’

***EXCLUSIVE*** In the 1920s Clune Park estate in Port Glasgow, Inverclyde, housed hundreds of shipyard workers during the area’s golden age of shipbuilding. But now the desolate area is home to only around 20 people living in a handful of the 430 flats. Property on the estate was once the cheapest in Britain, with one flat selling for just £7,000 at auction - but it has been plagued by arsonists and vandals with shops, a primary school and church are all boarded up and abandoned.

Sisters decided to get married together at the same time, at the same venue - and even bought their wedding dresses together

***EXCLUSIVE*** Selfless sisters decided not to upstage each other when they shared a joint wedding - and even bought their wedding dresses together. Siblings Ella Pretorius and Charly Jerwan from Sauchie, Clackmannanshire, tied the knot with their husbands at the same venue last month. Ella, 23, had joked about marrying her partner Chase Pretorius, 28, on the same day as her sister Charly, 28, and her partner Marcin Jerwan, 36, from Poland, had taken so long to marry. She said the idea started off as a “joke” but soon became a reality after the sisters began discussing it more.

A school has enlisted an acupuncturist and energy healing specialist for weekly sessions to combat stressed out teachers and pupils

***EXCLUSIVE*** St Anne's R C Primary School enlisted the help of the needle and reiki expert after they noticed a decline in staff mental health and the kids' worry box was overflowing. Chair of governors Marie Taylor, 56, visits the school every Wednesday afternoon for a four-hour slot. Staff sign up for ear - or auricular - acupuncture on a sheet in the staff room, and are even given time out of lessons for the sessions, if they can find cover.

Racegoer suffered a red wine spill on her white outfit managed to transform her wardrobe disaster into pink tie-dye sensation - by pouring on MORE wine

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eleanor had been at Ripon Races when a rowdy onlooker bumped into her and spilt red wine over her white jumpsuit. Mortified her outfit was ruined the teenager rushed over to her friend who suggested she raid the free bar and dip dye the outfit. The pair nabbed five glasses of red wine and headed to the toilets where Eleanor stripped off in the toilet cubicle and soaked her Pretty Little Things jumpsuit in the sink for 10 minutes.