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Playboy model drank vodka 24 hours a day until acid in her urine ate her skin

***EXCLUSIVE*** RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CALIFORNIA, USA: After moving to LA at nineteen this woman was living the dream and even partying with Hugh Hefner at his Playboy mansion before falling into a downward spiral of alcohol addiction where she began drinking vodka TWENTY-FOURS HOUR A DAY – eventually leading to her laying in the same spot for OVER A MONTH where she drank until the ACID IN HER URINE began eating away at her skin and her organs started to fail. Recovery coach and author, Jessica Landon (37) from Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA, moved to LA when she was 19 with dreams of becoming an actress and she forged a successful modelling and acting career where she appeared on Nickelodeon, NBC, Comedy Central and featured in Playboy and Perfect 10. At the time, Jessica thought she was living the dream and she regularly hung out and partied at the Playboy mansion with Hugh Hefner. But behind her smiles, Jessica felt empty, anxious and ashamed which stemmed from being molested by a babysitter when she was five years old. She started to seek solace in alcohol as it made her feel comfortable and forget her pain. By 26, she was a ‘twenty-four hour a day vodka drinker’ and would always ensure she had a water bottle filled with vodka with her, during this time Jessica was regularly vomiting blood and knew that she couldn’t carry on living like this. She tried to get sober and after going through nine treatment centres she had been eight months sober before a relapse at the start of 2013 where she found herself homeless, living in a stranger’s attic where all she lived off was vodka. One day, weak and frail, Jessica tripped over the stair rail, landing on her head which resulted in a brain haemorrhage, her face started to droop, she was paralysed on one side and her speech was slurred. In hospital, a CT scan revealed she had a baseball sized brain haemorrhage that needed to be drained. After recovering from her brain injury, Jessica relapsed again and was admitted to hospital in January 2014 with a blood staph infection and her organs failing after spending a month lying in her own filth and the acid in her urine ate away at her skin. At 5st 8lb, Jessica was kept in hospital for over a month to safely detox and regain her strength before going home with her parents. Jessica’s addiction became unbearable for her and she’s been sober since January 3, 2014, she’s now a healthy 7st 7lb, and has a new appreciation for life. She works as a recovery coach, helping people to get sober and maintain sobriety and has recently written her memoir, Human on Fire all about her life and recovery from alcoholism. She and her partner, Matthew are expecting their first child together in December 2019.


Farm couple turns yard into unique agriculture-inspired campground

Having hunted big game animals in Africa, the next great adventure for Dennis and Julie Hilling will see them operate a unique campground on their farm east of Moose Jaw. Bin There Campground is expected to be ready for occupants by the end of June, although it is now booking into 2020 and 2021. What makes this campground different is the fact many former farm buildings have been converted to accommodate tenters, RVers and those who like to stay in cabins. Six grain bins have been turned into insulated cabins with air conditioning, heat, and queen-sized beds on two levels. A former seed cleaning plant 90 square metres (1,000 square feet) in size has been turned into a large hall. The building has two attached wings; one wing contains a kitchen with fridges, stoves, deep freezer, sinks and cabinets, plus a washer, dryer, utility sink and bathrooms, while the second wing is an outdoor cooking area with two gas barbecues and six picnic tables. There are 13 RV sites, six grain bin cabins and three sites for tents, all of which can accommodate up to 75 people. 

22-year-old woman who married man 33 YEARS her senior says his teen and adult kids are 'happy' for them - and they're now trying for a baby

***EXCLUSIVE*** This couple with a THIRTY-THREE YEAR AGE GAP say it was love at first sight when they met and after just SEVEN MONTHS of dating they are married and trying for a baby. In December 2018, manager, Elizabeth Bonanno (22) from Arizona, USA, met credit analyst, Keith (55) from Ohio, USA, at a bowling alley and at the time she was in a bad place mentally due to a previous relationship. The two connected instantly and began dating in January 2019. Throughout their relationship, Keith managed to restore Elizabeth’s faith in love after going through a tough break-up. Their shared interests and attraction to each other meant that their age gap never even crossed their minds. Initially, Keith’s family were a little sceptical about their age gap, however, his three children Justin (26) and McKayla (18), Scotty (15), were all very happy for him and after he met all of Elizabeth’s family, who were concerned in the beginning, he won them over. In February 2019, Keith proposed to her three times all to which she said yes; one in front of a few of her friends, in front of her adopted dad and again in front of his daughter. They have since been trying for a baby but have been struggling due to Elizabeth having polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), but they have both agreed to continue trying.

Incredible bravery of WW1 soldiers who rescued the wounded from no-man’s land seen in haunting pics

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remarkable 100-year-old photos show the brave men, of all nationalities, and animals who risked their lives to rescue the wounded from No Man’s Land. Powerful images, from the National Library of Scotland collection, show horses pulling empty medical stretchers across waterlogged track as they trudge back to the front line; a stretcher bearer offering frantic first aid to a seriously injured Highlander in a mud-filled trench; and German prisoners of War carrying injured British troops out of the heat of battle. Another fascinating shot shows severely wounded troops loaded on to a light railway to rush them away from the front line to receive more professional medical help.

A teenage kayaker has clocked up more than 100 MILES clearing rubbish including a toilet from rivers and waterways

***EXCLUSIVE*** William Darling, 14, decided to undertake the challenge after discovering 65 bits of rubbish in less than an one-mile stretch of the Norfolk Broads. The young lad has been clearing the waterways since last year in a bid to reverse "this worrying trend" of rubbish being dumped in Britain's water systems.

Palm oil prices drop in Indonesia

Lhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia: In Aceh the normal price of palm oil fruit is 1,600 IDR per kilogram has now fallen to 700 IDR. Data from Indonesian combined palm oil businessman or (Gapki), the decline was caused by the fall in FOB CPO prices currently around US $ 470 per Metric Tonnes (MT) and refined, bleached and deodorized palm oil in the range of US $ 500 per MT. This price is expected to last until the end of the year.

Illegal fly-tippers block road with massive 50-foot long mound of rubbish in Stockport, UK

***EXCLUSIVE*** Furious residents have slammed "disgusting" fly-tippers who dumped a 50ft long pile of rubbish down a public pathway. The enormous mound of waste, which stands 12ft high, appeared in the early hours of Friday (19/7) morning. CCTV images captured by a nearby business owner show a huge lorry driving down the pathway at 12.40am. Tonnes of rubbish in the back, including flammable substances, were dumped before the offenders fled an hour later. Hundreds of locals in Stockport, Greater Mancs, now have to walk past the rotting pile of waste every day. The offenders, whose identities aren't yet known, have been described as "selfish, "disgusting" and "shameless". A nearby resident, who doesn't want to be named, noticed the mound on Saturday when he took his dog out for a walk.