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Woman, 27, throws a 'goodbye boob' party with a breast-themed cake and piñata ahead of a double mastectomy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who was given a EIGHTY PER CENT chance of getting CANCER after testing positive for the BRCA1 gene and decided to undergo a preventative DOUBLE-MASTECTOMY – but not before her friends threw her a BOOB VOYAGE PARTY complete with a BOOB CAKE, BOOB PINATA and a BRA BONFIRE. In April 2018, psychology student and youth worker, Jaimee Watts (27) from Perth, Australia, was at one of her friend’s house when she got a call from her genetic counsellor who told her that she tested positive for the BRCA1 gene, meaning that she had a 80 per cent chance of developing breast and ovarian cancer. Out of the two options of regular six-month check-ups and a double-mastectomy, Jaimee felt the best chance to prevent getting cancer was to have the surgery, as her mum was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer two years prior and her mum’s sister lost her breast cancer battle at the young age of 31. After weeks of processing the news, Jaimee booked the double-mastectomy surgery for October that year. In September 2018, Jaimee’s friends, who have been supportive throughout her journey, decided to throw her a party dedicated to celebrating her breasts before she had the surgery with a ‘boob cake’, a piñata shaped like boobs, a bonfire where they burned all of her bras and even had an astrologist predicting their futures. In the run up to her surgery, she attended therapy sessions where they discussed with her the implications of the double-mastectomy. She struggled the most to come to terms with knowing that she would not be able to breastfeed, her chest could be numb from her ribs to her lower neck and that even with reconstruction, they may never look the same again. However, she remained confident about her decision. She had the chance to pose in the nude for a photographer before her surgery which made her feel empowered. The surgery lasted six hours and for six weeks post-surgery, she had to limit her movements. Due to complications, she had to have another surgery to remove her implants and due to the high risk of infection, she was left flat-chested for the next three months, which made her feel traumatised. In February 2019, she underwent her fourth surgery to put tissue expanders in her chest which slowly expanded over a few months and had her final surgery in June 2019 to replace the expanders with regular implants which are now healing.

The world’s first light blocking glasses have been created to make the wearer unrecognisable

***EXCLUSIVE*** The pioneering Reflectacles IRpair act as a shield to make it impossible for smartphones or CCTV cameras to capture a person's identity.  They do so by turning the eye area black to any form of technology and reflecting infrared beams from any source to distort facial data.

Meet the teacher planning a world record 850-mile journey on a penny-farthing

***EXCLUSIVE*** Teacher Richard Thoday, who lives in Matlock, Debryshire, returned to Fakenham, where he was born, testing the motorhome and support team accompanying him on the 850-mile journey. He has been using his half-term holiday to cycle up to 200 miles a day. The penny farthing record was set in 1886 by George P Mills, who took five days, one hour and forty-five minutes. Richard Thoday is aiming to complete the epic journey in less than five days, 1hr and 45mins.

An actress who has appeared on both the big screen and in hit-television series’ as a nurse, has taken up a new role in hospital having qualified as a nurse for real

***EXCLUSIVE*** Vicky Hall, 42, has appeared as a nurse in television shows; Line of Duty, Coronation Street and Doctors, as well as hospital-based TV series’ Casualty, Holby City and Bodies, before deciding on a dramatic career change and training to become a nurse off-screen. Vicky - who is originally from Newcastle but now lives in Bromsgrove - began her acting career at the age of just 14, working a weekend job in a fish and chip shop to pay for acting lessons. She eventually managed to get a part in CBBC series Byker Grove, alongside TV legends Ant and Dec. After roles in theatre and occasional appearances as an extra, Vicky managed to get a lead role in Channel 4 comedy series, Teachers, alongside James Corden and Andrew Lincoln (star of The Walking Dead). After Teachers had finished, Vicky played parts in Derek (with Ricky Gervais), The Bill and Shameless, as well as roles as a nurse in Line of Duty, Doctors and Coronation Street.

A pub has become the first in Britain to put its CHRISTMAS tree up - on the hottest day of summer

***EXCLUSIVE*** The five-foot artificial tree, adorned with gold, blue and silver baubles, has been installed at the Air Balloon pub in Bristol. The display - as Britain bakes in 37 degree heat - is complete with a sign at the foot of which reads: 'Have yourself a merry little Christmas'. And its lights are flashing brightly as it stands beside the bar.

Inside eerie Wild West-themed amusement park abandoned since 2010 mudslide

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eerie images have revealed the remains of a Wild West-themed amusement park left abandoned since 2010 following a mudslide. The haunting pictures show how Mother Nature has reclaimed the park since its closure with the rollercoasters, train rides and store fronts covered in overgrown greenery. Other striking shots show forgotten amusements including Ski Ball, merry-go-rounds and creepy statues perched on rotting porches. The spooky snaps were taken at the Ghost Town in the Sky theme park in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, USA by a photographer known as Abandoned Southeast.

A blind pensioner reckons she 'could be the next Jimi Hendrix' after learning to play the electric guitar - at the tender age of 97

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mary Barsh says she is the 'greatest guitar player in the world' and that her life has been disrupted by her new-found enjoyment for practising the instrument. She played her first gig as part of the project, which saw 240 blind and partially sighted people learn how to play 1989 track Free Fallin' by Tom Petty - for a charity campaign backed by Stevie Wonder. Mary said: "I am visually impaired which is a nuisance, but one of those things one just has to live with. "All I can say is that the guitar has given me so much enjoyment. "I just love practising. It's strange really because most people hate to practice. But somehow I feel so drawn to it that it really disrupts my daily life." Music school The Guitar Social received backing from music legend Stevie Wonder, as well as rock and roll band The Cure, to launch the campaign that teaches blind and partially sighted people the guitar.

Ant-lover: living with my 8000 pets

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pets of Zhang Jialin, a student just gets a high grade of 633 in college entrance examination, over 8000 ants, Ningbo city, east China’s Zhejiang province.

A schoolboy says he's been bullied for looking “like a girl” after growing his hair for a cancer charity in memory of his aunt

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nine-year-old Tobi Boler says he has been called names and bullied because he has unusually long hair for a boy - like some girls. His mum, Carlie, 34, claims the little fundraiser, from South Minster, Essex, has on more than one occasion come home from school in tears after being called names by bullies. Tobi’s hair is now an incredible 13-inches long after he decided to start growing it for charity, in 2015.