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Musician, 74, searching for a long lost record he made 40 years ago tracks down the last copy after music shop 500 miles away posts it under 'Dubious Album Of The Week'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A musician searching for a long lost record he made 40 years ago has tracked down the last copy - after a music shop 500 miles away posted it under "Dubious Album Of The Week". Tony Strange, now 74, recorded the LP 'You're My World' in 1979 as part of an instrumental comedy double act with his musical partner at the time.  The pair toured Scotland throughout the 1970, sharing the bill with names such as Tom Jones, Lulu, Shirley Bassey, and Freddie & The Dreamers. Tony, from Wroughton, Wilts., dedicated the album to his two daughters, Maria and Nicola - but all the family's copies have since been lost.

Harrowing images show Allied forces facing savage Nazi resistance as they battled to Berlin through war-ravaged Europe

***EXCLUSIVE*** Following their heroics at the Normandy Landings, a stunning new book captures the fierce resistance the Allied Forces came up against whilst pushing the Nazis out of France. Harrowing pictures from the latter stages of World War Two include US soldiers running into battle at the exact moment a shell bursts right next to them, a field full of abandoned German helmets after a wholesale surrender, and a sickening crash landing for an allied paratrooper who was fighting for a free Europe. Another incredible image portrays the fearful yet stoic expression of a 24-year-old tank operator, captured just days before he was killed in action, and the gutted landscape of a Dutch town ravaged by constant air raids.

Border Kids

With the apprehension of 11,500 Central American unaccompanied children at the U.S.-Mexico border in May alone, this fiscal year is on track to far exceed the numbers seen during fiscal 2014, when the surge in arrivals of these minors was viewed as a crisis. The care of these children has provoked growing public outrage, in particular reports of unsafe, filthy conditions that children, including infants, have experienced in overcrowded Border Patrol holding facilities. While the apprehension of ''family units'' (the government's term for family members traveling together) has outpaced the arrival of unaccompanied minors in recent years, the surge in child arrivals has risen to new levels this year. This record flow has overwhelmed government responses, with sometimes deadly consequences. The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), that takes custody of the children and is responsible for their care has run acutely short of funds and bed space, and predicts it will exhaust its funding before the end of the month. Amid these challenges, the government has canceled educational and recreational activities for the children, erected tent cities in the desert to hold them, and contemplated housing some on military bases. The lack of beds in ORR facilities has created deplorable conditions at the border, with children subjected to waits of days and weeks at crowded U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities that were never intended to house minors. As CBP grapples with the overcrowding, government lawyers unapologetically argued before the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last week that the administration had no obligation to provide children with beds, soap, or toothbrushes. During the last year, seven immigrant children have died after or while being detained at CBP facilities.

Life in Mokattam district of Cairo, ''the garbage city''

Il Cairo, Egypt: ''The Garbage City'' is a district of Cairo where the Christian population called ''Zabbaleen'' works thanks to the garbage of the entire city of Cairo that is brought here to be sorted and recycled and resold. The livelihood of this population depends exclusively from waste of Egyptian megalopolis.

Feeling a bit peckish, a woodpecker chick gets some grabs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Feeling peckish... Woodpecker chicks lean out of a hole in a tree to be fed by their parents. The adult woodpeckers took it in turns to fly to their babies with beakfuls of grubs. They had built their nest inside the trunk of a dead tree, with the greedy chicks leaning right out of their hole to snatch the food from inside their parents' beaks.

Six people on a motorbike

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family of six squeeze together on the back of a motorbike as they travel down a busy road at 30mph. Two parents and their four sons crammed on to the Bajaj Platina 100cc bike, weaving in and out of traffic. While the mother sits side-saddle on the back of the bike, the two youngest sons perch at the front on the bike's fuel tank.