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Mother of baby boy whose head is smaller because of the same rare condition that can be caused by the Zika virus reveals the incredible bond between him and his sister 'who sees past the imperfections'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the brave mum whose son was born with a condition that means his brain and head is much smaller than other babies his age but hopes people see past his disability and treat him with the same love and respect they would any other child. Stay at home mum, Rachel Taylor (37) and financial analyst Josh Taylor (36) from Provo, Utah, USA were married in May 2006, and like many married couples were really looking forward to starting their own family. The couple were struggling to conceive, and it took them eight years of holistic therapies such as herbal medications, acupuncture, chiropractic therapy and changes in their diet such as removing gluten and going paleo to finally become pregnant with their first child Cordelia who is now four years old. Then on March 18, 2019 Rachel gave birth to her second child, Grayson, but there were complications. The medical team noticed that he wasn’t breathing properly, and they used a vacuum pump to deliver him as quickly as possible meaning a speedy 90-minute labour. Sadly, this caused damage to his head, leaving, and Grayson’s face was bruised and swollen. However, the doctors checked for any internal bleeding and had no further concerns about his overall health. At his two-week check-up Rachel pointed out her worries about the shape of his head as it wasn’t improving. The doctor also said his head was measuring small. They performed a CT scan to see if his skull was prematurely fusing, which it wasn’t but after conducting more tests an MRI scan showed that his brain was smaller than normal, and he was diagnosed with microcephaly. Grayson also had two auditory tests which showed moderate to severe hearing loss in his left ear, which was then normal a month later. The ear, nose and throat (ENT) department found he had silent reflux and micro aspirations that were making him cough and choke on his food. He then started having seizures and he had a chest x-ray and an electrocardiogram (ECG) to check his lungs and heart were all ok - the results came back normal.

Dog whose drug addict owner CUT OFF his front legs when he was caught digging is rescued by a Canadian couple - who are now training him to be a therapy dog for amputees

***EXCLUSIVE*** TORONTO, CANADA: This poor dog had his front legs CHOPPED OFF for digging a hole in the garden but he was later rescued and then adopted by a couple in Canada after they spotted his heart-breaking story on FACEBOOK - and now he is training to be a therapy dog for other amputees. Estate agent, Erin Blaak (31) from Toronto, Canada, and chef, Romain Avril (33) originally from Paris, France, already own a Pomeranian called Bandito and a Labrador-Dane mix breed, Brady, but while scrolling through Facebook, Erin came across a heart-breaking story of a rescue dog in Ukraine. The post shared the story of a two-year-old mixed breed named True, who was digging a hole in the garden while his addict owner was high. After seeing the digging, the owner cut off True’s two front legs. True dragged himself as close as possible to the neighbour’s house who eventually found him and took him to a shelter. The shelter kept True for a few months, but they were concerned that he wouldn’t survive the winter due to his handicapped state. When he had healed physically, the shelter reached out to one of their rescue partners in Canada, Cause 4 Paws, to spread True’s story on social media and start fundraisers for his flight and initial medical bills. Reading about True’s experience instantly made Erin want to adopt him so she reached out to the rescue centre. On December 4, 2018, True was taken to Toronto where he was greeted by his new family at the airport.  True has settled into the family well, but his injuries mean that he needs to be carried around a lot of the time and he gets tired easily, although Erin and Romain have to make sure he gets enough exercise to prevent weight gain. While in the house, True has learned to walk on just his hind legs and is even able to jump on the sofa and the bed. However, when he goes outside, he uses a wheelchair in place of his front legs. Erin is currently helping True become a therapy dog and she hopes that he can bring joy and inspiration to amputees who are facing lifechanging challenges.

Innovative ‘masturbation suit’ helps the disabled find sexual fulfilment

***EXCLUSIVE*** A masturbation suit which helps DISABLED people achieve orgasm has been released – and even gives the user the option of ‘foreplay’ or a ‘hug’ after they’ve climaxed. The Ripple Sexperience – designed by Taiwanese inventors Szu-Ying Lai, Hsin-Jou Huang, and Chia-Ning Hsu – has been built to ensure people are able to relieve their sexual tension regardless of their physical condition. The innovative product allows users with mobility issues to masturbate in private and includes a body suit, face mask and remote control.

$5,000 for Jesse James dead or alive and $100,000 reward for Abraham Lincoln’s three killers: Extraordinarily rare images reveal the genuine wanted posters for 19th century american criminals

***EXCLUSIVE*** A $5,000 reward for the infamous Jesse James „Dead or Alive”, $15,000 in cash for the disreputable Dalton Gang, and a whopping $100,000 for President Abraham Lincoln’s three killers. These are the genuine wanted posters for American criminals from the 19th century. Printed on cheap paper and intended to be destroyed as soon as the offenders were caught or killed, the very existence of these little-known Wanted posters is remarkable in itself. Many of these rare images feature notorious Wild West outlaws who still capture the public imagination today - such as the legendary gunslinger, train and bank robber and leader of the James-Younger gang Jesse James.

A family had a lucky escape after a car careered off the road and into their garden during a childrens' birthday party - missing the kids by inches

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Jones family were throwing a birthday party for kids Charlie Waters, ten, and Orson Jones, three, when the car smashed through their fence. The black Micra came to stop in the middle of the garden - missing two kids, aged one and five, by a couple of feet on the left side, and a group of adults on the right. The kids were playing with a toy kitchen right next to the hole left behind by the out of control vehicle, which stopped just short of the party marquee in Camberley, Surrey.

A movie fan is enjoying the lighter things in life after losing the equivalent amount of weight as 19 stone Hollywood superstar - The Rock

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sarah Arnold struggled to get around as her massive excess weight was like walking with the heavyweight 6ft 5ins former WWF wrestler, Dwayne Johnson, on her back. Now the 40-year-old is astounded by the more simple things like being able to sit on a normal seat at the cinema and going out in public without being pointed at. The NHS support worker dropped from 30 stones 1lb to 11 stone 13lbs over three years and has now maintained her weight for a year by following the Weight Watchers' diet.