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Film legend Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic green Rolls-Royce is set to fetch £2.8m at auction

We’re green with envy. The longest-lasting love of Elizabeth Taylor’s life — her legendary Rolls-Royce dubbed the “Green Goddess” — will be going up for auction at the Pierre Hotel in Midtown next month. The car, which stayed with her longer than most of her husbands, is an emerald green 1960 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II convertible with just 40,000 miles on it — and is expected to fetch up to $3.5 million at the Aug. 6 auction. Taylor ordered the Rolls shortly after her widely publicized 1959 wedding to singer Eddie Fisher, her fourth husband, and it was delivered to the Pierre Hotel in 1960 where, the pair were living. She asked to have it painted in her favorite color to match the unusually hued dress she wore at her wedding to Fisher.

A Catalan scientist creates the first sex robot doll with artificial intelligence

A sex robot manufacturer has claimed the latest ‘women’ provide an experience comparable with real human sex. Samantha is the latest creation from Dr Sergi Santos, based in Barcelona, who comes complete with eight different modes, including family, entertainment, analysis, sleep and three sexy settings – romantic, calm and “nasty”. The hyper-realistic robot, which is made from “polymer composite” has been filmed in a promotional video showing Samantha in a variety of sexual positions and being "aroused". The female robots which talk and moan, are now on sale via the robotics company Synth Amatus. For $3,300 customers can get their hands on their very own sex robot that, it is claimed, “likes to be touched” and can sense arousal.

Three residents walk home after 24 long years of imprisonment in Srinagar, India

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India: Three Srinagar residents booked in Lajpat Nagar bomb blast case were set free by the Rajasthan High Court found them innocent after serving 24 long years of imprisonment in Jaipur and Tihar jails. A bomb blast occurred in Lajpat Nagar market in Delhi on 21 May 1996, killing 13 civilians and injuring 39 others. The blast was followed a day later by the 1996 Dausa blast. Six members of the militant organisation Jammu Kashmir Islamic Front were convicted for the blasts, Local Media Reported.

A mum has launched a desperate search for information about a rare and debilitating disease she and her three children have all been struck down with

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lucy Seymour, 33, had previously been of good health apart from childhood fits diagnosed as temperature seizures. But four years ago, and just five months after giving birth to her first child, she came down with flu-like symptoms which quickly developed into seizures.  Now, the mum from Braunton, Devon, is desperately trying to get her symptoms recognised - as the condition is also affecting her three children.

These breathtaking drone pictures show natural and man-made scenes around the world which show patterns that can only be seen from above

***EXCLUSIVE*** The aerial photographs captured by two British brothers JP and Mike Andrews, aged 33 and 31, show how "weird and wonderful the world can look from above". They images include a colourful cargo ship setting sail on a early summers morning and a loaded car park creating a dense fabric of interlocking lines.

A floral dressing gown worn by Prince Albert and kept in a dusty wardrobe for more than 150 years is set to fetch thousands of pounds at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The full-length hand-sewn silk robe has a crown mark inside the collar and features a flori-bunda gold and pink rose design. It was given to German-born Rudolph L√∂hlein, valet to Prince Albert and personal attendant to Queen Victoria. He was highly regarded he was rewarded with a job and pension for life by the Royal Household. The robe was passed down through L√∂hlein’s family and kept covered in plastic bags to preserve it in mint condition. Incredibly, it was unearthed at the back of a wardrobe by L√∂hlein’s great-great-grandchild in Surrey.

The Highway Men: How 1950s AA patrolmen studied threadbare tyres and death-trap roads at Automobile Association's driving school

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remarkable photos from seventy years ago celebrate one of the UK’s most famous driving associations reaching one million members – and how the organisation grew from a handful of disgruntled drivers looking to avoid speeding fines to one of the country’s most trusted car insurance providers. Striking monochrome images, taken circa 1950, capture uniformed AA patrolmen being put through their paces at the Automobile Association’s new driving school; discussing the hazards of a ‘deathtrap’ corner; and examining well-worn items in the ‘school of destruction’ – a collection of car parts that have been left threadbare after years of service. Another incredible shot shows the road-bound mechanics grappling with new tyres – with patrolmen expected to be able to replace a damaged tyre in ‘seconds flat’.

Kangba fashion: Beauty of Tibetan culture

Yushu Tibetan autonomous prefecture, located in China's Qinghai province, is known not only for its beautiful landscapes but also its rich and unique culture, including the traditional Kangba costumes that have been listed as a national intangible cultural heritage. The Kangba costumes are known for their rich colors and flowing tailoring. Five colors commonly used represent the five elements: yellow for the earth, blue for the sky, red for the solemnity of religion, white for purity, green for water and black for wealth. Kangba costumes are one branch of the Tibetan clothing culture which over the centuries has gradually developed its own style.