Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Woman gave birth just 24 hours after discovering she was pregnant - believing she had been going through the menopause!

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who believed she was going through menopause was shocked when she gave birth less than 24 hours after discovering she was pregnant. Monica Thompson, 46, welcomed her son Jayden Anthony Willie Edwin Ratliff in October one day after a blood test revealed she was expecting. The cook believed she couldn’t have children after struggling to conceive with her late husband Kevin Thompson for 16 years before his death in 2016.When Monica, of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, met her partner Jason Ratliff in 2017, she had already made peace with the idea she’d never be a mother.

In a bizarre case, doctors in India removed 1.6 kilograms of jewellery, 90 coins and a wristwatch from the stomach of a 22-year-old woman

***EXCLUSIVE*** When in the last few days Runi Khatun, a resident of Margram town in West Bengal, India, started throwing up after every meal, and complained of abdominal pain, her family took her to the government hospital at Rampurhat located about 9 km away. “The patient was admitted to our hospital with complaints of nausea and abdominal pain on July 18. On conducting sonography and x-ray tests, we detected the presence of metal objects in her stomach. We then decided to conduct a surgery to remove the foreign objects,” informed Siddhartha Biswas, the head of the surgery department in the Rampurhat Government Medical College and Hospital, who led the medical team that conducted the surgery. The surgery was conducted on July 24 and lasted for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Rare photographs reveal how Victorians basked in sweltering temperatures in Britain in the 1890s

***EXCLUSIVE*** As the UK’s searing heatwave continues and the nation is set to enjoy the hottest July day on record ever, we look back at how Brits basked in sweltering temperatures 127 YEARS AGO. These are the rare unearthed images which show how Britons soaked up the red hot summers of the 1892 to 1894 Đ snogging on the beach and cooling off in the sea. Although punctuated by several notably wet interludes, the 1890s Đ a period called the ÔLong DroughtŐ Đ were exceptionally dry years for Britain and the spring to summer seasons were some of the warmest on record. The pictures - taken by photographer Paul Martin Đ show how working-class Victorians flocked to seaside resorts such as Yarmouth, Hastings and Jersey in the heat. Although the photographs show Brits still abiding to strict 19th century society conventions by wearing full-dress and almost totally covering their body despite the high temperatures. However other images reveal Victorian society in a different way to the strait-laced one that weŐre familiar to. MartinŐs photos show passionate couples pulling each other in for a kiss on the beach and women hoisting their dresses up for a rare paddle in the sea.

Owl do you manage that? Photographer captures optical illusion of an great grey owl carrying a huge log in its wings

***EXCLUSIVE*** Talk about an optic-OWL illusion. This is the incredible photograph that shows an owl appear to fly whilst carrying h a huge log in between its wings. Amateur photographer, Andreas Danielsson, @dan_the_ripper, captured the perfectly-timed image of this seemingly super-strong owl in Sweden last month (6th June 2019). Andreas, from Hammar, Sweden described the extraordinary lengths he took to get the remarkable shot.