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Vitiligo sufferer, 25, whose face and entire body was covered by light patches claims turning VEGAN has reversed her condition

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman’s vitiligo turned her skin COMPLETELY WHITE but since going PLANT-BASED two years ago she claims her original colour is COMING BACK. In 2001, when college student, Jamila Davis (25) from Florida, USA, was just eight years old, she noticed a white patch on her eye and even though her parents didn’t think much of it initially, the patches began spreading. When they took her to the hospital, the doctor diagnosed her with vitiligo, a long-term condition where pale white patches develop on the skin. It is caused by a lack of melanin, a pigment of the skin. While Jamila has always remained confident in herself, she would be stared at constantly due to her unique appearance and young children would even be scared of her. In 2017, her father passed away from a stroke, which left her heartbroken, but she had big plans with him to go plant-based together to take better care of their health. She made it her mission to turn to that diet to honour her father, by this time her vitiligo had turned her skin completely white. At this point, the staring and pointing subsided. But a year later she began to notice her colour start to come back all over her body and she was stunned. By 2019, her colour has fully returned to her face except white patches on her eyes and mouth. While the staring has returned along with her pigmentation, she has never felt happier about herself and has decided to share her story with others to encourage more people to embrace their appearance no matter what they looked like.

The real-life Scar: One-eyed lion whose battle scars resemble Lion King character is spotted in Kenya's Maasai Mara national park

***EXCLUSIVE*** This one-eyed lion could be the real-life 'Scar' from Disney's classic 'The Lion King'.  The animal, photographed resting in long grass, lost its eye during a vicious territorial fight with another male. Now it is permanently scarred on the left side of its face - and bears a striking resemblance to The Lion King's villain Scar, who is named after the wound across his left eye.  Disney's live action remake of the 1994 film debuted at cinemas on Friday and dominated the box office by collecting around $350 million globally over the weekend.  Amateur photographer Fabrizio Bignotti spotted this one-eyed lion, who is known as 'Benna', at Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

'Fairy girls' fly over huge pot to cook rice noodle for tourists in Guilin

A Chinese entertainer dressed in traditional costume lifted by a fast-erecting crane vehicle delivers rice noodle to a huge pot at the Guilin Romance Park in Guilin city, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 24 July 2019. Chinese workers dressed in traditional costumes cooked the rice noodle for tourists at the Guilin Romance Park in Guilin city, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The rice noodle was cooked by an entertainer lifted by a fast-erecting crane vehicle to serve tourists.

Highlining during fireworks

***EXCLUSIVE*** A daredevil admires a spectacular fireworks display from a highline. Slackliner Sarah Rixham, 28, flung her arms wide open as she watched the colourful show from the 65ft-high wire. While two million people watched the fireworks from the ground at Zurich Fest, Switzerland, adrenaline junkie Miss Rixham spent five minutes up on the line watching the action.Professional slackline photographer Aidan Williams captured these images of Miss Rixham enjoying the fireworks show.

Bone-conducting smart bracelet

***EXCLUSIVE*** A groundbreaking new smart bracelet lets you use your index finger as a silent phone using technology that conducts sound through bone. The Get bracelet connects to a smartphone, translating the sound from phone calls and music into vibrations which can be conducted through the wrist bone into the fingers. Users of the £200 ($250) bracelet just have to stick a finger in their ear to speak on the phone, and can use the bracelet's voice recognition technology to make outgoing calls. And because the device uses vibration only, instead of sound, conversations can't be overheard by people nearby.

Community fridge spread coolness and charity

Community fridge appears at street in Yuhang district to offer cold water for outdoor workers such as sanitation worker and deliveryman, Hangzhou city, east China’s Zhejiang province, 25 July 2019. This is the second year for the organizer, a shopping mall, to set the community fridge. 30 shops in the mall answered the call and provided 36,000 botles of water in 3 days.

Gazan artist draws on grape leaves to overcome psychological stress

Leen Alhaj, 21, based in Nuseirat refugees camp in the central Gaza Strip, is drawing on grape leaves and turning them into beautiful paintings. . Alhaj, a student in psychological department at the Islamic University of Gaza, imitates the nature by her art paintings, such as the sky at night adorned by stars and the moon, and the reflection of the sun at sunset on lakes, trees, waterfalls and other scenes.

Greater Flamingo chick hatches

***EXCLUSIVE*** Proud parents dote over their chick. Marwell Zoo welcomed the new arrival on Monday this week. The Greater Flamingo chick hatched from it's egg on what is the hottest weeks of the year. It’s been over four years since the zoo had a Greater Flamingo chick successfully reared. The animal team has been working hard to encourage the birds to nest by adjusting a few husbandry techniques this year. Keepers constructed some artificial nests earlier in the year to encourage the birds to build their own, and a new soil and sand ratio mix was added to make it easier for the flamingos to build the nests. With the recent heat, the bird team have also been using a sprinkler system twice a day to help the nests retain their shape and not crumble. Ross Brown, Animal Collection Manager at Marwell Zoo, said: “We’ve had 12 eggs this year, however fertility levels are notoriously unpredictable in Greater Flamingos, so as the saying goes, we’re not counting our flamingos until they’ve hatched! However, we are hopeful we should see some more chicks in the coming weeks, so watch this space.” When Greater Flamingo chicks first hatch, they have pale grey down, which is soon replaced by a second, darker coat of down. Flamingos feed their chicks with ‘flamingo milk’ which is produced in their crop. This milk is similar to mammal milk but is produced by both male and female flamingos.

Green Peacock display

***EXCLUSIVE*** A male peacock spreads out it's magnificent green tail feathers to impress a passing female...but he is completely ignored. Creative designer Kurit Afsheen, 37, from Indonesia said he was in the right place at the right time when he spotted the male peacock trying his luck with the nearby female peacock. Kurit said: "I felt very lucky to be able to watch that beautiful moment. I fell it might not happen again, to see such a beautifulgreen peacock tail." "Unfortunately, the female peacock is not interested in the beautiful show by the male."

Furious woman claims she’s been threatened with arrest after confiscating footballs kicked over her garden fence by PC’s team

***EXCLUSIVE*** Police warn furious pensioner she faces prosecution for not returning dozens of stray footballs that are repeatedly kicked into her garden. Anny Kilbourne has lived in Bettys Mead in Exeter for 12 years, where her garden backs on to the Whipton playing fields, and had become used to finding amateur footballers searching her garden for balls they had mistakenly kicked over her fence. But she claims things changed after one recent incident which saw two balls fly over at speed - one striking her in the face. Anny found youth football team Exeter Panthers were the culprits, and she approached team supervisor Chris Leisk for an apology.