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Britain’s first ever ‘smart’ beach lodges have been unveiled – complete with robotic vacuum cleaner to clean up sand from the beach

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) Council has kitted out a selection of the beach-front pads with the latest smart home devices. Gadgets, which come with the price of standard stay, include an Echo Show 5 enabling holidaymakers to control all of the smart home products using just their voice. They also feature a Smarter iKettle so you can start making a cuppa from bed, and an Alexa Smart Plug to turn out the bedside lights when you’re ready to call it a day.

Widower turns 100 and is reunited with a classic car he used on holidays with his wife - and for trips to her grave after she passed away

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man who bought a classic car for holidays with his wife and later to visit her grave when she died has been reunited with it - as a surprise for his 100th birthday. Vic Gamble bought the Ford Consul in 1960 and regularly used it for trips with Elma, before she passed away five years ago.m He would then always drive their beloved motor to visit her grave. Vic eventually had to sell the car BUT new owner John Ball secretly restored to its former glory. Now, John has surprised Vic by driving the vehicle to him in Tywyn, Wales, as a 100th birthday surprise. As a tribute to Vic and his late wife, John painted their names on the dashboard during his restoration. Vic first bought the car while on holiday with his wife and her mother in law in Taunton, Somerset, after his other car, a Ford Popular, became unreliable.

Incredible private island with luxury all-inclusive suites and your own boat is available for just £200 per person per night

***EXCLUSIVE*** This stunning private island could be the ultimate getaway this summer, with the entire island available for £2k a night. Incredible images show the 1.5-acre island from above surrounded by clear blue waters, the shimmering pools and the luxurious accommodation. Other striking shots the sun loungers on sandy beaches, the spacious living areas and the cosy bedrooms with spectacular views. Little Harvest Caye is located in Belize, Central America and is currently listed on www.privateislandsonline.com for around £2k a night.

Bloody Chicago race riots that killed 23 black people and devastated the city 100 years ago revealed in haunting pics

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shocking vintage photos show the brutal race riots which ripped apart a major American city and resulted in the deaths of THIRTY EIGHT people, most of them black, and left hundreds of families homeless. Sickening images show white rioters stoning a black man to death; armed National Guard and African American men staring each other down in a tense sidewalk encounter; and a jubilant crowd amassing round a looted and vandalised property during the race war in Chicago which erupted almost exactly 100 years ago. The riots – one of approximately 25 that took place in the USA during the Bloody ‘Red Summer’ of 1919 –ignited after a black teenager Eugene Williams was murdered after he and his friends floated into a ‘whites only’ area of Lake Michigan on 27 July, a swelteringly hot day in 1919. Beachgoers witnessed George Stauber, a twenty-four-year-old white man, hurl stones at the boys until Williams fell off the raft, plunged into the lake, and drowned. Police quickly arrived at the scene but refused to take Stauber into custody. Police reinforcements arrived to confront a crowd of despondent African Americans gathered near the beach that evening. A black man fired a gun at the officers. Police returned fire and killed the gunman.

Caribbean Paradise

***EXCLUSIVE*** This stunning 10-acre private island could be your very own Caribbean paradise after hitting the market for £2.5m. Incredible images show the lush green island, white, sandy beaches and the shimmering turquoise ocean waters. Other striking shots show the luxurious bedrooms including four-poster beds, spacious living areas and large kitchens as well as outside terrace areas to enjoy the Caribbean sunshine. Victoria Point Cays is located in Andros in the Bahamas and is currently listed on www.vladi-private-islands.de for around £2.5m.

Swimming with monster-sized jellyfish

***EXCLUSIVE*** Barrel jellyfish have been spotted in record numbers around the British coast this summer with one expert claiming her has spotted more over three days than in the previous 15 years put together. And the latest sighting was caught on camera by artist Toby Ray while he was out on the ocean earlier this month. Toby, 41, is an artist who specialises in seascape painting and was taking a trip on his SUP to scout new terrains between Trevone and Stepper Point, near Padstow.