Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A couple who agreed to cycle around the world together in their FIRST TINDER MESSAGE have spent a year and a half pedalling through four continents

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Scots couple who met on Tinder and immediately agreed to cycle round the world together have relived their amazing 18-month journey across four continents. Mike Langridge, 32, and Helen Clarkson, 30, began their relationship with jokes on the dating app about quitting the jobs they didn’t enjoy and crossing the globe on their beloved bikes. But by their second date, it was clear to them that they were both deadly serious about the idea. They set out to save £27,000 to pay for the trip, taking second jobs and moving in together far earlier than most couples to save on bills.

Rare Nike racing flats set auction record

A Canadian investor has purchased a pair of running shoes dating back to Nike's origins for a record-breaking US$437,500 -- or roughly C$577,000 -- at public auction. Miles Nadal won the 1972 Nike Waffle Racing Flat "Moon Shoes", seen here in an undated handout photo, in a Sotheby's online sale on Tuesday. The Nike “Moon Shoe” is one of the most significant artifacts in Nike's long history. Nike co-founder and renowned Oregon University Track Coach Bill Bowerman designed the shoe for runners at the 1972 Olympic Trials; only about 12 were created, even fewer exist today – and the present lot is the only known pair to exist in unworn condition. As the famous story goes, Bowerman was first inspired to create the innovative waffle sole traction pattern found on the brand’s early running shoes by tinkering with his wife’s waffle iron and pouring rubber into the mold to create the first prototype of the sole.

Gym in a bag

***EXCLUSIVE*** Designers have developed an eco-friendly flat pack gym in a backpack so people can do a full work out in the middle of the countryside. It comes following research which shows half of us spend less than an hour outside each day. Meanwhile, 40 per cent of us also do less than an hour's worth of exercise each week and 18 per cent don't do any any at all. As a result, Swedish dairy brand Lindahls has developed the plywood backpack, which provides all the equipment needed for a full body workout in the great outdoors.

Caim Voice Alert - parents voice for fire alarm

***EXCLUSIVE*** A groundbreaking new fire alarm system wakes children and directs them out of the house using their parent's voice. The 'Caim Voice Alert' aims to wake children within seconds of an alarm being triggered, as scientific evidence suggests over half of children sleep through traditional alarms. A study at the Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio, USA, said children were 'remarkably resistant' to being woken up by the sounds because they sleep more deeply than adults. The study compared a traditional high-pitch smoke alarm with voice-based ones.

Mysterious island where houses left to plants and animals

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tiny village on a Chinese island in the pacific ocean, less than three miles wide, has returned to a state of natural wilderness after villagers abandoned their homes and land around 30 years ago. Houtouwan village, once the richest fishing village in Shengsi island in east China's Zhejiang province was totally abandoned at the beginning of 21st century due mostly due to economic reasons. Fishermen who once inhabited the village moved away once they discovered it was more lucrative to live and work on the mainland rather than the remote and difficult to access island. Other villagers began leaving the island for an easier life in the 90s, many wanting a better education for their children or medical treatment. In the 1980s the village boasted a population of around 3,000 inhabitants, but by 2002 the village was officially depopulated and was merged with a neighbouring village. Now overrun with wildlife and greenery the mystical island has taken on a fairy-tale feel, attracting adventurous tourists in their thousands.

World's tallest outdoor elevator wows visitors in central China

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Bailong Elevator in Zhangjiajie, China, is a glass lift that climbs an amazing 1,070 feet up a sheer mountain cliff and spectacular views of the beautiful Wuling Mountain Range. The elevator was built in 1999 and opened in 2002m, the same year it was deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2015, the elevator was recognized as the World's Tallest Outdoor Lift by Guinness World Records.

He's over the moon! British photographer spends two years getting the perfect shot on 1,000ft hill

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British photographer has spent two years trying to get the perfect shot of the moon rising above one of the UK's most picturesque hills. The magical picture shows a few walkers standing on the top of the 320m Teeside hill as the moon lights up their silhouettes. Astrophotographer Andrew Dawson, 44, snapped this stunning picture which shows a full moon rising over the Roseberry Topping, in North Yorkshire.

Poignant pictures capture heartbreaking evacuation of children to keep them safe from the bombs of World War Two

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eighty years ago, parents across the UK were forced to make a gut wrenching decision – risk your child’s life by keeping them with you in the city or send them to live with strangers on the other side of the country. In the late summer of 1939, another world war was looking increasingly imminent. Knowing that scientific advancements made throughout the Great War and beyond, the UK government and its citizens knew that air raids would be frequent, brutal, and deadly. The order was made to evacuate all school age children from densely populated towns and cities – including London, Birmingham and Glasgow. Heart-breaking monochrome images from 1939 capture sobbing parents wishing their children farewell, knowing that they were to be transported hundreds of miles away and barely contactable; a crowd of schoolchildren – some smiling, some more pensive – preparing for their grand adventure; and a young helper assisting an apprehensive little boy with his luggage tags.

Thousands of people crowd peach banquet at Laojun Mountain

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of tourists and local residents enjoy peaches during a peach banquet at the Laojun Mountain scenic spot in Luoyang city, in central China's Henan province. Chinese workers used two tons of peach to form a huge pattern featuring shape of peach and characters of "Tian Xia Di Yi Tiao", which means "the best peach in the world". Thousands of tourists and local residents attend the banquet.

Giant space pumpkin draws "eyeballs" at Hangzhou exhibition

***EXCLUSIVE*** Scientists had sent pumpkin seeds to space on a spacecraft. Their genes were reportedly changed under zero gravity and the radiation from cosmic rays and charged particles in space. Once brought back to earth, the seeds became more disease resistant and more fertile. They grew faster than common seeds and the pumpkins grew from them were much larger than those grown from normal seeds.

Community of 15 Benedictine nuns at Malling Abbey go to war with housing developer over plans to build 65 houses opposite their tranquil 11th century home

***EXCLUSIVE*** Since 1090, the Benedictine Nuns of Malling Abbey have led a secluded life of worship in which tranquility is cherished above all else. But years of peaceful existence is about to be ripped apart by housing developers who are rolling in diggers and preparing to build a sprawling 65-home estate next to the grounds of the Grade I and II listed buildings. The sisters, however, are battling to preserve the isolation they currently enjoy in West Malling, Kent, have been backed by many in the local community which is rallying against construction company Bellway on their behalf.

Homeowner's 200-year-old sycamore is mysteriously poisoned by saboteur who drilled holes in it and injected poison... after neighbours complained about 100ft-high tree 'blocking light'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman whose 200-year-old protected sycamore tree is dying after it was poisoned fears the culprit is a disgruntled neighbour. Furious homeowner Jill Sarchet, 51, became suspicious after some branches and leaves on the magnificent 100ft tall sycamore went brown.  She discovered around 50 holes drilled into the base of the tree, which sits at the end of her backgarden in Worsthorne-with-Hurstwood., Lancs. It is thought the trespasser snuck on to her property in Burnley, Lancs, under the cover of darkness and shooting poison through the gaps.

Ex-boyfriend burns down woman's home leaving her and her nine-year-old daughter homeless

***EXCLUSIVE*** A devastated mum says she is homeless after her 'psycho' ex left her for another woman and then BURNT their house down when she refused to get back with him. Zak Rodda, 32, started the blaze in the bedroom of his ex-partner Charlene Clarke's home - before sending her a series of chilling messages. The fire burnt through four terraced homes leaving them 'shells' and caused over £100K worth of damage - with several people still living in temporary accommodation.

Cat enthusiast who built a giant £10k zoo-style enclosure for her four domestic felines could be forced to tear it down because she didn't get planning permission

***EXCLUSIVE*** A former police officer who has built a zoo-style 'big cat' enclosure for her domestic felines is facing a planning battle after neighbours demanded it is torn down. Sue Haworth, 53, and husband Richard, 51, spent £10,000 on the 9ft-high structure in their garden so their four “fur babies” had a safe space to play.  The 13ft by 11.5ft cage is accessed through a catflap and features a number of ramps and ropes which enables them to climb to the top.

Stunning photos from the '50s show models at the famous Gaby Young Agency learning to master the catwalk

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning retro pictures have offered a behind-the-scenes look at the famous Gaby Young Agency during the 1950s and 60s. The incredible images show a model learning the correct way to walk in 1965 with her tummy in and pelvis forward, young hopefuls being interviewed by Gaby Young herself in 1950 and Young and her secretary coping with busy telephone that don’t seem to stop ringing as one call a minute comes through to the West End office. Other striking shots show Gaby Young modelling a Reveille coat in 1951, one of Gaby Young’s models walking along Regent Street on her way to work and a model pupil practicing the sitting position she learnt the previous week, with hands clasped neatly on her knee and legs on the opposite side. The remarkable photographs reveal the inner workings of one of the UK’s top modelling agencies during the 1950s and 60s.

Hermit crab with a can for shell

***EXCLUSIVE*** Disturbing photographs of a hermit crab using a discarded tin can as a shell illustrate the devastating impact humans are having on the planet. To protect their soft bodies, hermit crabs regularly upgrade their shells throughout their lifetime. However, these pictures show the crustaceans are increasingly resorting to discarded rubbish rather than actual shells. Art lecturer and photographer Shane Keena took the shocking photos while visiting the remote island of Peleliu in the Palau archipelago in Micronesia.