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Model with spina bifida, 29, launches YouTube channel to answer the questions people are scared to ask her - from how she gets dressed to dating

***EXCLUSIVE*** OHIO, USA: This woman was born with SPINA BIFIDA but says it doesn’t mean she is ALWAYS SAD or that her condition means she is MENTALLY DISABLED and is on a mission to change the stereotypes that disabled people are confronted with DAILY. YouTuber Danielle Marx (29) from Ohio, USA, was born with spina bifida, leaving her paralysed from the waist down and using a wheelchair. Despite these challenges, Danielle maintains a positive outlook on life, choosing to focus on the things she can do instead of things she can’t do after being raised not to view her disability as a marker of being incapable. As a newborn, Danielle underwent surgery to fix an opening in her spine which was caused by spina bifida. After this, Danielle was raised not to view her disability as a marker of being different and despite other people’s doubts, Danielle learned to swim and joined a dance group because seeing her friends accomplish these goals spurred her on to do the same. Although many of her peers would stare at Danielle which made her feel uncomfortable at the time, she now appreciates that they only stared out of curiosity as they wanted to understand. Danielle never wanted her disability to be a reason not to achieve something, but she has always been aware of the stigmas surrounding disability. Whenever Danielle gets frustrated with her disability, she sees that it isn’t based on her own feelings, her frustration is actually based off other people’s reactions to her. The way people talk to Danielle is notably different, as she feels that people believe that her physical disability makes people think she is mentally disabled also. Other common perceptions include people thinking she doesn’t care about fashion just because she’s in a wheelchair, or that she is always sad because of it. The societal perception of disability is that being disabled isn’t standard, making Danielle feel underrepresented. Danielle began posting videos on YouTube to open up about spina bifida, disability and using a wheelchair as she tries to diminish the taboo of talking about disability as she believes that many people are too afraid to ask her questions about her disability, choosing to stare instead.

Super-slimmer gets 10lbs of excess skin removed after halving her body weight

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW YORK, USA: This twenty-seven stone woman was bullied for her weight which led her to becoming a binge eater and HEROIN ADDICT - but she has since hit the gym, HALVED her weight, had surgery to remove TEN POUNDS of excess skin and become a FITNESS COACH. Lifestyle coach Michelle Bakal (26) from New York, USA, knew she was larger than those around her from a young age, with her family doctor saying she was too large for her age and needed to lose weight early on. Michelle often felt as though she didn’t fit in at school because people looked at her differently as a result of her weight. Bullies would often call Michelle fat, even shouting ‘watch out’ as she walked through the school corridors. The cruel jibes made Michelle feel as though she wasn’t normal and at 16 she started experimenting with alcohol and heroin. During this difficult phase, Michelle gorged on food and her weight increased to 27st 1lb, becoming a size 4XL on top and a UK size 32 in trousers. When she was 21, Michelle went sober as she knew she wanted to turn her life around. In accomplishing her sobriety, Michelle was empowered by what she could do and felt that if she could give up drugs, she could lose weight too. It was then that Michelle faced her battle with food and was diagnosed with binge eating disorder in 2015, which highlighted that she had been turning to food to fill in for emotional support. Michelle had grown accustomed to eating two pounds worth of spaghetti for a meal, or an entire pie to herself. To kickstart her dramatic weight loss, Michelle had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in October 2017 and she now goes to the gym five times a week to do weight training and hikes with her husband, Zachary (23) and she now weighs everything she eats. Michelle’s weight has plummeted to 13st 5lb and she now wears a size medium. After hitting her goal weight and maintaining it for eight months, Michelle was able to have surgery to remove the excess skin she was left with afterwards. In July 2019, surgeons removed 10-pounds of skin, adding to Michelle’s impressive transformation.

Young mum diagnosed with cancer after being told she 'just had a blocked milk duct'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gemma Corby, 35, gave birth to twins in August last year but tragically one of the infants was stillborn as a result of fatal complications during the pregnancy.  As daughter Ayla was six weeks premature she had to remain in hospital for a month and in the first week there Gemma noticed a lump in her breast while feeding.   She sought immediate medical attention but was told the abnormality was just a blocked milk duct, which is a common complaint for new mums. As the months went on the lump was still there and Gemma sought professional advice a further three times but was told there was nothing to worry about each time. The lump kept growing and in February this year she saw a gynaecologist, who thought it was nothing serious, but referred her for an ultrasound nonetheless. An abnormality was picked up and ten days later Gemma had a mammogram. In the first week of March this year she was given the earth-shattering news she has triple negative breast cancer, which is an ultra-aggressive and difficult to treat form of the disease.  Within weeks Gemma went on chemotherapy, which she is still undergoing now more than four months later. The mum-of-one, who lives in France with her partner Andy Thomas, still doesn't know what the future holds but is desperate to tell her story in a bid to help others.

'Intelligent' temperature-controlling bed sheets and furniture which changes shape and COLOUR are among the incredible innovations that will be commonplace in the homes of the future

***EXCLUSIVE*** The high-tech sheets will mean you never again suffer a sweaty, sleepless night during a heatwave. And the AI furniture will also have the potential to change its shape if you want to introduce new items to the room, but fear there is a lack of space. Other future must-haves will include toilets which turn waste into fuel, and a community-based electric vehicle pooling system, could also be on the horizon.

Incredible pictures unveil 1860s Long Island Farmhouse filled with dusty vintage furniture, antique mannequins and eerie family portraits after the property was abandoned decades ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible photos of a long-abandoned farmhouse show exactly what life was like living in the 19th Century. Fascinating shots of the homestead, which was built in 1860 and home to a highly respected local schoolteacher, include a cluttered old writing desk; a vintage bottle of medicine designed to prevent bedwetting; and an antique dress mannequin shrouded in decades of dust. The striking pictures were taken by urban explorer Bryan Sansivero, 34, who became the first person to set foot in the bewitching property for 40 years as the building’s future is determined.

From the New York skyline to London's Trafalgar Square, stunning composites show how popular locations change from day to night

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning photo composites capture breath-taking locations as they shift between day and night in a single image. Incredible photos include a tantalising panoramic of New York and its unmistakable skyline; a couple tenderly embracing amongst the hustle and bustle of Trafalgar Square; and hundreds of diverse animal species sharing one watering hole in the Serengeti National Park. Another striking image shows the real beauty of the Falkland Islands and its resident albatrosses.

Animal lovers got married with their three-year-old Alaskan Malamute as best man - and had 11 other dogs and even three horses in attendance

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of animal lovers got married with a dog as best man and 11 other pooches and three horses in the audience. Kelly and Billy Bleach's three-year-old Alaskan Malamute, Zeus, walked up the aisle with a box containing their wedding ring attached to his left paw. Billy, 31, said "give me the ring" and his pooch pawed over the box to him as they said their vows. Kelly's father Trevor Smith escorted her and Billy, 31, to the civil ceremony in Sittingbourne, Kent, on horse back.

Expensive shelter in Nanning

A view of a 13-square-meter shanty shelter which is priced at 350,000 yuan (about US$ 50,000) in Nanning in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Saturday, July 27, 2019. The high price is due to the good school zone.