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Female traveller who's visited 50 countries reveals that she stays safe by being 'very bada**'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman has visited FIFTY countries but admits that travelling alone in the east can be challenging for a woman and claims men there will come on to ANYONE  after having one man lay down next to her and STROKE HER CHEEK whilst another tried to FOLLOW HER HOME – but she believes being a bold ‘BADASS’ has kept her safe. Financial analyst and writer, Anurita De (38) originally from Kanpur, India, but now living in London, UK, hadn’t travelled anywhere for the first 22 years of her life as her parents never travelled, and she focussed on her studies. It wasn’t really until Anurita was 24 when she was sent to London for training for her job as an analyst that the world opened up to her and she spent her earnings on weekends exploring the capital city and other parts of the UK. Six months later, Anurita returned to India to study for another four years but realised that she didn’t have the same opportunities to travel there. Four years later in 2009, she moved back to London to do her MBA at Oxford University before landing a job at the Bank of England. Anurita promised herself that she would travel to as many places as she possibly could, fitting her trips around working fulltime by using her weekends, bank holidays, holiday allowance and taking advantage of her employer’s holiday buy back scheme. Anurita has visited an incredible 50 countries over the last ten years including, Dominican Republic, Israel, Greece, USA and Russia, and aims to visit five new countries every year as well as going back to places she has visited before but loves. When she is not travelling abroad, Anurita tries to take two weekend trips around the UK a month. Anurita left her job last year and is now self-employed, providing financial advice to start-up businesses and last year she spent six-months away from her and husband, Dhruv, travelling her home country, India, after not having the opportunity growing up but admitted that it can be a dangerous place for women as she regularly found herself being hit on by men. Anurita estimates that she has spent £8-10,000 on travel over the last 10 years but she doesn’t buy new furniture or fancy cars or have a television, and instead prioritises travel over eating out and materialistic items that go out of fashion.


Boy finds nest of dinosaur eggs in construction site across street

***EXCLUSIVE*** A primary school student walking with his mother near a construction site discovered a 65 million year old dinosaur egg that then led experts to uncover a nest of 10 others in south China. The rare discovery in Heyuan, Guangdong Province was made by Zhang Yangzhe who spotted the egg in the side of a bluff that had been excavated during the construction of a new bridge in the city, according to a video by The Beijing News on Thursday, which shows a housing development across the street. Zhang's mother called experts from the Heyuan Museum who later unearthed a nest of 10 other eggs and confirmed they are from the late Cretaceous Period. "The 11 dinosaur eggs with a diameter of eight to nine centimeters are nearly 65 million years old," said Huang Dong, the curator of Heyuan Museum. "I wonder if a dinosaur can be cloned from the eggs?" one netizen lightheartedly asked.

Chinese cartoonist creates comics starring his daughter

***EXCLUSIVE*** Chinese man Cheng Peng, who is a cartoonist, created comics starring his daughter, aiming to keep a record of his daughter's childhood in Qingdao city, east China's Shandong province. The comics went viral on the internet.

Horses and their riders plunge into the sea to cool off after a race

***EXCLUSIVE*** Horses and their riders plunge into the sea to cool off after a race. The animals stand belly-deep in the water of the Flores Sea, off the coast of Bima in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. They had taken part in a mile-long race to celebrate the 379th anniversary of the city being built. Photographer Gede Sudika Pratama watched the race, wading into the water afterwards as the racers spent around 45 minutes in the water.

Wooden boats look like lily pads as they float on a river

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of wooden boats look like lily pads as they float on a river. The boats, some decorated with colourful rugs, are kept in this flower-like shape to take up as little space as possible. Workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, use the small vessels for transport across the city's Buriganga river and for ferrying goods. Photographer Abdul Momin, 28, captured these aerial images of the boats using a drone.

Terminally-ill tattoo artist Jeffery Beale, 60, has decided to confront his imminent death head-on - by painting his own coffin

***EXCLUSIVE*** Just over eight weeks ago, Jeffery Beale was given the earth-shattering news he had terminal cancer. Instead of dwelling on the distressing diagnosis the 60-year-old had an epiphany. Listening to Jeffery, his positivity and outlook on life is overwhelming, as he insists he has never been happier and being told he has terminal cancer has actually allowed him to "appreciate the smaller things in life". What is even more unique about Jeffery is that his diagnosis of esophageal cancer has meant that he doesn't just get a say in his funeral arrangements, but he has designed and painted his OWN coffin.