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Woman, 26, says her brain tumor symptoms were dismissed as stress, flu, pregnancy, and 'bad attitude' for 4 months before she was finally given a brain scan

***EXCLUSIVE*** POMONA, CALIFORNIA, USA: This woman was accused of being rude by her DOCTOR because she wasn’t able to make eye contact with him when talking about her symptoms that he wrote off as stress or PREGNANCY, but when he finally agreed to do a CT scan to PROVE there was nothing wrong with her it turned out she had a BRAIN TUMOUR – he later apologised after realising she probably wasn’t being rude after all.  Physical therapist assistant, Deeanna Carrera (26) from Pomona, California, USA, first suspected something was wrong when she started to experience persistent colds, sore throats and tinnitus in October 2017. When she went to the hospital, she was told she just had a minor cold and was sent home. Days later, Deeanna’s eye started to twitch and she was suffering with severe headaches and lost her appetite, which she put down to her body changing but in January 2018, her health took another turn. After a night out, Deeanna woke up in pain with severe headaches that didn’t shift for four days, as well as this, she started to confuse her words. A few weeks later, her headaches were stopping her from sleeping, she experienced behavioural changes and lost 2st 2lb. Going back to the hospital, Deeanna was told she was coming down with the flu and was sent home with anti-sickness medication to prevent her nausea. Light started to burn her eyes, she couldn’t see and Deeanna was experiencing dizzy spells, falls and was struggling to walk and her nausea got worse, doctors told her she might be pregnant and she went for a test and ultrasound scan which showed she wasn’t and once more Deeanna was told she had the flu. Deeanna’s mum, Andrea, was looking after her back at home when she couldn’t move for the pain she was in. In despair, Deeanna went to the hospital for a final time on February 5, 2018 where she was told she wasn’t coping well with stress and to prove that there wasn’t anything wrong with her, doctors sent her for a CT scan that showed she had a brain tumour. Within moments, she was rushed to an alternative hospital where she was treated for a noncancerous acoustic neuroma tumour that was growing on the nerve used for hearing and balance. Deeanna had her tumour removed on February 12, 2018 and was hospitalised for a month and was left with facial paralysis on the right side of her face which she has had surgery for.

A mum-of-one has won a prestigious food award for her jam-making - using fruit and veg REJECTED by supermarkets for being "too ripe"

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kerry Dodd, 52, began her jam and preserves business, Hembridge Organics, as a commercial fruit grower, selling customers organic vegetables grown locally. But as a grower, Kerry soon realised that farmers selling their produce to supermarkets would have much of their fruit and veg discarded, for being too ripe or too large for their shelves. The determined mum-of-one took it upon herself to prove that delicious food can be made from produce discarded by supermarkets as imperfect. And, three years on, Hembridge Organics boasts nine different flavours of jams and chutneys - and Kerry has just beaten supermarket competition to win an award for her jam.

Meet the personal trainer who lets his clients bring their DOGS to the gym - to make working out less intimidating

***EXCLUSIVE*** Andy Graydon, 24, came up with the pet-friendly idea to help get the best out of his clients who have said having their beloved pooch at the gym builds their confidence.  The animal lover from Maryhill, Glasgow said working out in the busy studio can be an 'intimidating experience', but clients who bring their dog feel more at ease. The gym has a doggy creche where clients can leave their pets while they work out to avoid paying for someone to look after them while they are at the gym.  The pampered pooches have their own play area at AG Fitness Training where they can relax.  He got the idea after getting his own dog, Darwin, a one-year-old miniature Dachshund, in February 2018.

Hip-hop music makes cheese spicier

Switzerland, Burgdorf: The Swiss veterinarian and hobby cheesemaker Beat Wampfler in his cheese warehouse in Emmental. He has sonicated cheese loafs with different music, and a college has determined in a first attempt actual differences in the cheeses. Testers gave the cheese with hip-hop music the best marks. (to dpa "Hip-hop music makes cheese spicier: frippery or real science?")


Germany, Freiburg: A man accompanied by a donkey drinking an espresso coffee sitting at nice street coffee shop and restaurant in Freiburg.