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Woman with rare condition ages seven times faster than normal

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman with a rare condition that means she ages SEVEN TIMES FASTER than normal and has surpassed the average MORTALITY rate at the age of TWENTY. Claudia Amaral (20) from Viseu, Portugal, was just four months old when she began experiencing symptoms such as hair loss, wrinkled skin and pigmentation of the skin. In 2000, when she was just one year old, she was diagnosed with progeria, a rare, fatal, genetic childhood condition characterised by premature ageing. The doctor informed her parents that she could die either that day or the day after and that the average age for girls with the condition would only be up to 13 or 14 years old. Every day since she was diagnosed Claudia has been defying the odds and has grown up with a supportive family and friends who have always treated her equally to them. At the age of 20, her progeria age is 140 and she has frequently had her hip replaced due to bone wear, but she hasn’t let any of her medical issues stop her from going out with friends and her goal is to prove that the condition doesn’t limit her in any way.

Pregnancy ruined my body: Mother left with with saggy skin, a gap in her abdominal muscles and a 'deformed' belly button reveals she's restored her confidence with a tummy tuck

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the mum-of-two who developed a condition during her first pregnancy that created a FOUR FINGER LONG GAP between the two sides of her ABS and a HERNIA that left her incontinent with SAGGY SKIN – giving her no choice but to get a TUMMY TUCK. In 2013, content creator, Julieta Torres (30) from Bogota, Colombia, gave birth to her first son who is now five years old, and while she had a healthy pregnancy, she realised her body looked different. After shedding her post-partum weight, she had a lot of extra skin, her belly button appeared deformed which turned out to be caused by a hernia and she still had a bump. When Julieta, who is now living in New York, USA, went to her doctor, they couldn’t explain what was happening; they told her that it happens to all first-time mothers and that surgery was the only option. It turned out she had a medical condition called diastasis recti, a condition that causes a gap of roughly 2.7cm normally of the abdominal muscle, however, Julieta’s gap was around twice the size of three to four fingers in width. She decided to research about the condition and found some exercises that appeared to help. She didn’t even consider the tummy tuck surgery until she had her youngest son who is now two years old, in December 2016. Due to how much her body had stretched from her first pregnancy, by this time she had lost all integrity in her abdominal muscles and her condition became worse. She started having chronic back pain and incontinence and nothing she did eased the pain, so she began considering having the surgery and had a consultation with a surgeon. She decided to have the surgery back in her home country and although the recovery process was hard and painful, she no longer has any back pain, her incontinence has improved, and she doesn’t have a hernia anymore. With all she has experienced, she no longer feels insecure about her body and stretch marks and has decided to be grateful for them instead.

Rare Boba Fett Star Wars toy sells for a world record £90,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extemely rare rocket firing Boba Fett action figure has sold at auction for £90,000 ($112,926) - a world record for a Star Wars toy. The 3.75ins Kenner prototype of the bounty hunter was made in 1979 and was due to be released in conjunction with The Empire Strikes Back (1980) hitting the big screen. It was displayed at the 1979 New York Toy Fair but never made it into mass production, as there is thought to have been an issue with the rocket firing mechanism. Most prototypes were destroyed in the factory at the time, and only a handful of them have ever come to market.

Doctor Who mega-fans tie the knot dressed as the Time Lord and Rose Tyler - surrounded by TV and film characters

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of TV buffs have tied the knot in front of their friends and family - all of whom were dressed as their favourite on-screen characters. Stacey Savage, 29, and Simon Clarke, 40, married at Athelhampton House in Dorset where an episode of Doctor Who was filmed in the 1970s. To mark the special location the couple asked their guests to come dressed as their favourite fictional figures and they did not disappoint. Among the onlookers were the likes Bart and Marjoie Simpson, Mary Poppins and Bert, Mr Potato Head and Mrs Brown. The bride's parents even got into the spirit of things by arriving as the Julia Roberts and Richard Gere from Pretty Woman.

Surfing with your pooch competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** Branksome Dene Chine beach in Bournemouth hosted the UK dog surfing championships. Competitors and their four-legged friends took to the water in a series of tightly contested heats, which culminated in a sprint finish across the sand. There were also prizes for the best dressed surfing dog.

Former President Obama's school basketball vest for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Barack Obama's high school basketball top has emerged for sale for £80,000. ($100,000) The former president was a callow 18 year old when he wore the white number 23 jersey for Punahou School in Hawaii 40 years ago. His love of the sport endured into adulthood and he was frequently seen playing it at the White House. The top was due to be discarded at the end of the 1978/79 season, but his team-mate Peter Noble decided to take it home as he had also worn it when Obama was not able to play. He kept hold of it as a souvenir as they had become state champions. Now, four decades later, he is selling it with Heritage Auctions, of Dallas, Texas.

Man becomes World Stinging Nettle champion after devouring 58ft of the plant

***EXCLUSIVE*** Annual eccentric Dorset contest sees fierce competition among nettle eaters - with a few secret winning techniques. Hungry Tony Jeyes munched his way to the annual World Stinging Nettle Championships by eating 58ft of the stinging plant. Tony devoured the leaves from 29, 2ft long stems of nettles to take the title. Retired school teacher Lindy Rogers, 67, won the women's category by getting through 46ft of nettles. Although the 67-year-old only decided to enter the eccentric contest at the last minute, her technique of dipping the nettles into her cider proved decisive.

An eagle-eyed OAP is still working as an official aircraft inspector - at the incredible age of 101

***EXCLUSIVE*** Former pilot Ernie Horsfall has spent more than 3,000 hours - or four months - in the skies over the years. He can't get insured to take the controls anymore due to his age but continues to work as an inspector to this day. Ernie's role with the Light Aicraft Assocation (LAA) sees him run his keen eye over the machines to ensure they have been built properly. He offers advice to aviators and acts as the last line of defence before planes are signed off Widower Ernie then sends his paperwork off to LAA headquarters, where they are reviewed by the chief inspector and filed. LAA officials say they check in with their oldest inspector every year to ensure he's still fit to work. Ernie, who is from Preston, Lancs, said: "I've worked with planes for so many years now that I generally know what I'm looking at. "I'm not too bothered about going up in the air anymore, I've done it so many times that it's just like getting in a car is for someone else "Nowadays I just inspect the planes, which I like to do.

A man who was diagnosed with kiwi-sized BRAIN TUMOR during his bachelor party weekend still made it to his wedding three months later

***EXCLUSIVE*** Anthony Luevano, 32, awoke with a pounding headache on the morning of this bachelor party trip on August 10, 2018. Anthony, of Los Angeles, California, USA, was in such pain his partner Janneth Martinez, 31, advised him to visit the ER, where he was diagnosed with a migraine and discharged. The certified nursing assistant decided to stick to his plan and make the three-hour trip down the coast to San Diego with seven friends including best man Christopher Gonzalez, 33, but he was too unwell to hit the town.

Woman has just graduated from university with a first class degree - despite being homeless in her teens and falling pregnant in her first year of study

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who was homeless as a teen and then pregnant during her first university year has now graduated - with a FIRST. Brave Emily Hattersley, 23, was studying for her GCSEs when she found herself without a home - but continued her college studies while sofa-surfing with friends. She put herself into care at the age of just 17 in order to finish college, and managed to get accepted to study Media and Communications at the University of South Wales. But in the summer at the end of her first year at university, Emily fell pregnant - and said that her "whole life flashed before my eyes" as she stared at the positive pregnancy test.

Fancy living in a Gothic folly?

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tawstock Castle, in Barnstaple, Devon stands proudly on a picturesque hilltop and enjoys breathtaking 360 degree views of the countryside. It is situated on a charming 8.41 acre plot, complete with its own helipad, and has fenced grounds for quiet, peaceful living. The grade II listed home was originally built as a lookout tower for the Raye Estate more than 250 years ago.

Mango market

***EXCLUSIVE*** Huge baskets of mangoes are assembled underneath a tree at one of the largest markets for the fruit in the world. Over 2,000 farmers take their produce to be sold to wholesalers at Kansat in Chapai Nawabganj, Bangladesh. The freshly picked fruit is transported to the market in baskets attached to bicycles before being distributed to the country's major cities. Mangoes are the main crop of farmers in the district, with thousands of tonnes being sold every day.

Mind-blowing visions of the future from 1899 depicting life in the year 2000 have been discovered by chance

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 120-year-old illustrations, created by French artists, are set to go under the hammer tomorrow (July 31) and auction experts say not only are they extremely rare, it could be be the first time ever an original set of the weird and wonderful prints has been offered for sale. The illustrations include everything from an underwater sea bus powered by a giant fish and underwater croquet to flying firemen with wings tackling blazes from the air, fish racing and aero cabs flying people around a city. But though many of the designs are surreal others predict scientific advancement and inventions, such as helicopters. The world’s first practical helicopter didn’t take to the air until 1939 - 40 years after the illustrations were created. They were found by Jim Spencer, works on paper specialist at Hansons Auctioneers, and he thinks they could spark major interest when they go under the hammer at Bishton Hall in Staffordshire.

Medal awarded to fanatical bodyguard who saved Hitler's life by taking five bullets meant for the Nazi leader in the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch is set to fetch £4,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare medal awarded to the man who 'changed the course of history' by saving Adolf Hitler's life is coming up for sale. Ulrich Graf was the bodyguard for the Nazi dictator at the time of the famous Beer Hall Putsch in Munich in November 1923. The revolutionary coup by the rising Nazi party to seize power in Bavaria resulted in a bloody battle with police, with 16 party members and four officers killed. Ulrich, a burly former wrestler, threw himself on Hitler and was shot five times but survived. Had he not done his job, Hitler could have been killed, the Nazis may never have come to power and the Second World War could have been avoided.

Hammerhead shark sighted on edge of UK waters for first time EVER

***EXCLUSIVE*** A deadly hammerhead shark has been sighted in UK waters for the first ever time, scientists today revealed. The predator, that has a distinctive hammer-shaped flattened head, was spotted in the Celtic Sea, between the south coast of Ireland and the south west of England. Its appearance on the surface of the sea was fleeting but enough for two marine scientists to positively identify it. The sighting comes a week after a marine expert predicted that some shark species such as the Great White and hammerhead could become regular visitors to British waters by 2050 due to rising sea temperatures.

Medals of the Red Baron's final victim

***EXCLUSIVE*** The medals of the Red Baron's final victim, shot down the evening before the German Ace finally met his own end...have sold for £18,000 at auction. Major Richard 'Dick' Raymond-Barker, who commanded No 3 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps, was the 79th victim of Baron Manfred von Richthofen. He was flying in a Sopwith Camel when he was killed in a dogfight with the German ace on April 20, 1918, aged just 23. The Red Baron himself was shot down at 11 am the following day over the Somme.

Four strange types of snails have been discovered off the coast of Japan - 6,500 feet below the surface

***EXCLUSIVE*** Four bizarre types of snail have been found living in deep sea vents off the coast of Japan - up to 6,500 feet beneath the surface. The remote area is home to life not seen anywhere else - underlining we know more about the surface of Mars than the oceans. They are all completely new to science owing to their unusual shells. The tiny teeth used for scraping food particles off rocks and into the mouth are also different. The region has been earmarked for future mineral exploration for 'green' fuels - and the discovery raises major environmental issues.