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Student has confronted a tragic boat explosion in the Bahamas that cost her both her legs to happily pose in a bikini a year later

***EXCLUSIVE*** A student who lost both her legs in a fatal boat explosion while on vacation in the Bahamas now happily poses in a bikini a year after the tragic accident. Stefanie Schaffer, 23, almost died when a tourist boat taking her and her family to see the island’s swimming pigs exploded last June.  Her legs were so badly mangled in the blast, which killed a fellow American traveller, that doctors had no choice but to amputate both limbs just below the knee. She later had elective surgery to become an above the knee amputee which she hopes will help her walk unaided on prosthetic legs.  Stefanie said: “When I first got hurt, I cried for hours.

Grandmother-of-six, 61, reveals men often stare at her stunning six-pack and joke her biceps are 'bigger than theirs'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the grandma in her SIXTIES with a SIX-PACK who claims that bodybuilding has helped build her confidence and attracts admiring stares from MEN who often comment that her biceps are BIGGER than theirs – but her husband doesn’t mind. Medical office administrator and personal trainer, Lynda Jager (61) from Ontario, Canada, first became eager to sculpt her figure when she was in her twenties with a goal to become stronger. In the beginning she was prone to being too shy to join a gym or exercise publicly due to having anxiety and suffering from stage fright. She started off buying her own weights and began weightlifting in private at home for a decade. It wasn’t until she was in her thirties when she had the courage to join a gym, as she felt she was limited with methods of weight training doing it at home. Over the next few years she was encouraged by many people, including her husband, Mark (55), to participate in bodybuilding competitions. But it took her two decades to pluck up the courage to compete in her first bodybuilding show, by this time she was 51. During her first show, she suffered stage fright and froze on stage and almost fainted, she had to be gently nudged by the woman behind her, but once she gathered herself, she felt exhilarated. She has since been a five-time bodybuilding champion and feels more confident than she’s ever been. Lynda is a grandmother to six children; Max (7), Ella (5), Victoria (3), Georgia (2), Jack (1) and Nora (11 months). Her muscular physique has attracted a lot of attention both good and bad; some admire her for her strength and others aren’t fans of the muscle look. She says at times men appear intimidated by her muscular figure. She says that her husband is so confident in their relationship he doesn’t even mind when she men flirt with her.

Florida pilot, 26, dresses up like BATMAN to help rescue animals and FLY them to their new adoptive homes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Batman has been spotted flying over Florida – but rather than catching criminals the caped crusader is busy transporting cats and dogs to their furever home. Heart-warming photos show the Gotham protector’s not-so-secret alias Chris Van Dorn, 26, dressed up as the superhero icon to help rescue animals in need of loving homes, including Batman and Robin (aka Mr Boots) posing by their Batplane; the Dark Knight cradling a fluffy kitten to his chest; and playing with pups in a pound awaiting their very own rescuers. After his family adopted a dog in 2014 and saw the hard work of the volunteers who had saved the pooch from an uncertain fate, Chris was inspired to start his own not-for-profit charity ‘Batman4Paws’, combining his love of animals, flying, and his childhood icon.

Chinese girl makes tailored desserts for pets

***EXCLUSIVE*** Chinese girl Zhang Luning, who works as a copywriter, started her bakery business for pets as a hobby in 2017. Some cakes and creams that people eat aren't suitable for pets because of health reasons. So Zhang collected a variety of ingredients such as eggs, goat's milk, purple sweet potatoes, chicken breast, beef, salmon and cauliflower, to make for her pet dogs some special treats, which eventually became the prototypes for her baking business. Now Zhang has expanded her baking business both online and offline, and she also provides cute accessories such as pet bibs and vests. Zhang even makes holiday-themed cakes for pets to mark special days such as Christmas and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Woman who thought itchy eyes were allergy symptom diagnosed with brain tumor

***EXCLUSIVE*** A businesswoman who thought she was suffering from hayfever was shocked to discover her stinging eyes were due to a BRAIN TUMOUR. Gurcharan Kaur, 30, suffered irritated eyes for weeks, but shrugged it off as an allergy caused by pollen or dust, and dosed up on antihistamines. Sightseeing in London last month, Gurcharan noticed her eye was becoming more irritable than normal and it was becoming painful to blink.  The Etsy business walked past an opticians, and decided it was time to get some help.

Leather from fish skins becomes jewellery

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Wismar: Designer Ramona Stelzer shows a finished necklace and a piece of leather with punched out holes from the skin of a ray in her fish leather jewellery manufactory. Tanned with vegetable agents to soft leather, the artist places small pieces as a highlight on ear studs, rings, chains, tie pins or cufflinks. The dyed leather of the pearl ray is popular, whose smooth surface enlivens countless small circles, the "pearls".

Woman who was left mortified when her dress split open at a friend's wedding reveals she finally lost SEVEN stone after struggling to breathe during a holiday in Greece

***EXCLUSIVE*** After attending a friend’s wedding this woman was MORTIFIED to find out that her size had caused her dress to SPLIT OPEN but even this didn’t stop her gaining more weight and reaching a massive EIGHTEEN STONE – it wasn’t until she was left struggling to BREATHE during a holiday in Greece that she finally sought help. Photography sales assistant, Hannah Rochford (30) from Somerset, UK, had always felt bigger than her friends and felt insecure wearing a swimming costume during swimming lessons at just 10 years old. As a teenager, Hannah weighed 12 stone and wore a size 14 and was often called fat by peers. By 2012, Hannah was in her final year of university and her mum bought a low carb diet book which Hannah wanted to try so she could lose weight before her graduation as her weight rose to 15 stone. The low carb diet helped Hannah shed five stone over six months, but she couldn’t maintain the restrictive diet and by 2013 she had gained all the weight back. Hannah’s weight made her want to stay in all the time, and any time she did leave the house, she would drive – regardless of how short the journey was. In May 2017, Hannah attended a friend’s wedding wearing a long-sleeved black floral dress which covered her arms and stretched over her frame. Despite having a wonderful evening celebrating, when she woke up the next morning, she saw that the back of the dress had split open. Hannah was humiliated and hoped no one had seen. At her heaviest weight of 18 stone and a size 20, Hannah went to Greece in September and struggled in the heat, leading her to feel like she was suffocating. Although she knew she had to lose weight, Hannah put it off until she came across some Slimming World Instagram accounts which inspired her to join in January 2018.  Since joining Slimming World, Hannah has lost seven stone and now weighs 11st, and is a size 12, although she continues to lose even more weight.

Scientists discover fossils of a giant 'Millennium Falcon'-like predator that hunted the seas 506 million years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of fossils of a primordial sea creature with rake-like claws and a head resembling a famous fictional spaceship have been unearthed in Canada. The finding provides a wealth of information about an important predator from a key time in the evolution of life on Earth. Scientists on Tuesday said the creature, called Cambroraster falcatus, was a distant relative of today's arthropods - the diverse group of animals including insects, spiders and crabs. It lived during the Cambrian Period 506 million years ago, when all animal life lived in the oceans.

Contemporary longest ink-brush-written novel acknowledged in Hebei

***EXCLUSIVE*** Yang Chunguang receives a certificate of the record of longest contemporary ink-brush-written novel from Shanghai China Records Headquarter in Xingtai city, central China's Hubei province, 31 July 2019. The novel has over one million characters and is 3000 meters long in total.

Descent into chaos

Libya's civil war in 2011 ousted and eventually killed longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi and in the aftermath and chaos the country was split between two rival administrations. A U.N. backed administration in the capital, Tripoli, oversees the country's western regions, and a opposing government in the east is supported by the so-called Libyan National Army whose leader is Khalifa Hifter. Each is backed by an array of militias and armed groups currently fighting over resources and territory. The conflict exploded on 4 April when the head of the eastern-based militia known as the Libyan National Army (LNA), General Khalifa Haftar, launched an offensive against the internationally recognized Government of National Accord (GNA), based in Tripoli. Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are backing Hifter while Turkey and Qatar are supporting militias allied with the Tripoli-backed government. Several Western nations have partnered with militias to combat extremists and stem the flow of Europe-bound migrants. To add to the downward spiraling situation, on 25 July, up to 150 migrants lost their lives after a boat they were traveling in capsized off the coast of Libya. Predicting that the 'days ahead will prove foundational to the years ahead for Libyans and the region'', Ghassan Salamé the top United Nations official in the country told the Security Council, that it was no exaggeration to describe the oil-rich nation as having reached 'a crucial juncture.

Dolphin jump

***EXCLUSIVE*** Four dolphins leap through the air as they frolick in the sea off the coast of Scotland. A pod of around ten dolphins delighted wildlife watchers by playing close to their boat off Inner Moray Firth on Scotland's north east coast. Sarah Pern, from the nearby port of Cromarty, in the Highlands, captured the image while leading a two-hour boat trip as a skipper for her wildlife tour company EcoVentures.