Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A British model has travelled 10,000 miles across the globe to Australia for FREE - blagging rides on planes, tractors, cars, ferries, buses, bikes and tuk tuks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mum-of-two Elaine Harris, 38, blagged her way to Sydney - all thanks to kind strangers who helped her get there from the UK. Elaine, who found catwalk success as a finalist on the UK's Top Model, started her epic freebie adventure on a tractor, leaving her home in Forfar, Angus on Sunday, July 21. She journeyed to Germany, Czechoslovakia, Israel, Bangkok, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Kuala Lumpur before arriving in Sydney - all with no cash.

A newborn had a lucky escape when he stopped breathing for 15 minutes and his heart stopped beating - due to a cold

***EXCLUSIVE*** Teddy Hemingway was sniffling during the school run with his brother and sister, but his mum Lauren, 27, didn't realise anything was seriously wrong until he spat out blood. The cold had given Teddy a nosebleed, which made him choke, stop breathing, and then go into cardiac arrest, when he was just four weeks old. His skin turned grey and his lips went blue while he was in her arms, and she frantically ran into the school reception for help.

Wife who's been with her high school sweetheart for 17 years reveals how they welcomed another woman into their marriage after she was 'drawn to her energy' while lingerie shopping

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the high school sweethearts who were in a MONOGAMOUS relationship for SIXTEEN YEARS before they found love with ANOTHER WOMAN - and admit that even though they get JEALOUS, their marriage is stronger since they became a TRIAD. In 2002, engineer, Simon (31) and Jodie Reynolds (30) from Perth, Australia, met in high school and fell for each other. They were in a relationship for 10 years before they got married in 2012. For 16 years there had only been two people in their relationship; they have evolved and grown together, however, in 2018, Jodie met Tash Bee (31) from Northern Territory, Australia, who was working at a lingerie shop. Jodie was immediately drawn to Tash’s energy and she would regularly visit the shop, developing a close friendship with her. After a few visits, Simon met Tash and they all became good friends. Tash fell in love with the relationship Simon and Jodie shared, the respect and love they had between them, and they all began to develop feelings for each other. Before they met Tash, Simon and Jodie didn’t think polyamory was for them, but their mutual attraction between them all was something they couldn’t ignore. They officially formed their polyamorous triad in January 2019 when they all admitted their feelings to each other. They have been smitten ever since and have even ‘come out’ to their family and friends, who have mostly accepted their relationship. They are now discussing moving in together in the future and while they have had their ups and downs, they have never been happier as a threesome.

A 16-year-old girl who has painful disorder endometriosis has been suffering with the condition since she was eight - and has now left her wheelchair bound

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pretty Chloe-Elizabeth Elliott's illness has intensified so much over the years the pelvic pain means she cannot walk. However, it took doctors eight years to give Chloe a diagnosis of the gynaecological condition that is more likely to affect women in their 30s and 40s. During that time, she was diagnosed with a urinary infection, appendicitis and even told her pain was all in her head.

Private island on St Lawrence River's 'Millionaire's Row' in upstate New York is listed for rent for $1,000 per night

***EXCLUSIVE*** If you’re planning a trip stateside you could rent your very own private island in New York State for around £800 per night – and it provides access to both the USA and Canada. Incredible images show the lush green island from above, the stunning property from outside and the extensive terrace areas. Other striking shots show the sleek bathrooms, cosy bedrooms and spacious living areas while a short clip provides a video tour of the entire island. Belle Island is located in 1000 Islands, Upstate New York, USA and is currently listed on www.vladi-private-islands.de for around £800 per night with a £1600 refundable damage deposit.

Eerie photos of abandoned boys home where catholic priest raped schoolboys - leaving one of them praying for death

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photographs of the abandoned boys home have resurfaced after this week Father Michael Higginbottom, 76, was jailed for 18 years after sexually abusing two children as they boarded at St Joseph's College in Upholand, Lancashire. During a two-week trial at Burnley Crown Court, jurors heard that he 'regularly, systematically and horrifically' abused the boys. The 153-acre site housed Catholic schoolboys for over a century. Photographer Rik Cotterill explored the enormous Gothic site and his pictures shows derelict dormitories, chilling chapels and shadowy statues.

A team of Russian photographers have created these stunning Inception inspired pictures which show cities turn upside on themselves

***EXCLUSIVE*** Scenes from 2010 sci-fi thriller Inception have be recreated by a team of photographers by capturing famous landmarks set in the largest country in the world. The pictures are then bent and merged together to create warped images and upside buildings - similar to the film which featured a thief entering people's dreams.

A mum has told how she nearly died after she caught sepsis and gangrene from a HOT TUB - via a shaving cut

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hayley Thomas, 46, accidentally nicked her right leg with a razor just hours before she climbed into a friends hot tub with her son Justin John, five. She woke up the next day covered head to toe in painful red rashes and said her skin felt like it was on fire. And despite visits to A&E, it wasn't until she developed large oozing sores over her entire body nine days after the hot tub dip, that she was rushed to hospital.