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Female firefighter, 21, who lost three dress sizes while getting in shape for the job details the shocking sexism she faces every day, revealing people insist she can't be a 'REAL' firefighter because she isn't a man

***EXCLUSIVE*** This female firefighter has put out TWO MAJOR FIRES in just one week and is constantly breaking the stereotype that the career is only for MEN – despite having people question if she’s a ‘REAL FIREFIGHTER’. Firefighter, McKayla Conner (21) from Georgia, USA, grew up with two dads, one of them being her stepfather who is also a firefighter. Growing up with a firefighter dad meant that she spent more time in a fire station than she did in a playground. Seeing her dad save lives inspired her to follow the same career, however, as she got older she was getting high grades in school and her parents saw huge potential in her. She initially went to university to study medicine but as time went on, she realised she was in the wrong industry. Her low point led to her weight increasing to 13st 13Ib and a UK size 16 to 18. McKayla moved back home and on her way to school she noticed a ‘volunteers wanted’ sign on the door of her local fire department, she immediately went to the centre and applied. She dropped out of university and started fire academy just two weeks later in May 2018. She quickly fell in love with the job and in November 2018 she became a full-time firefighter. Just seven months into her job she was called along with her co-workers to put out a fire at a nearby house and had to do the same thing within that same week. Over time she was working out six days a week to become fitter for her job which helped her shrink to her lowest weight of 9st 12Ib, but after months of putting on muscle she is now 11st 1Ib and a UK 10 to 12. Even though she has been working in this job for nine months now, she is still faced with sexism from strangers who don’t believe that she is really a firefighter. McKayla says she is constantly trying to break the stereotype around the career of firefighting and wants to show that it is not just for men.

Model fanatic, 49, finally completes stunning replica of Salisbury Cathedral’s west front using 730,000 MATCHSTICKS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Man has completed his stunning matchstick model of the front of Salisbury Cathedral - thanks to an old flame. Barry King began the painstaking project in 2012 but downed tools when he become distracted by a long-term relationship. But after the couple split up last year, Barry resumed his hobby and completed the replica of the West Front of the Wiltshire cathedral using 730,000 matches. The stunning model will go on public display in Salisbury from August 19.

Pet cat named Squish travels on 1,500 MILE round trip to France after stowing away in her owners' caravan

***EXCLUSIVE*** A courageous cat enjoyed an unexpected 1,500 mile road trip after stowing away in her owners' caravan when they went on holiday to France. Eight-year-old Squish got a kitty passport, rabies jab and a three week vacation on the continent after being discovered hidden under the bed.  Jane and Paul Brown, both in their 50s, thought they had left their beloved feline at home in Leeds, West Yorks., when they set off on holiday last month. However 24 hours later, after arriving in Europe on a ferry, they couldn't believe their eyes when Squish pranced out from inside a storage area as they ate lunch.

Council bans talented musical children, 17 and 14, from playing the piano too loudly in their own home after a neighbour complains

***EXCLUSIVE*** A furious father has hit out at council chiefs who he says banned his children from playing the PIANO in their own home. John Dyson, 40, said he was served a „soul destroying” notice after a complaint about the noise coming from the musical instrument inside their house. The father-of-two said the notice forbids anyone from playing any percussion instrument inside the property. Mr Dyson bought the piano around four years ago from the family of a neighbour who died.

Wacky Victorian images of the future revealed

***EXCLUSIVE*** A remarkable set of drawings which were produced in 1899 to predict the future have come to light - and some of the ideas are plain wacky. Their outlandish vision of the world in 2000 includes flying cars, whales pulling coaches and games of croquet under the sea. The illustrations were produced by a group of French artists for a Paris exhibition entitled 'En L'An 2000'. (In the year 2000) They did not foresee a man on the moon or the first computer, but predicted people would be playing tennis with bat wings.

£320,000 for stunning replica of unique Jaguar race car

***EXCLUSIVE*** Flat Cat - A breathtaking recreation of a priceless Jaguar race car has emerged for sale for an incredible £320,000. Only one Jaguar XJ13 was originally built in 1966 with the aim of winning the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans race. The project had to be shelved shortly after completion when Jaguar merged with The British Motor Corporation. That unique car, now worth 'Millions' is safely housed in the Jaguar Museum in Coventry - meaning wealthy petrolheads only chance of owning an XJ13 is this beautiful exact replica.

Millions-Yuan-worth film city left to decay

***EXCLUSIVE*** The film city locates 30 kilometers away from Changchun city, northeast China's Jilin province. The film city costs over 10 million Chinese yuan and is more than 600 acres large. It is built for the production of movie City of Life and Death directed by Lu Chuan in which Liu Ye and Gao Yuanyuan acts. However, it is abandoned since then and left to decay.

Wheat straw industry booms in Henan

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meng Fanyao of Henan sees the value in biodegradable wheat straws, which once lay idle in the past. With China's increasing awareness of environmentalism however, the straws are now being put to use. Having worked for some time away from his hometown, Meng returned to the countryside to start a business. He found that the local wheat straws are tall, brightly colored and of wide diameter, so Meng decided to seize the business opportunity of molding the wheat straws into drinking straws and even handicrafts. The straw business has helped improve his fellow villagers' incomes as well, with Meng buying wheat straws from locals and also hiring some of them to work in his workshop. With the trash-sorting rule taking effect recently, Meng is bullish on the sales of his wheat straw products, saying that as people have more environmental concerns, more and more will choose wheat instead of plastic straws, so as to reduce damage to the environment. Meng has set up an online shop on Taobao, China's largest e-commerce platform. According to him, his wheat straws have reached sales of 1 million each month.

Cock wearing various clothes goes viral

***EXCLUSIVE*** The owner of a cock Li Chuichui made various clothes for her cock in Puyang city, central China's Henan province. Netizens praised Li for tailored clothes she made.

House where Churchill licked his wounds post Gallipoli for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sir Winston Churchill's holiday retreat were his discovered his passion for painting has emerged on to the market for rent. The great wartime leader spent the summer of 1915 with his wife Clementine and brother Jack at Hoe Farm in Hascombe near Godalming, Surrey. At the time, Churchill was reeling from the disastorous Gallipoli campaign which had driven him into a deep depression. Clementine, deeply concerned at his troubled state of mind, managed to persuade him to spend his weekends at the majestic 16th century farmhouse.

Fish attempt to escape croc

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fish are stranded helplessly on a crocodile's back after the fearsome predator rises quickly to the surface. The Mozambique tilapia fish desperately try to flee as the enormous reptile snaps at its prey before sinking back into the water. Photographer Ernest Porter, 28, believes the unusual tactic was deliberate hunting behaviour among a group of crocodiles in Kruger National Park, South Africa. He said: "There were a few crocodiles visible in the water and at first but I didn't realise they were hunting such small fish.

Chinese teacher makes portraits with characters

***EXCLUSIVE*** 30-year-old Chinese teacher created a new method to paint portraits in Changchun city, northeast China's Jilin province. The portraits made of Chinese characters went viral on the internet.

Sunflower- Standing out from the crowd

***EXCLUSIVE*** Standing out from the crowd. A sunflower stands alone in a field of wheat. Professional photographer, Romain Doucelin, 21, took who took the pictures in the village of Beaurepaire, France described the image as a, "pretty amazing scene". "After talking with the farmer of the wheat field, he told me that there was a sunflower field about 1 kilometer away. A sunflower seed must have been deposited in the wheat fields thanks to the wind."

Fancy joining the Premier league of London apartments?

***EXCLUSIVE*** A luxurious London apartment that has been home to a string of Premier League footballers has emerged for sale for close to £2m. The lavish home is on the 25th and 26th floors of the stylish Ontario Tower in Ballymore, close to Canary Wharf. It's prime location and stylish facilities have made it a favourite of West Ham United players with three internationals having lived there.

Lucky the unlucky pooch survives fish hook encounter

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pet owner has been left with a vets bill of over £7,000 after her dog ate a discarded fishing hook which ripped through its stomach. The Cavalier King Charles spaniel, aptly named Lucky, scoffed the two inch long barb while out for a beach walk. Owner Theresa Buckingham spotted fishing line protruding from Lucky's mouth and quickly realised there was a hook on the other end that he had swallowed. The pet began yelping out and writhing in agony as the metal object slipped down his throat and ripped into his oesophagus.

DR Congo - Gorillas and deforestation

***EXCLUSIVE*** Illegal charcoal burning in and around Kahuzi Biega, one of only two sites in the world where the Lowland Gorilla exists, is having a devastating effect on the fragile eco system of the park. Deforestation has escalated since the Congolese elections in December when politicians used the forests of Kahuzi Biega as a bargaining tool with indigenous communities in return for votes.

Polio Papua New Guinea

***EXCLUSIVE*** Families congregate to have their children vaccinated, having travelled by canoe and boat in the village of Kambaramba East Sipek, Papua New Guinea. In the last year twenty six children have contracted polio and there is now a country wide vaccination campaign taking place that is being supported by UNICEF and partners.