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***PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE*** Angelina Jolie takes Vivienne and Knox shopping for clothes, and takes Shiloh to buy pet bed

***PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE*** Colin Farrell exercising

***PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE*** Kim Kardashian with a 35000 dollar Dior saddle bag

***PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE*** Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin at yoga class

***PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE*** Katherine Schwarzenegger checks on the construction of her Palisades dream home

***PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE*** Natalie Portman stays in shape while prepping for role as Thor

***PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE*** Reese Witherspoon showcases her slender frame during a morning jog in Brentwood

***PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE*** Kevin Bacon lands at LAX after recent TSA stop over 'suspicious' potato

***PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE*** Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery soak up the sun during a vigrous hike to Griffith Observatory

***PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE*** James Corden wearing pink shorts for sunday outing

***PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE*** Justin Bieber's wild ride at night

***PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE*** Legendary acctor Hal Holbrook on a wheelchair at LAX

***PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE*** Lily Collins leaving LAX after saying goodbye to Charlie McDowell